One Piece Unlimited World Red Complete Walkthrough


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  • Lifestreamer

    Thanks man, I skipped some bosses to fully apreciate this game if it’s ported to the west, but even still, where are Mihawk, Buggy, Hancock and Shanks?

    And a few more questions:

    Who is the best Strawhat to play in your opinion (or top 3)?
    What you unlock after beating the game? Hard mode?
    If some DLC’s like costumes or extra missions become available, will you do more videos?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Mihawk, Buggy, Hancock and Shanks are in side missions I’m recording the last few now.

      My favorite to play with is Luffy, Sanji, Chopper, Zoro (not in any order)

      After beating the game you can do some more side missions unlock more stores and stuff.

      Going to try to do the dlc stuff.

  • Awesome Walkthrough!

  • ShadowG

    Thank you for the walktrough, i will wait this game to come to the west.I just have one question:
    -Did you found some new bosses in the side mission they didn’t mention(Like Franky Shogun) ?

    Sorry for the english,i’m french.

  • Shanks

    What do I need to do to unlock Drum island?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You need to get certain things like wood and stuff that you can easily get from the dead looking tree’s at punk hazard. Then go to the lady and there should be a check list and if you have all the items (the wood being essential) you select the first box which expands the town giving you drum island as a mission too.

      I haven’t played in months so my memory is a little hazy.

      • Shanks

        Cheers. I’ll see how I go

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