Attack On Titan 3DS: The Last Wings of Mankind – World Mode

Attack On Titan 3DS: The Last Wings of Mankind has a mode called “World Mode”. This mode serves as a mission mode that you can play offline, alone, with your created character, or with friends from your friends list.  You can play with up to four friends in these missions, and there is a nice level of customization for your characters. You can change how they look, you can change their weapons, give them a large cannon, and even level up their gas pipes and sword damage. There isn’t much depth in the game in general, but if you’re searching for some you’ll find it here in World Mode.

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  • XJudaime_Vongola

    As soon as they get smart and decide to dub SnK and bring this game over, I’m buying it once the price goes down

    • GameEmpireHD

      Let’s see how well the Manga sells goes, but they looking good so far.

      • XJudaime_Vongola

        I’d honestly rather have SnK over SAO

  • Tim

    I might get a jap 3ds and the game, could you possibly make a instructional video about the controls and mechanics?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Great idea. Maybe sometime this week.

      • Tim

        Thank you so much!

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