Kishimoto: “Naruto Will End in 2014”

In Manga

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  • HyugaName

    Oh my gosh 🙁

  • brodie

    anyone whose surprised is slow.

    • Terraforce77

      How exactly does it make a person slow? He did make Rock Lee SD as a spin-off before, so predicting a side story wouldn’t be too farfetched. But now it seems that even such a side story won’t be happening.

      • antiai84

        Agreed, how about a side story about the original sage up until the point where he separates his powers to become what now all 9 tales beast.

      • Bada

        He didn’t make that, someone else did.

        • Terraforce77

          Regardless it posed the fact that a side story was viable. But now it appears as if even a side story is inconceivable.

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    my cat…

  • Jellan

    Sasuke as the Hokage ? I’d thought anime has a wall separating it from real life .. 🙁

  • antiai84

    Sasuke Hokage, and Naruto hermit style exploring the world. I’m calling it now.

    • Terraforce77

      I’m liking this idea!

    • kabilan

      perhaps a new kage like the supreme kage of the world? or maybe enfused with all the bijuus

    • This would be a pretty cool ending!

      • Astro

        that will be a super pathetic fuckin ending.

        • Daniel.

          +1. Awful, terrible ending.

          Naruto needs to be Hokage.

    • The ending to the Avatar?

    • Wendel Lim

      year hermit style will do, Sort of like the Sage of 6 paths.

    • bLaDu

      i dont mind sasuke go’s for hokage but naruto die? bullshit pathetic ending :@ ! so anoyning :@

      • Astro

        I’ll go to Japan and kill Kishimoto for sure if that happens:(

        • Daniel.

          I wont kill him, but i will learn Japanese just so i can send him hand written hate mail! 😀

        • HateKills

          Hatred kills my friend. If you do not agree with the conclusion you could always write your own.

      • Daniel.

        Yeah, Naruto dieing is called “the easy way out” Just liek him becoming a “wondering Sage”

        If that was the case Naruto would be running around saying “Believe it! i am going to be the greatest wandering sage in the Shinobi world!”
        wow. super exiting.

    • Yacininho

      During 600 episodes naruto breaked our heads saying “I want to be the next Hokage” to finally put the selfish character of the serie, Sasuke, in the spotlight… Long live to marality -_-*

      • JustPostingHonestly

        I mean Sasuke saying he wants to be Hokage is fine as does everyone else says but i think Naruto will be Hokage and Sasuke will become the Feudal Lord For The Land Of Fire

        • DAnzoski

          Naruto dead as a hero and Sasuke Hokage protecting Naruto’s legacy and Itachi’s

          • Naruto;)

            HHH naruto die the best character in the anime no 😛
            i think naruto will not die,… :/

          • Daniel.

            Is a CLICHE and better stay away from such a powerful anime.

    • Killjoy

      I agree.It would fit as Naruto’s master was also a wanderer.Also Naruto doesn’t have the right temperament to be Hokage.

      • Brown

        Lol neither does Sasuke. Do you think anyone in Konoha would want a Hokage who betrayed them and killed people from their village? In my opinion, Sakura should be Hokage ;P She IS Tsunade Jr. afterall. If not her, then definitely Kakashi.

        • HateKills

          But your assuming that these fictional characters will hold a grudge against him for what he did to the village, when he just helped save the ninja world. They forgave naruto for the nine-tails attack and the people the fox killed so your line of thinking seems a lil illogical.

          • SpeakingTruth

            Your line of thinking is completely illogical. There is a difference. Sasuke attacked the village on purpose. He wasn’t controlled by anyone. Naruto was a baby. It was the none tailed fox, controlled by MADARA who did that. Please STFU, and stop sucking Sasuke’s balls.

    • Daniel.

      So cheesy and cliche. If Kishimoto does that he will forever be labled as the man who got tired of his own Anime and took the easy way out.

      In an anime where i was constantly tricked by plot twists and crazy climax i would be SO SURPRISED if Kishimoto really took the easy way out and just made Naruto a “wandering sage” and Sasuke the “Hokage”.

      anitia84, him doing that to Naruto and Sasuke would be a slap in the face to you and the rest of his fans.

      Naruto said it from day one. HE WILL BE HOKAGE.

      • Willow

        It is horribly cheesy and cliche, but at the same time it’s the lesser of two evils for me. I would rather see Naruto as a contented hermit than well… dead as a hero. I would be ‘satisfied’ with an ending involving Naruto becoming a simple hermit, but not blown away. Of course there are many other alternatives and I personally trust Kishimoto to show us all how it’s done. He’s made it clear in past interviews that he’s had an ending mapped out for years. The fact that he’s saved it for so long tells me that it won’t be something cheesy or cliche.

        I do love how he’s messing with us by suggesting he wants to make Sasuke Hokage though. I wouldn’t stress out over it too much. The fact that he said it in an interview for all to hear means it likely won’t come to pass. The guy’s just getting one more big fan scare in before the end.

      • HateKills

        How is it the easy way if it’s what works best for the characters and the overall naruto world. He wouldn’t be slapping me in the face because I am a fan of “Naruto” not just Naruto.

  • Onyx

    I like Sasuke, but please let Naruto to become the Hokage 🙁

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I never got to watch the show much or really read the Manga unfortunately. Hopefully I can catch up or get my hands on it- as I’ve always been interested but just never went for it.

  • Never thought i would hear this after it being on going for so long! but it surprises me that he still doesn’t know how Madara will be defeated! meaning the climax is gonna last for several months. but i can already see it now! the power of friendship kills Madara!…. somehow lol.

