Naruto Storm Revolution – Character Wishlist


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  • What do you think of the wishlist?

    • Gamejtv

      Kinda wanting more than I think they’ll deliver

    • 100PercentSenjuSwag

      No young tobirama,izuna,madara and hashirama?
      Nah,Shisui would be such a fucking cool addition.

    • Sasori Nagashi

      Shisui, Anko and Kurenai are very much needed in Storm games. I see you got ONE of them listed lol

    • UchihaName

      Awesome! Hopefully they incorporate this.

  • SasukeXInferno

    Don’t really know what to say… I’d be pretty satisfied with them all being playable. I think they should bring back Anko and make her playable. The game could use more kunoichi :P.

    • Anko was such a good character on Rev3, at least to me.

      • Sophie

        Agreed. She needs to be in, as well as Rin Nohara.

  • Elsepa

    As long as they give us the edo kages, edo hokages with new moveset and transformations ,new madara and obito im happy

  • Dio Brando

    Good list, but where’s Tsunade? And I definitely agree about Anko, bring her back for sure. Karui could be cool too, dem kunoichis.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Brando’s right. There’s no Tsunade here.

  • HyugaName

    Hizashi Huyga? That’ll be cool 😛 Nice list.

    • UchihaName

      Yeah who have thought you liked the Hyuga? lol 😛

      • HyugaName

        lol add me on psn-HizashiHyuga

        • UchihaName

          I would man but i have 360 🙁

          • Jonathan

            holy aw

            • UchihaName

              Thanks for the status thing about SI that is good to know. Also, who are you? I’m following you, and i’m not sure what your original name is xD

              • Jonathan

                LOL, my original was Jirobo, then I changed it to Doge then i changed it to this, but yea i am Lucidiant, lol.

                • UchihaName

                  Whhhhhaaat. That explains so much! I remember all of them. Especially Doge. Because the pic, and a specific comment you made was funny

                  • Guest

                    What the hail.

            • UchihaName

              Oh, Lucidant?

  • QIQI12

    Am i the only one who wants Shizune!?

    • UchihaName

      I do

  • Jonathan

    A Juubito character would be awesome to see on the list!

  • UchihaName

    This is literally the perfect, and most acceptable wishlist there is wow. But i know most of this won’t happen :'(

  • Lance_Uchiha

    is it just me or is tsunade not there?

    • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

      Opps XD well who cares. it’s tsunade.

      • Primordial Dragon

        Well she could get a new awakening from her ability strength of a hundred seals

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Wish Naruto games added their movie characters like DBZ.

  • SeaSaltSora

    Here goes my character list. ()=Clothes “”=Awakening []=Additional Notes. When I say Better, it means to improve and doesn’t necessarily have to change.

    1.PTS Naruto “1TK” (Normal/Pajama/ Summer/ Winter)

    2.PTS Sasuke “CS2” (Normal/ Chunnin/ Winter)

    3.PTS Sakura “Standard” (Normal/ Summer/ Winter)

    4.PTS Tenten “Standard” (Normal)

    5.PTS Neji “Byakugan” (Normal)

    6.PTS Lee “Gates” (Normal/ Summer)

    7.PTS Kiba “Standard” (Normal)

    8.PTS Hinata “Byakugan” (Normal/ That other outfit she wore, but I don’t know what to call it)

    9.PTS Shino “Standard” (Normal)

    10.PTS Ino “Standard” (Normal)

    11.PTS Choji “Butterfly” (Normal)

    12.PTS Shikamaru “Standard” (Gennin/Chunin)

    13.PTS Gaara “Shukaku” (Normal/ Retrieve Sasuke Arc)

    14.PTS Kankuro “Standard” (Normal/ Retrieve Sasuke Arc)

    15.PTS Temari “Standard” (Normal/ Retrieve Sasuke Arc)

    16.Tayuya “CS2” (Edo Tensei/ Normal)

    17.Kimimaro “CS2” (Edo Tensei/Normal)

    18.Kidomaru “CS2” (Edo Tensei/Normal)

    19.Sakon/Ukon “CS2” (Edo Tensei/Normal)

    20.Jirobo “CS2” (Edo Tensei/Normal)

    21.Haku “Standard” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    22.Zabuza “Demon State” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    23.Kid Kakashi “Standard”

    24. PTS Obito “Sharingan”

    25. Naruto “4TK”

    26. Naruto “6TK” (Sage Mode with Cloak/ Hokage)

    27. Naruto “KCM” (Kage Summit/Sage Mode without Cloak/ War)

    28. Bijuu Naruto “Kurama/ Sage Mode Kurama” [Assuming this will be another slot]

    29. Sakura (Normal/War) “Byakugou” [New Moveset?]

    30. Sai (Normal/ War) [New Ougi]

    31. Sasuke (Hebi/ Kirin) “CS2”

    32. Sasuke “MS” (Taka)

    33. Sasuke “Susanoo/ Susanoo V2″(MS/ EMS)

    34. Sasuke “Susanoo V2 w/ different combo” (EMS w/ Dual Wielding) [Assuming this will be another slot]

    35. Neji “Byakugan” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    36. Lee “Gates” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    37. Tenten “Standard” (Normal/ War) [New Ougi. Let her be close range and NOT long range. She can throw things mid-combo and that’s it]

