Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – North American Demo Date


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  • Cool, its about time I get to test this game out. From the looks of the game so far it seems kinda sloppy and loose, hopefully I was wrong though

    • Bobby Jennings/Godless

      Usually developers don’t release a demo if they don’t have enough faith in the product. This sounds lik they know we’ll enjoy the game and they can’t wait for us to play it.

      It’s either that or, they really don’t want you to experience everything the game has to offer in one sitting.

      • Oh that’s good then. I have faith, this and J-Stars are the only demos I’m looking forward to right now

        • Bobby Jennings/Godless

          Same here. Excited for tomorrow.

          • After my exams, I’ll jump right on these. Hopefully I’ll see you on Battle of Z

            • Bobby Jennings/Godless

              PSN is GodlessChaos. Feel free to add me 🙂

              • Mine is jeffwiley (I made it before I knew about Reborn!)

                • Bobby Jennings/Godless

                  Alright just accepted ya!