    • ScarletSaber

      Dude!!! O_O You are alive T.T Welcome back.. or not XD Anyhoo nice to see ya around.

      • Yup! alive in they flesh! but long time no type! how’s everyone else doin! 😀

        • ScarletSaber

          Awesome as always. Do pop in huh!! People been asking about you and they’d be hella surprised to see you back. And we made a new site, check it out: .

        • yolosennin

          yoohoo!!!!!!!! whens akkipuden gonna com out. Naruto might get juubi ten tails eye and kick madaras ass,,,, JUST SAYIN…

        • Jack

          Can’t there be two hokages? “Two heads are better than one”

  • Mugiwara

    If Sasuke really become Hokage… then the Manga, Anime and everything else about “Naruto” is dead to me.

    Naruto has to be the Hokage… i will be really mad if he didn’t become Hokage and even worse… if Sasuke will become it. -.-“””

    • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

      but what if sasuke becomes Hokage & naruto becomes the Ultimate Kage, who is higher than the 5 kage. that would be pretty cool.

      • Aditya


      • V

        And why exactly should Sasuke a missing nin who did kill Danzo a council member and assaulted several leaf nin be made hokage? The way I see it either Kakashi or Naruto should be hokage.

        • MementoMori

          Except if Naruto and Kakashi die o/

          • Carlos

            i personally think Sasuke personality isn’t fit for hokage

            • Kristy

              Omg. Me too. I am a fangirl of Sasuke and I LOVE HIM But sasuke… baby…..really isnt fit for the hokage….like seriously..

              • Kaltum Nur

                I totally agree , iam sasuke fan , but he is not going to be hokage because , he is still in the darkness , naruto deserves the title hokage.

              • Sasuke made Naruto exciting.

            • JaKeogh99

              It is cool how Kishimoto has made Sasuke’s and Naruto’s ideals of hokage different. Samuel believes in punishment and judgement, I don’t think this is really what hokage represents….Sasuke would not fit hokage

          • THE SAGE

            hey mind your words he has kurama with him

        • K

          Because Danzo and the elders decide to kill his entire tribe/race… how is Danzo’s and those few leaf nin’s life more important than a whole race? If Sasuke isn’t Hokage, and is cast out… then that would be more unfair… like Hinata47D said, Naruto should be the Ultimate Kage, leaving Sasuke to be the next Hokage.

          • you suck

            um the uchia were planing a coup

        • Kristy

          This is so true. Sasuke, not matter wat canNOT be the Hokage. Its just really dumb and doesnt go with the story

        • Kenpachi Hatake

          it’ll be pretty cool if naruto gets over his thing of being hokage and becomes like Jiraiya an ever learning wandering sage, lets admit he doesnt have the brains for hokage

          • Naruto67389

            but hashirama didnt have the brains for hokage either 😀

          • really

            Ok see now i agree wit u to an extent but really an ever learning wandering sage ….? Naruto? U gotta be kidding me….. He actually is betta off tryin to become Hokage because thats what he strives for where Jiraiya never wanted to even wen he was offered the chance

          • sindhuri reddy

            That’s where Shikamaru said that he would come in and help Naruto! Being the “brains” and all 🙂

        • Alexdhamp

          Danzo deserved to die…

      • Dizin Ind

        you brought tears to my eyes

      • logic to the mind

        that would be sooooo stupid. a rouge ninja who wants to destroy the leaf village becoming hokage. and Naruto who loves the village will no longer be part of it. he will be some sort of leader and die of old age and no one can possibly take his position.

        • konoha

          So naruto ended..episode 700..thanks mashashi sensei..

          • hiMusashi

            how far away is the anime? im almost caught up

        • Plot twist surprises makes Naruto exciting to me.

      • Beehive

        Naruto The Sage Kage, nice ring to it, but be better if he was that but like Kenpachi Hatake said, be cool if he became a wandering ninja like Jiraiya.

    • Random

      Gree with you that Has been Narutos Dreams from the Beginning and now they are giving it to the most Selfish Infamous character yea way to go i will punch that Kishimoto in the face

      • Narutoooooooooooooooo

        Whahahahahahaha lol…

      • THE SAGE

        what about Fuuton rasen shuriken

      • naruto fan since 2002

        dont punch him in the face, shove a kunai up his butt because he made us watch his stupid show. he didn’t make us watch it but he mislead us and wasted days of our life watching it since there are only 589 total episodes of naruto.

        • funnymitchell

          kishi can do whatever the f*ck he wants with his manga deal with it dx

      • Kaltum Nur


    • Sanning_S

      Come on, This japanese author is logical. THERE IS NO WAY naruto can be hokage. Heroes die young. Otherwise they will see themselves become the villains. It’s a universal fact!

      • bLaDu

        bullshit fuck ur theory man ! this story is Ebout all Naruto why this is so pathethic to THink :@

        • Aya Sumayop

          i AGREE with you! If they’re gonna make this series another tragedy or the typical hero-dies-in-the-end series, NEVER NAME THE SERIES AFTER THE MAIN CHARACTER.. IT’S DISAPPOINTING AND ANGERS A LOT OF FANS

          • its me

            Sasuke shouldnt be hokage due to his past he is too dark even though he has changed he is still anvenger. Sasuke wouldn’t risk his life for everyone like naruto but naruto dieing wont be a shock because the show would be about his legacy and how he is the greatest ninja of all time and what you know a village will be having the uzimake name

            • anna marie

              the title would be “SASUKE” not “NARUTO” Agree?

