Naruto Storm Revolution Jump Festa Details

Naruto Storm Revolution Jump Festa Details


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  • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

    This is some good news,I really hope Mecha Naruto is not the story mode itself,I want unmasked obito,the edo swordsmen,kages and kin gin if possible,new madara with his ps,new movesets (kiba with his triple headed dog,etc)
    Juubito,I do not want a filler story mode :/

  • Shonen Jump

    What about a video of the demo?

  • HeavenConcealed

    There will be some gameplay?

  • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

    Will you guys shoot some gameplay?

    • They’re kicking out anyone who records.

      • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

        Oh! Looks like they are strict this year. Hopefully scans,trailers and demo’s will clear that up

      • Faiz Ali

        ps360hd2 posted gameplay and he didnt get in trouble

  • Samuel Hidalgo Vasquez

    i want the gameplay demo x.x please 😀

  • Uchiha Ḟailṳreisnotan ṎptionSa

    PS360HD2 Uploaded some screenshots of the gameplay,check em out!

  • Elsepa

    Looks like there wasn’t much we did not know

    • What? The changed the way the characters work completely. Theres tons we didn’t know.

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Wait, whats a Okari meter?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Substitution meter.

      The sub bar in our terms.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Ah alright gotcha.

  • Well other than that interesting sounding 3 types of characters thing. I’m also glad they brought back intros

  • Hotsuma324

    Hey, just a heads up. Doesn’t ougi mean ‘ultimate’ or rather ‘Secret Technique’? It seems like you guys are talking about the jutsus, not the ougis. Cause I know that when it comes to ultimates ‘ougi’ is another term for them.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Ougi means ultimate justu. It’s the japanese way of saying it and pretty common word for the ultimate ninja series.

      • Hotsuma324

        Yeah I know haha. just saying that the “ougis” mentioned in here seem to be jutsus and combo finishers instead.

        “With Sasuke his type is of the Awakening state, Ougi is a sideward slash of his sword which shoots of Amaterasu power (sorry I do not remember the English name).” I believe this is the jutsu judging from the gameplay we’ve seen of him.

        “His has an end of combo ougi and a non cutscene ougi, his combo ougi is where he slashes you viciously twice and then his arms turn into drills”

        And I believe these are more of combo finishers and not ougis as well.

        Not trying to insult you guys, just giving you all a heads up, cause I was slightly confused reading this. XD

  • Δημήτριος Γλύκας

    I join first time on shonengamez and i can say is nice site…i want to ask something now…only Naruto & Sasuke will have combo ougi?and something else the battle Naruto vs Mechanic Naruto is boss battle?

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  • Sam Versa

    How do you jump directly upwards using chakra? When I use chakra and use the jump, it sends me forward. I have never really gotten myself upwards directly…