One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Warlord & Admiral Screenshots!

One Piece: Unlimited World Red – Warlord & Admiral Screenshots!


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  • Lifestreamer

    I found your site today searching for news about this game, and it has a fair share of content 🙂

    So about the news of Shichibukais, Admirals AND Yonkous:
    Hancock having her TS blue costume is everything that dreams are made of…badass and MILF to the XTREME! I hope there’s a mode where you can play as the bosses, even if they are nerfed.

    And lol to Shanks, this nigga is almost featless in the original story, but an OP BAMF in every single one of his game incartations.

    I’m looking forward to the admirals too, this game surely is good stuff.

    • The game looks really fun. We’re doing the walkthrough on our youtube channel so check it out. There was a slight pause due to there being this weird thing in story where we didn’t know what to do, but now we’ve resumed the progress!

    • Also i’m not sure if theres a mode where you can play as the bosses, but there SHOULD BE lol. TGZ can probably answer that question better than I. Glad Boa got her Blue costume for Obvious reasons though ;D

      and the reason Shanks gets so OP is in One Piece, Oda foreshadows the strength of certain characters through actions and very very subtle development. Shanks is thought to be monstrously strong due to his standing in the new world, and due to everyone believing he’s the closest to becoming The Pirate King.

      The guy is an Emporer, and when he showed up to Marineford and basically said “Ok guys, pick up your toys this is over” the war ended.

      Shanks is like Dragon in a way, a character we haven’t seen do much, but that we know is crazy strong.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Can’t play as bosses.

        • Lifestreamer

          Is it true that you can unlock costumes through “gathering materials sidequests”? And these extra costumes affect the status somehow?

          • TheGameTagerZ

            I haven’t unlocked any new costumes so I don’t know. But yeah for the costumes I do have they do have status effect.

      • Lifestreamer

        Yeah, but it seems he is a DLC boss, or maybe a very hard unlockable through missions.

        I’m checking out some ShonenGameZ videos too, and damn, that Blackbeard boss battle is awesome! This game HAS to be localized, with four 3ds in multiplayer seems to be the best way to enjoy this jewel.

  • So they only gave Hancock and Kizaru their TS costumes? Good enough, this game has enough already, it’s still great

    • Isn’t Kizaru’s TS and PTS Costume the same? And I think they did this because these are the models for the Marineford Boss battles. They might have Aokiji’s TS costume at some point during the game seeing as he makes an appearance in Punk Hazard.

      • Surprisingly yes, Kizaru does change it up during the TS, it’s not very noticeable because it’s pretty small changes. But after unlocking him in Pirate Warriors 2, I saw that he did in fact get a new outfit.