              • Zaziel

                i feel like naruto will be hokage and sasuke will be like Danzo in charge of the Foundation

                • Daniel.

                  Sasuke in charge of the Foundation that fucked over his clan? hmm.

                • Creep

                  Exactly!!! I agree a 110%! Sasuke should be like the Danzo since he is able to make hard decisions wich is his job right? And Naruto WILL be Hokage since everybody in the village acknowledges him. Like Itachi said, “It’s not when you become Hokage that people acknowledge you but when the people acknowledge you that you become Hokage, I leave Sasuke to you”. Itachi, technically is a genius and I think he has a fair idea of what will happen in the future, I mean why else would he say that.

                • Miharu-chan

                  I believe Naruto will become hokage and sasuke will rebuilt the Uchiha district and be the head of Uchiha police. Of course he will restore his clan!

              • doug

                probably sasgay die at the end would be better

            • Larry E. Powe Jr.

              You should hated Obito, for lying to him, anyway. Obito doesn’t even cared for Sasuke or his own clan! He used Sasuke, like he’s his own pawn!

            • naruto uzumaki

              The fuck is an uzimake??!! learn to type first …

          • Naruto KUn

            hey Yusuke Urameshi didnt die there is hope lol

            • jp

              he died twice

          • jon


      • senbonzakura

        More likely that Sakura/Kakashi going to be Hokage. Sasuke and Naruto will go on their trip to further united the country or what ever reason. I guess the author will give an open ending for this manga. This ending may cause a lot fans to be disappointed. So far a lot of manga author give open ending for a manga so it can continue a sequel/OVA/movies in the future if they wanted.

    • Pitums

      If it would end Naruto is dying then, i wasted my fu**ing life watching this. He must become Hokage, fu*k Sasuke, who gives a sh*t about him? He is a traitor and want to became hokage too hahah funny.. And if Naruto will die and Madara would be still alive then Sasuke will be murdered quickly so, This is just an illusion of choice guys, let them end it what they want, You are all saying how it will end to make yourself happy, but still you can’t know sh*t now..

      • keep going

        If it ends they should make like a side kind of shows where it ties everything up

      • jesse

        i agree comletely ,when sasuke said he wanted to be hokage i got insanely angry he is one of the biggest traitors the the hidden leaf and he treats his friends like shit .i hope naruto becomes hokage and then unifies the whole shinobi world and brings peace to all the lands and i hope sasuke and sakura hook up and give each other aids and die a slow painful death.

        • jared


        • Carlos

          i agree w/ everything except i want NaruSaku, cant leave naruto in the friendzoned. He still has feelings for sakura x.x

          • leo

            yeah i hope that too,but as we see now i think sakura will never be for naruto.she thinks of saskue until now even its not the same feelings as before.

      • doug

        holy shit there are so many people here that hate sasgay i feel like im in heaven.. i honestly do not understand how so many people love him…how sasgay is their hero… they must have been reading a diffrent manga or some shit

    • BC

      Dude you have no idea how much I agree with you…

    • Naruto;)


    • Aditya

      i agree completely

    • Quasimodo

      Naruto will not become Hokage – that would be both ‘acceptance’ and ‘a continuation of’ the ninja world he is struggling to change. To change it, he needs to become more: e.g. the successor to the Sage of Six Paths. His dream is confined to being Hokage, but he is no longer the protector of just Konoha: he is the protector of the ninja world aka the world itself. The story will contradict itself completely if it satisfies you all and he just becomes Hokage > settles down with Hinata > makes byakugan babies…and that would be a generic and boring ‘happy ending’ anyway. I vote for total chaos and destruction of the world and/or Naruto is elevated to deity status as the new Sage of Six Paths melded with the power of the ten tails.

      • ljbj

        You sir! Are totally right!

      • iBrazilian2

        You sir have taken my thoughts completely.

      • paulsummerfield

        Yep! sounds about right! ;D

        • Carlos

          then kill sasuke and have babies w/ sakura

          • doug

            kill sasgay and kill sakura have hav babies with hinata while being sage of 6 path

      • lalalala

        I totally agree! However, I still don’t want Sasuke or Sakura to become Hokage. I am sorry to Sasuke and Sakura fans, but I really hate them both. It is pretty much because Sasuke’s decision that he will become the hokage after all the chaos he cause. Did he even apologies to the people for what he did? Also, Sakura is just plain annoying and rude (esp, in the beginning of the series). I especially liked how Hinata admired Naruto even before he became acknowledged by the people, and saw Naruto for what he really is. I hope Naruto give her a chance.

        • ▃▅▆▇█▒░ ⓃⓄⓟⒺ™ ░▒█▇▆▅▃

          She didn’t see him for what he was, she just liked him sexually. No more, no less. It eventually grew into love after seeing him grow into a great ninja and a very caring person. Sasuke, jiraiya & 9 Tails was a huge reason behind him becoming a noble guy.

          • csisanidiot

            did you even watch the episodes he saved her when she was really little and then she started liking him

            • Guest


            • ▃▅▆▇█▒░ ⓃⓄⓟⒺ™ ░▒█▇▆▅▃

              I don’t follow the series anymore, and the episodes are always off from what the manga is. If you’re following Naruto, do not follow the tv show.

              • Tyler


        • NarutoRasen

          What does he exactly have to apologose for? For hating a nation which caused the death of his entire clan? For killing a man who drove his brother to becoming a mass murderer? You know, you seem to be one of those idiotic fanfiction people who write Sasuke Sakura bashing fics.