    38. Hinata “Byakugan” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    39. Shino “Standard” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    40. Kiba “Cerberus” (Normal/ War) [NEW Ougi]

    41. Ino “Standard” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    42. Shikamaru “Standard” (Normal/ War) [Better Ougi]

    43. Choji (Normal/ War) “Giant/ Butterfly” [He doesn’t need another fucking slot! Also, give him a new Ougi]

    44. Gaara (Normal/ Kage Summit/ War) “Standard/ Mother” [DOESN’T NEED ANOTHER SLOT EITHER]

    45. Kankuro (Normal/ Kage Summit/ War) “Standard/ Sasori”

    46. Temari (Normal/ Kage Summit/ War) “Standard” [Just like what I said with Tenten]

    47. Kakashi (PTS/ Normal/ War) “Sharingan/ Mangekyou Sharingan” [Seriously, he needs to show his MANGEKYOU. Not his normal sharingan. And a better Kamui Ougi]

    48. Yamato “Standard” (Normal) [Better Ougi]

    49. Asuma “Chakra Blades” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    50. Gai “Gates” (Asakujaku/ Hirudora) [New Moveset with Nunchucks]

    51. Chiyo “Puppets” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    52. Tobi “Madara”

    53. Masked Man “Standard/ Gedo Mazou” (VS. Minato/ War Arc) [He isn’t the same as Tobi (IMO) so Tobi gets a slot, but both the Masked Man’s should be in one slot]

    54. Kakuzu “Hearts” (Edo Tensei/ Normal) [For his alive costume, at least give him an Akatsuki cloak]

    55. Hidan “Death” (Normal) [Please, give him sleeves]

    56. Sasori “1000 Puppets/ 1000 Fodders” (Edo Tensei/ Normal)

    57. Deidara “Giant Bird” (Edo Tensei/ Normal) [Just like what I said with Tenten]

    58. Nagato “Standard” (Edo Tensei) [Fix him]

    59. Pain “Standard” (Normal)

    60. Konan “Paper Wings” (Normal) [NEW OUGI!]

    61. Itachi “Susanoo/ (Maybe) Imperfect Susanoo” (PTS/ Normal/ Edo Tensei) [He may be awesome, but he doesn’t need another slot. GIVE HIM A NEW MOVESET]

    62. Jugo “CS2” (Pajamas/ Taka) [PLEASE! HE NEEDS NEW CLOTHES! AND HIS CS2!]

    63. Karin… “Standard” (Normal/ Taka)

    64. Suigetsu “Standard” (Normal/ Taka)

    65. Hashirama “Sage Mode” (Normal/ Edo Tensei) [If the game goes far enough, he NEEDS a new moveset AND a new awakening AND a new Ougi]

    66. Tobirama “Flash?” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    67. Hiruzen “Give him his Monkey!” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    68. Minato “Standard/ KCM” (Jonin/ Hokage/ Edo Tensei) [Again, if the game goes that far]

    69. Tsunade “Byakugou” (Normal)[New Moveset]

    70. Danzo “Izanagi” (Normal)

    71. Jiraiya “Sage Mode” (Normal) [PLEASE. NEW EVERYTHING]

    73. Hanzo “Poison” (Edo Tensei) [Fix him]

    74. Mifune “Standard” (Kage Summit/ War) [Fix him]

    75. Bee “Gyuki” (Normal/ Shark Skin) [Doesn’t… need… TWO SLOTS]

    76. Kisame “Shark” (Normal)

    77. Ay “Lightning” (Shirtless/ Shirt)

    78. Oonoki “Standard” (Normal)

    79. Terumi “Standard” (Normal)

    80. Darui “Black Lightning” (Normal)

    81. Fuu “Chomei” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    82. Utakata “Saiken” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    83. Han “Kokuo” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    84. Roshi “Son Goku” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    85. Yagura “Isobu” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    86. Yugito “Matatabi” (Normal/ Edo Tensei)

    87. Orochimaru “White Snakes” (Normal) [New Ougi. New Awakening. New Moveset. EVERYTHING]

    88. Kabuto (Normal/ Cloak) [Doesn’t need two slots either]

    89. Sage Kabuto “Perfection” (Normal)

    90. Madara “Rinnegan/ Perfect Susanoo” (Heaven Concealed/Perfect Susanoo Attack) [Please make his moveset a mix and not just Susanoo. He doesn’t seem that epic in STORM 3 until you awaken… Or you could keep the one from STORM 3 and make a new one that uses a mix of Taijutsu, Susanoo, Wood Style, and Fire Style in his moveset and has Perfect Susanoo as his awakening]

