Tales of Zestiria’s Story – Split in Half


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  • Baryll

    Oh ew. I am totally not in the mood for this BS again. Half assed story, crappy story, crappy gameplay, that was my Xillia experience. Extremely disapointing considering Symphonia’s my favorite game.

    Was so bummed to see this. : /

    • Harkins1721 .

      Thats why Xillia 2 made up for everything Xillia wasnt. Crappy gameplay? Ya right keep dreaming. Story was better then Graces F. And Symphonia was my favorite Tales of game as well

    • crappy gameplay??? ur drunk?

  • Jonét

    Lol the game didn’t end up like that at all. But would’ve been nice if it did. Damn, Bamco/Gematsu?? Whoever said that, please stop telling lies, thanks.