Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution – Mecha Naruto Trailer


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  • I take back whatever negative thing I thought about Mecha Naruto
    It also seems as though they fixed the color of the ruined Hidden Leaf

  • TylerShinigami

    I was skeptical about Mecha Naruto at first but his has changed my mind completely I like him and hopefully more characters get a dual awakening. Now im hype jump festa this weekend too

  • EBKBrothersintime

    Noooo it must be Pegi 16 >_< The blood made it better :o"
    I'm weird :3

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    i saw cut-scenes from the Pain Invasion arc in Storm2. maybe Mecha naruto can taval through time? naruto & sasuke & the rest of the gain all get stuck in the pain arc maybe? XD

  • Hideo Salais

    Es genial!!! Pero me gustaría unn One piece de peleas, por que el Saint seiya Brave soldiers me dejo muy satisfecho con su game play, que es una mezcla del Sanctuary Battle de Play 3 y la saga Ninja storm de Naruto. Espero mínimo un juego así de alguna otra serie, no estoy pidiendo un tenkaichi (aunque si me gustaría uno de bleach como los Budokai tenkaichi 2 y 3).