Naruto Storm Revolution – Following the Canon?


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  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    There is that slim chance that it might just be a game with an original storyline. But even Generations continued with the story albeit only a little bit. I think by Revolution they’re revolutionizing the series. Maybe we’ll see a lot of gameplay changes and new mechanics in this game compared to Generations.

    • Wasn’t Generations canon anyway since it followed each character’s individual story?

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Yeah, that’s what I meant. 😮

  • 100PercentSenjuSwag

    It looks semi canon like storm 3,with the ending etc.

  • Urzenshi

    Yeah, from the looks of this, I think they’re making it canon, however it is unknown what the story mode will be.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I guess we’ll have to see. CC2 has done things like this in the past like with Accel 3. They added new characters but the story was completely different. May not be the case for this game but we’ll know soon.

      • Urzenshi

        Yeah I agree, so far the game seems like it’s another Generations, because of the inclusion of the Part 1 Characters once again. So it wouldn’t suprise me if the Story Mode ended up being like that. However, like you said, we’ll know soon.

  • NineTailedIchigo

    It looks like canon because naruto is fighting in biju mode

  • SasukeFan01

    Im Sure The Only Reason Its Given The Name Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is Because If They Named It Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Then We Would Expect The Story To Continue From After Naruto Breaking Tobi’s Mask and “The Real War” Starting They Wrote Revolution Instead of 4 Because They Wanted a Story That Follows The Manga And Not Some Original Crap (Like The Ending Of Storm 3 -.- (Disappointing))
    Revolution Will probably Be A Much Different Story Which Follows The Manga Unlike Storm 3.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No one knows yet. I guess well find out late December or January. I think the logo hints that it could be cannon (or semi cannon) but who knows.

      • SasukeFan01

        I Think These are a Few Possible Things
        Since The Stage in The Background is The Wasteland at Dawn this Is Obviously Free Battle And The Only Reason They Are Showing Sasuke VS Tobi (Masked) is Because They Dont Want To Give away Spoilers For Non Manga Readers Which Could also Be Why This Game is Releasing Next Year Since The Anime Will Probably Be at a Point Where The Ten Tails Is Probably Defeated.
        Second I Think Either This Game Will Feature Two Awakenings Like You Awaken First Then You Can Awaken In that Awakening Or The Sasuke We saw and Bijuu Naruto Are Both Different Char’s And The Bijuu Naruto Will Awaken Into The Kyuubi and That Sasuke Is Different From EMS (Which Is a High Possibility Since That Sasuke With The Enton Sword Is Did Not Seem Like and Awakening)
        I feel The More Likely Thing Will Be That There Will Be Two Awakenings For One Char

  • adampoole

    no ways it’s cannon .. i have several reasons to back this up. 1. This game is coming out only a year after Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 which is not enough time to make a full blown sequel. 2. It would be called Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 instead of having a subtitle of “Revolution” ,, just like Generations was a side project that wasn’t as good as Ninja Storm 2 or 3 were. 3 There hasn’t been enough material in the manga to warrant a true sequel yet.If Cyberconnect2 is smart they’ll wait till the manga ends soon in order to have an epic, long final game,, this is probaby a side game made to to rake in extra cash and maybe test some features for the true sequel Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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