J-Stars Victory Vs. Gameplay Screenshots

J-Stars Victory Vs. Gameplay Screenshots


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  • Xicor

    yeah first comment but i would really like to get this game

  • Susano’o Uchiha

    Is NO ONE going to make a comment about the 5th picture and how Luffy = censorship?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I just noticed the skirt thing lol

  • Maybe next week Tsuna, maybe next week…. but on the positive these stages look good

    • ZenkaiNinken

      Tsuna is already confirmed. 😛

      • I was talking about screenshots of him in action or character art, silly 😀

        • ZenkaiNinken

          Oh, whoops, my bad. XD But yeah, that’d be nice to see some more Tsuna. 🙂

  • Jaber Almarzouqi

    Just waiting for Killua.. 😛
    And then i’ll use him to wipe out everyone. 😛

    • robotjox


  • ichigo kurosaki

    i really wanted rukia to be playable and dont hate they could have gave her some dlc for when she gets her bankai in the manga and if u look at it rukia is actually pretty strong and dont hate on her

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