          Try to open your eyes a little. Sasuke is badass, and although not as good as Naruto, but a good choice for Hokage. Still, if the debate is about Homage, even I will support Naruto.

          • Kaltum Nur

            you are right , he has nothing to apologies for people in the konaha , but I don’t think he can become hokage.

      • ASHURA

        that would be a very nice continuation of the story, but for Naruto, to be the new sage of the six paths would be very tricky for kishi, However I’m looking forward how the story will end anyway.

      • ▃▅▆▇█▒░ ⓃⓄⓟⒺ™ ░▒█▇▆▅▃

        It’s definitely swaying that way. Hints are being thrown out there that he can heal, recreate matter from nowhere, and even fly. He even have the spirit of the sage of six paths son. All things are pointing toward God mode for Naruto and Hokage for Sasuke.

      • tania

        Agree with you!! That’ll be a better ending. I don’t want sasuke to be a hokage tho. He is too selfish and emo. I vote kakashi becomes a hokage and konohamaru when it’s time for him to become one

      • Swaggy McGee

        I think that both Naruto and Sasuke will be elevated to deity status; Hagoromo (the Sage) gave some of his power to both Naruto and Sasuke so he didn’t repeat the mistake he made years ago (only entrusting Asura with the fate of the world, leading to Indra’s bitter hatred of Asura and the Uchiha clan’s curse of hatred). I think they’ll both be successors of the Sage of the Six Paths in a kind of yin/yang manner (they have different views, but they’ll both work together to bring about peace).

        • Raphael Frimpong

          Sasuke still wants to kill Naruto and the bijuu. He was evil from the start like every single Uchiha. 99% the Uchiha are evil people and only cause chaos in the world. The only good uchiha is itachi. Even black zetsu said itachi is smart. He is better than all the other uchiha including Sasuke. He knew that uchiha are not to be trusted. Even the s06p knew that the uchiha were not to be trusted and he knew that indra or one of his descendant’s would want ashura’s power. S06p doomed the world the moment he conceived Indra.

          • Itachi Namikaze <3

            you forgot sisui uchiha, he is the one who tought Itachi and entrusted him with his envision of saving the village and keeping peace among the shadows… 🙂 But yessss Itachi is the best uchiha by farrrr, a genius and guardian

          • Itachi Namikaze <3

            I also think that it’s unfair to assume that all Uchiha are evil. Especially the fact that Sasuke is evil because for what he’s gone through, I’m pretty sure it’s not his fault but everyone else’s who lead him into darkness. Sasuke, like in part 1 had good intentions… he’s not actually evil! I mean he’s been lied to his entire life, what do you expect?

          • Anyone who could remain joyful when their entire family has been slaughtered would worry me.

      • otaka

        U r completely right

      • I vote for total chaos and destruction of the world and/or Naruto is
        elevated to deity status as the new Sage of Six Paths melded with the
        power of the ten tails.

        …plus byakugan babies!

        • sindhuri reddy

          I feel like if it’s gonna take the whole Jiraiya/Orochimaru/Tsunade parallel, Naruto will become a powerful wandering sage with god-like status, no relationships, Sakura will be a very powerful medical ninja who will revolutionize and carry on her teacher’s innovations, and Sasuke becomes Hokage…..but seriously, I doubt anyone in the village will accept that at all….

    • doug

      yup your saying it how it is.. nice name btw

    • NarutoFan

      If Sasuke becomes Hokage then Naruto will become something bigger, he will become the new Sage of Six Paths, or the Universal Superior kage, the kage of the the 5 great nations combined, that supervises the 5 kages, and makes immediate decisions for the 5 great nations.

    • Sarah

      Sasuke should be Hokage to start a new era of Shinobi. Naruto will never be happy as Hokage. He’s not a politician. He’s a dreamer. Sasuke can take the pain Naruto never experienced. Lonliness is nothing compared to watching your entire family get horribly murdered and people begging for their lives are denied it.

      • Jack

        You do know that, that was just an illusion created my itachi’s sharingan his parents really killed themselves and as for the rest of his family he didn’t see them get murdered

      • Omoi

        And what exactly did Sasuke do with that pain? Face it, Sasuke is not fit to be Hokage, because all he did after feeling pain is cast it on others. No Hokage did that when they feel pain.

    • J_StyleZ

      kakashi becomes hokage, followed by naruto… o and the ending was garbage.

    • Reaper.ft.master

      hahaha me to what is the use of naruto’s name as the tittle if sasuke became the hokage??? im on your side bro!!!

    • bob


    • Exotic Sone

      id be like “why did i even watch it in the first place if he wouldn’t end up as a hokage!!!”

    • sasukevsnaruto


    • DeadlyAnime11874

      yea I mean after all we go through this whole story and life of naruto and its called naruto and seeing his accomplishments and dreams. we watched him get stronger for the sole purpose of becoming hokage and saving sasuke.naruto was always there for the village and never betrayd them while sasuke may be powerful and I do love him but naruto should be the hokage.

  • Tr1n1ty86

    this artcile is so full of errors and it’s just misleading the readers.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      How is it misleading?