    91. Obito “?” (Unmasked)

    92. Juubito “?” (Normal…?) (If we get that far)

    93. Anko “CS” (Normal)

    94. Clamkage/ 2nd Mizukage “Standard” (Edo Tensei)

    95. Mu/ 2nd Tsuchikage “Standard” (Edo Tensei)

    96. 4th Kazekage “Standard” (Edo Tensei)

    97. 3rd Raikage “Standard” (Edo Tensei)

    98. Original Character

    99 Orginal Character

    Characters that could be in the game but don’t have enough for a full moveset.

    1. All supports from STORM 3.

    2. Seven Swordsmen (At least they’re in the game. I don’t even think they could come up with moveset for them)

    3. Konohamaru

    4. Kurenai

    5. Pakura (Like what I said with the Seven Swordsmen)

    6. Gari

    7. Shizune

    • 100PercentSenjuSwag

      I openly support this list!!!

    • What a list. Good job.

    • Sophie

      How about Rin? I mean, she IS pretty much the premise of why the war is even happening.

      • Thousand Foot Krutch

        First Obito got friend zoned then she died. “Let’s start a war”

  • brodie

    black zetsu deserves a char by now

    • Jonathan

      We haven’t even seen Zetsu fight on the anime(excluding the white zetsus in the war), so might as well not, since we don’t even know what his techinques are besides drooping into the ground thing.

      • SoulTaker

        Zetsu vs Iruka FTW!

  • Vincent Duong

    to be honest…i’m only going to be playing as 7 of these characters….and they’re not the swordsmen or the edo kage….

    • of course not everyone plays with every single character but having a variety is a good thing. 🙂

  • Vincent Duong

    no sage mode hashirama or kyuubi mode minato?

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    umm you forgot Obito as the Ten Tails Jinchuriki DX

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    They need to start showing scans. I’m kinda anxious.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Probably wont be seeing anything until the end of December.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Yeah in the back of my head I knew that was true but I still crave something now, lol

  • RikudouUzumaki

    Dont remember the names… but those sound ninja wouldve be amazing to play as … theyve never been in a naruto game

  • Sarah Malik

    omg where is shisui and kushina

    • Primordial Dragon

      We hardly know anything about their fighting style so it is going to be had to make one for them so they will not come at all

  • Darien Dees

    can anyone find tsunade on this list?

  • Ansoni

    Yeah, Naruto-Arena forever 😀

  • Curious James

    Part I Naruto
    Part II Naruto
    SM Naruto
    KCM Naruto
    Part I Sasuke
    Part II Sasuke
    Hebi Sasuke
    EMS Sasuke
    Part I Sakura
    Part II Sakura
    Byakugou Sakura
    Young Kakashi
    Part II Kakashi
    Part I Lee
    Part II Lee
    Part I Neji
    Part II Neji
    Part I Tenten
    Part II Tenten
    Part I Kiba
    Part II Kiba
    Part I Hinata
    Part II Hinata
    Part I Shino
    Part II Shino
    Kurenai (as support)
    Part I Shikamaru
    Part II Shikamaru
    Part I Ino
    Part II Ino
    Part I Chouji
    Part II Chouji
    Butterfly Chouji
    KCM Minato
    Shizune (as support)
    Anko (as support)
    Fuu (as support)
    Torune (as support)
    Part I Gaara
    Part II Gaara
    War Arc Gaara
    Yondaime Kazekage
    Part I Temari
    Part II Temari
    Part I Kankuro
    Part II Kankuro
    Sandaime Raikage
    C (as support)
    Killer Bee
    Nidaime Tsuchikage
    Kurotsuchi (as support)
    Akatsuchi (as support)
    Nidaime Mizukage
    Ao (as support)
    Chojuro (as support)
    Sage Kabuto
    Young Obito
    Masked Man
    War Obito
    Jinchuuriki Obito
    Kinkaku + Ginkaku (as one character)
    Dan (as support)
    Extra character made by Kishimoto

    And that should be it.

  • SoulTaker

    Hopefully this time you can actually play as Edo Kages. I hated how you faced them in story mode but in free play you can’t play as them it’s so stupid.

  • Unraveled Ken

    where is tsunade ?

  • Akashi Seijūrō

    WHERE IS MANGETSU thers only 6 swords man also thats only 28 new characters to the game plus mecha naruto = 29 if you add mangetsu it would of been 30

  • Klodi Kasa

    I so hope unmasked Obito would be available . 🙁

    Is it too much for me to ask about Obito being playable in Jinchuuriki mode ?

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