J-Stars Victory Vs. Jump Festa Notes

J-Stars Victory Vs. Jump Festa Notes


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  • Shonen Jump

    At the jump festa right?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Um…that’s what the title says yeah

      • Shonen Jump

        Sorry and I hope they reveal another character.

  • Shonen Jump

    Are they also going to talk about story mode and a demo for the ps3

  • Jmanforever23

    Any news about a demo? Really want to try it out. And how bad does the border in spilt screen affect the camera?

  • Question, when characters recover from being knocked down, they have a period of time where they can’t be hurt, was this a problem at all for the attacking player, or is it easily forgettable?

    • When they are knocked down they can still be attacked but in their knocked down state they were invincible in the demo, yes!

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  • MiloXZ

    Tenkaichi budokai stage? from dragon ball??

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  • Břk Mõhãmêď

    I hope that you do not forget to sawada tsuna

  • Břk Mõhãmêď

    I hope that people do not forget Hama