      • Tr1n1ty86

        Naruto won’t end in 2014 by force. Kishimoto has just stated that he’s uncertain whether or not there will be a Naruto stage on the next JF (in december 2014).
        Someone just asked him if the Sasuke’s statement about wanting to become Hokage was something that he had already in mind since long time or just something that he has pulled suddenly. Kishimoto replied that it was an idea that he had already in his mind for a long time and he was aware that it would have surprised everyone. Then he reveals that we’re going to delve into Sasuke’sm ind in order to find out what led him to that unusual decision. Reading this article it seems that you’re understanding Naruto will surely end in 2014 and Sasuke will become Hokage, which it’s misleading.

        Merry Christmas to everyone.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          We never said Sasuke will become hokage. We quoted what Kishi said:

          “From the beginning of the series I always thought about Sasuke becoming Hokage”.

          Which means it was always a “thought” we never claimed that Sasuke is definitely going to become hokage nor did we give our opinion on said quote.

          I think most of the article went over your head.

      • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

        Saiyan Island says this article is fake & that kishimoto never actually said this stuff. Also, saiyan island has uploaded the temporary box art for naruto storm revolution. It looks like Saiyan Island is beating you guys again, you need to step up your game!

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Saiyan Island can say whatever they want to be honest. I didn’t see any hard hitting points. Just a subliminal diss.

          Also we already posted the boxart. We were looking for the one without the watermarks placed on them.

    • Please explain then.

  • KishinKiller

    I believe he is taking the right approach by ending the show before it becomes another Dragonball Z/GT thing (Even thought DBZ is awesome!). In my opinion I hate Sasuke and everything he has become. He does not deserve to become hokage let alone allowed to become part of the village again. I hate Sasuke with a passion. Sorry to get off topic. Ending the show is good considering how much filler they made in the anime just so he could write more manga chapters….besides its been it been going for a long time… Just give us what we want…NARUTO TO BECOME HOKAGE!!!!! Also for him to get with Hinata! I hate Sakura with a passion too. Besides if they had a child and Naruto passes down the Nine Tails to his kid with the Byakugan eyes from Hinata. That a new series all in its own! I can dream right! Just end it right that’s all we want.

    • Mosquito O Pinto

      I think sameee 5555

    • Burgandypremesnapback

      Yes I wish they would have another series.

      • Guest

        You must skips all the parts that show him then.

    • Bestforbusiness

      Not everyone wants that just say you & a few

      • doug

        you fcking serious? “you and a few” lmfao ok bro have fun

    • abcxyz

      u r bullshit.

    • Sanning_S

      I rather hate the konoa village, to even hide that kind of evil and put it on one man, his brother Itachi. Naruto is very simular to our world. So much hidden evil in all goverments.

    • animerulezz

      I am with you on this one

    • 645

      There would be no new series because Naruto would have brought peace and then not needing shinobi.

      • Come on

        Then it should turn into a comedy type show because this to me is the best anime. Not because of the fighting in the show but because of the kind of homey feeling that you get while watching it just fun watching naruto

      • Kage

        Well actually I thought about the same thing when I finished watching Avatar the Last Airbender, but a new series has released…so you never know. After Naruto supposedly dies, generations later something might happen. The peace can’t last forever, especially not if Naruto dies,. He’ll probably die of old age and then decades later the peace may break, who knows?

    • Iwis


    • ME & I

      Really hate Sauske -_-‘

      • You must skips all the parts that show him then

    • Amit Bains

      Are u sad that sasuke (who lost everything) could hokage plus if u didnt notice naruto and sasuke had the same story as madera and the first hokage, so naruto will become hokage but sasuke should not be hated as much as ur saying naruto still believes in him y dont u, naruto will not be able to beat madera without sasuke so ur ending would not happen without him

      • doug

        sasgay just needs to kill him self inside madaras ass hole

        • Kishimoto’sBitch

          Grow up dude. You’re not even remotely funny.

          • josh572

            but your name is Kishimoto’s bitch… plz stfu

    • BluntTruth

      So much hate for a fictional character…There’s so much more important stuff to care about… Just saying 🙂

      • doug

        one feeling for one character in a story that your in a thread for is not that not important i mean its expressing how you feel about a character just like people express how they feel about a real person justin beiber for example some people care some people could give a rats dick if hes alive or not

        • doug


      • HateKills

        Exactly its really pathetic. Sasuke is Kishimoto’s favorite character so he’s either gonna become hokage or the new sage of six paths. He’s talented, attractive, stronger than naruto and a uchiha so I’m fine with either one 🙂

        • guest

          Shut up, Sasgay f*g

      • Hating fictional character’s are just as pointless as music fans who bully people online and tell them to kill themselves for listening to justin bieber

    • Tomochin

      I agreed with everything you said until you mentioned useless pathetic Hinata. -_- URGH gross… Another rabid Hinata fan…
      And before you want to chew me out, I don’t ship Naru with either of them. I ship him with Sasgay. Too bad male pregnancy isn’t a thing. I would love to see Naruto preggers with Sasuke’s baby. Now THAT. would be the strongest fucking kid in the world.
      (Btw I ship Hinata exclusively with Neji and Sakura with Kakashi, Sai, Sasori, Shika, and Ino in case you were wondering. You probably weren’t).

  • 1234

    The name of this series is “Naruto” right! the main focus should be naruto not sasuke!!!! I just want to see naruto as a hokage

    • bryan

      what if he becomes greater than hokage?

      • Aya Sumayop

        what’s greater than being a hokage? the leader of the alliance? that’s unlikely to happen.

    • toussaint

      Its damn pathetic,we all dream to see Naruto powerful and capable to bring shinobi’s peace whether the opposite will b disappointed and disgusting,Naruto by loosing his devil he looses his pride and enemies won’t fear Naruto anymore,,I don’t know what kishimoto is really thinking,,

    • Me-lock

      Yea if naruto dies wats d use of d hole series anyway d only reason people watch is because they want to watch narutos dream of becoming an hokage come true . To me even if koshimoto wants sasuke to be hokage ,naruto shouldn’t die he should get reningan kill mandara and may be he should vanish with Hinata and become a myth just lyk d kage of d 6 paths.

      • Goodbye anime

        Wen it ends I’m not watching anime anymore

    • alex

      I have been watchin it for almost 10 years a true fan would rather see them grow into adults and keep the story goin soo much more can come from this anime / manga Naruto is fuckin awesome and it would not go down the same road as dbgt fuck that

      • Come on

        That’s what I’m talking about

      • PS

        I agree with you

  • Darrkyo

    Naruto will die at War , because he protect everyone , and sasuke is no.1 contender to became hokage 😛

  • nextman123

    i want to see a huge naruto vs sasuke fight !!

  • stfu

    sasuke as hokage, hu? that’s mean that Naruto will die, probably saving everyone and defeating Madara.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It was just something he thought about. Doesn’t mean it will happen.

  • Mosquito O Pinto

    Memories in my breath TT

    I will remember this cartoon , Life time


      naruto is not a cartoons its ANIME

      • Sasori Nagashi

        Anime are cartoons. This is a simple fact. If you can’t deal with simple facts, you really shouldn’t be commenting

        • TheGameTagerZ
          • Sasori Nagashi

            That really didn’t represent cartoons well saying they’re supposed to only be humorous. There are drama cartoons too you know? And explaining differences in art styles and genres is pretty much discribing anime as a sub-genre of cartoon

            • TheGameTagerZ

              It’s not a sub-genre. It is its own thing.

              My point was that it is not a “simple fact” and that it is much more deeper than that.

          • Jack

            I’m pretty sure that link says anime is different from “regular” cartoons your argument is invalid

    • Daniel.

      Sadly cartoons are extinct xD this world is run by anime now. Family Guy is now Animation… no longer a Cartoon. Also southpark started a cartoon ended an animation.

  • sdfgds


  • sdfgds

    Maybe, Naruto and Hinata might have a baby.

    • sam

      Nope it will be naruto and sakura’s baby

      • :DD

        Nope, it will be naruto and sasuke’s baby, because they shared their first kiss.

        • Tomochin

          YES PLEASE. If Naruto and Sasgay make a baby, my life will be complete!!!

      • PS


    • Tomochin

      God I hope not… I hope Kishi kills off Hinata…

  • FJB


  • areospike

    i hope that naruto dies Kishimoto is just playing everyone madara kills the shit outta naruto makes his genjitsu happen and sasuke being a sharingan user kills madara and becomes hokage. I would love for naruto to just die already. his whole never going back on his word is bull corn heres a ending he has to watch as madara kills every one he knws and then takes his ability to use jitsu and makes naruto walk the earth

    • Zakuro

      Please make it happen Kishimoto! ;A;
      I hate this character seriously.. but then again.. I don’t really like the idea of Sasuke being “good” again. He was my favourite character when he was on his all rage mood.. but I guess like real people the characters also move on. I don’t care about the haters, Sasuke will always be my fav character. But why make him good all of sudden.. it could’ve at least taken some time before he suddenly comes back and is all like “Yo I’m gonna become Hokage Naruto, sry mate.”.. thoughts about the past and shit like that.

    • Grey

      To hell with you’re Ideals man, Naruto is the best ever NINJA in the whole goddamn shinobi world. Peace to all.

      and Sasuke should JUST DIE ALREADY.

    • shadow ninja

      Are you kidding me?! now this isn’t directed right at you, but seriously people! naruto is a great ninja and I will be happy with whatever ending kishimoto has in store! after reading the manga so far, I have come to trust that kishimoto will think of an ending that no one else has even considered and it will be a damn good one too. maybe naruto dies. maybe sasuke dies. for all we know maybe sakura even dies! I am fine with whatever ending AS LONG AS kishimoto is able to use his talents to make the ending make sense in a satisfying way.

  • madara

    naruto is gay madara all the way. it makes so much sense it ryhmes

  • bryan

    the show is called Naruto so it really doesn’t matter if he becomes hokage or not. he porbably will be greater than a hokage

  • Jovana Stankovic

    If Naruto becomes the Grand Kage, I’m happy 😀 though that’s just my fantasy :'(

  • Jeffrey Bermillo

    all i just want to see is naruto and hinata making a baby thats aLL !!! -_-!

    • Tomochin

      Too bad that’ll never happen yeah?
      (But Naruto and Sasuke get it on!)

  • foraslanthelion

    Yeah, when Sasuke came ’round declaring all his shit and such, I sort of sighed and raised my hands in defeat – Kishi trollin’ and rollin’. Oh well, I’ve already prepared myself for the end of ‘the curse of hated’, although I’m still a bit uptight about Kishi blue-ballin’ me for more than 600 chapters, but you know, what can ya do?

    • KishinKiller

      I hear you man. Sasuke wants to be hokage now. Thats dumb I’m sorry. He shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the village I don’t care if he single handed killed madara. I have the fact that sasuke doesn’t have a mind of his own. Also I love the fact (spoiler for those not that far in the manga) susuke was getting jealous of all narutos power and how he gave every ninja in the war the powers of the nine tails (Including Sasuke). Sasuke isn’t even on a comparable level of Naruto. In my opinion I believe how the story is going and how it might end.I believe that Naruto will have control of all the tailed beast and become the new sage of the six paths. All the tailed beast respect him as is. I think naruto is going to die and then meet the sage of the six paths, he is going to give naruto his power seeing how the sage had the whole power over life and death, he can’t be all dead in essence if that makes sense. Blah blah he will gain this new power surpass every kage and ninja for that matter and kill madara. He will become so powerful he will not be a kage but the guardian of the great nations create peace throught the world and the whole world will accept and acknowledge and he will feel no need to be hokage and will be a god among the ninja! End story. Him and hinata hook up because i hate sakura.

      • Cathy Lee

        If u want to hate sasuke u might as well hate naruto too. Naruto live to forgive people n spreading love to everyone. So there no different between u n sasuke. If sage die so will naruto but they always die as a heroes.

      • Tomochin

        *rolls eyes* typical rabid Hinata fan.
        “Him and Hinata hook up because i hate Sakura”
        Couldn’t you have left that out? I can’t take anything you just said seriously because of that one sentence…
        Here’s another option: since its SHOUNEN, it ends with NO ROMANCE. especially not with a useless pathetic bitch who can’t do anything on her own but say the same name 40000 times.

  • Wendel Lim

    Sasuke sucks!!! sorry fan girls…. Well If naruto can’t become the hokage.. I wish he would be like the Sage of 6 paths, He will exile himself and travel the ninja world in search of peace alone or maybe with some of his few friends hinata or sakura either way i’m not into love stories anyways but either way will do…… Just saying 🙂

    • Carra

      I agree all the way with you. Sasuke should just fucking die already.

  • Blaaaaaa

    If Shikamaru becomes Hokage I wouldn’t mind… BUT SASUKE????????!!!!!!!! Kishimoto won’t stop messing with our heads till the very end.

    • ilovedflash

      Shikamaru Sixth Hokage. Been praying for this since the Asuma arc.

      • Anhaz

        i agree with you, at least hes better than sasuke and naruto will be higher than shikamaru. But i really hope that naruto dream come true as this story can be motivational to people who want to gain sucess in their life.

        • NOOBS

          better than sasuke?lol are you watching the whole series?seems like your stuck up with the asuma arc.noobs!hahaha

          Sasuke has gone way stronger after the kage summit and beating the shit out of danzo.Shikamaru?lol.pathetic.narrow minded comment

          • xen

            It’s not about strength, Shikamaru is a powerful strategist. A leader needs to be a strategist before a warrior. Sasuke’s style of just going after whatever he wants to without really thinking about it, changing up his mind every other day, what kind of leader is that?X

      • nope

        he cant cuz danzo was already 6th Hokage and the anime is called naruto we should at least see naruto’s dream come true

    • bLaDu

      lol i dont mind if he wont be 6end hokage,but ending up with dieng? come on :@ !!!!!!!!!

  • Andy Mihay

    Naruto alredy hhas some power from all the bijuu ep 329
    Plus kyubi mode
    Plus using ying and yang kyubi
    Plus maiby all the people send their chakra/streght to naruto like dragon ball spirit bom/denki dama
    And maiby sasuke helps him out too
    :d can’t wait

  • kaurtesy

    I will be extremely happy sasuke becoming hokage, then i will finally feel as if justice has been served. He’s logical and strategic, and I totally see shikamaru as the right-hand man they probably wont be the best of friends but they’ll be a powerhouse when it comes managing the village. Narutos too much of a free spirit to be happy managing one village. He the type of guy thats ready for action. I see him as a goofy sometimes serious sage of all villages travelling from village to village. Acting at the sight of injustice & always the front lines leading like a real hero.

  • sasukeisapussy

    fuck sasuke he can suck orochimarus snakey dick and madara can get susanoo raped by sasuke it will be a epic threesome and naruto should be hokage fuck you kishi your a shit head about sASUKE being hokage kiss ass bitch but i rate you for madara stabbing sasuke in the heart. if sasuke becomes hokage, which is fucked up, from day one its bein narutos dream to become hokage and what is this about sasuke becoming hokage

  • Timmy the KiDD

    If Naruto doesn’t become some kind of grand ruler… I will destroy everything in my bedroom, I swear.

  • Timmy the KiDD

    Sasuke deserves no part in any kind of rulership… He betrayed the village and allowed rage and hatred to consume him… He sucks major nuts…

  • Timmy the KiDD

    Naruto not becoming Hokage (or better) is like Luffy not becoming Pirate King, can I get an amen up in here?

  • naruto fan 365

    I AM A BIG FAN OF NARUTO when I first watch this series on Toonami it was awesome until it end on there 3 years later naruto shippuden comes back on Disney XD I was so happy that I cried a little then I kept up on the mange and the anime I was happy the whole time even the games were sooo cool but if there going to end naruto series then naruto should be hokage not sasuke because the people of the hidden leaf village wont allow it and hinata should be with naruto and sakure with sasuke on his back in the village and how about the whole team 7 us all there strength to do one huge attack or punch what ever goes for you that’s it

    • naruto XD325


      • ?????????

        nobody cares about sasuke if naruto dies i will truly hate kishmoto I mean like naruto is the only reason this manga is famous and i mean like if people start sayin naruto ends up dying nobody will want to read it. the title is naruto right? u cant have his dreams and him die everyone will hate the author like a least let him become the ultimate kage or something. crap kishmoto could let him become ultimate kage then let sasuke go rouge again and he and naruto have the ultimate battle between good and evil of corse naruto wins but he lets sasuke go then returns to the village and brings peace forever and then the entire 5 shinobe nations disappaers and hides to come out of hiding when the world needs them most

    • bLaDu

      i dont mind with hokage but i dont want Naruto DIE :@ ! so pathethic ending :@

  • Lol

    If sasuke will became an hokage then the ending is so sucked…..the ending should be like NARUTO will find peace nd make all five nation as one…where they can stay united…….no wars nd oll……?.nd NARUTO will influence bad ppl into nice ppl…..nd he should be the leader nd sasuke will be his righ hand man….

  • Akemie Red

    My guess based off the assumptions of the last few chapters is that both Naruto and Sasuke will die. Sakura will be the Hokage

  • Sanning_S

    Go with your story, you are indeed the best story writer i have ever seen. Do NOT listen on this whiny dream morons that belives in pink unicorns and happy endings. There are NO happy endings when SOMEONE have Naruto’s calling. He must die otherwise the story Naruto will be so unlogical and not even following the mythos it’s based on. Naruto can NEVER become the hokage as both you and me know. Because heroes can NEVER become rulers. They must die because they cant stop doing hero deeds. I’m happy you know about this total truth.

  • bLaDu

    ye Just awsome making sasuke Hokage,naruto was alweys hanging for him to help to make him understand,but now this KISHIMOTO or who ever it is going to end naruto with kiling him as his wish was to BECAME HOKAGE so SHET ENDING ! i even dont thought thet was going to be so shet just shet :@

  • bLaDu

    i dont like ending of this,naruto always was haging up for sasuke to save him,to make him understand,but now it’s going to end so Naruto die and sasuke going to became Hokage just awsome it’s awsome SHET ending the worthles and pathetic :@ ! from the begining of the story he wish was to became hokage and he going to end up so :@ !

  • Naruto

    Every year, Naruto is “going to end”, but then it’s not.

  • Aya Sumayop

    This is really disappointing. About the Hokage thing, if Kishi’s always been thinking about Sasuke being the Hokage since the BEGINNING-so he said-, why the hell would he make naruto go for being the hokage? About Naruto ending up dead, what the f***! If the main character’s gonna die, or you wanted to make this a tragedy, don’t name the series after him! It’s disappointing really.

  • Aya Sumayop

    How can Sasuke be the HOKAGE? He’s not deserving to be the
    Hokage.. From the start of the series, he’s never really been deeply
    passionate about Konoha, all he cares about was his revenge and now, him
    wanting to be the hokage is just a part of his revenge.
    KISHI’S FAVORITE CHARACTER IS SASUKE, still and always will be his favorite.. Fuck, it all came down to favoritism..

  • krishna

    after this naruto new season may start 🙂 lol we fans cannot accept end of naruto 😀

  • Naruto101

    If Naruto dies, the whole point of the series will be pointless. It’s called Naruto for a reason. If Kishi’s going to kill him off, he might aswell not written the Manga.

  • Shukrulloh

    Wait! A message to Mr.Masashi Kishimito! I am a big Naruto fan. I have many ideas of Naruto’s ending. If you agree, we can together end Naruto manga because I always act like Naruto’s 2nd creator so I have really good ideas how Naruto should end. If you Mr.Masahsi Kishimito let me end Naruto’s manga too, then we will both plan how should it end. Agree? Reply to my email: [email protected]

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Why are you writing this here?

      We have no connections to Kishimoto.

      • Shukrulloh

        I am telling this to the manager of this site for sending this message to Kishimito.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    I actually kind of imagine this to happen, Sasuke to end up becoming the hokage before Naruto would get a chance….I mean, yes we will probably see an upset Naruto, but hell, it gives him a new challenge right? Sasuke would become the 6th Hokage and then Naruto can aim to become the 7th Hokage. I just hope it has a very good ending…because who knows when we will get another anime that will last a decade or more…..

  • Derp13

    Sasuke hokage just doesnt work for me Sasuke doesnt deserve it

  • animerulezz

    I love to watch Naruto one of my fav shows but I will be disappointed if Naruto does not get to be hokage. I do however see him becoming the ultimate kage too. Either way Naruto is the strongest ninja. I don’t see why he can’t be both ultimate kage and hokage. The only way I see him not becoming hokage would be for him to die.

  • mangaless

    Sasuke will be the hokage, but naruto die to be honor as ultimate hokage when madara defeated

  • Terrell Rocstar Burton

    Let naruto become hokage he marry hinata or Sakura and let the kids have a spin off where naruto dies and now the whole village and nation is trying to stop sasuke because after naruto brings him back sasuke later kills him u kno to give the story a OH SHIT twist to pull ppl in.

  • Prince Nub

    i hope madara will win the war and become the new ruler of all ninja under his eye of the moon plan

  • anna marie

    i like Naruto for a reason that i learn many thing in that manga.. like the PAIN.. And how to handle it.. And wer it came from…

  • Daboss

    I hate that idea they should make naruto hokage and make his dream come true but a little twist is that they should continue the process of naruto and hinata’s life together and furthermore but then again it’s just my opinion that the series of naruto should keep pressing forward for at least another 10-15 years but again it’s just my opinion

  • Daboss

    I hate that idea I think that naruto should be hokage but a little twist is that kishimoto should continue naruto and hinata’s life together. Furthermore kishimoto should continue naruto for another 10-15 years but thats my opinion hope u like it.

  • Hadis

    aah! I don’t like the idea of sasuke becoming Hokage, after all the suffering he caused for the villagers!

  • Adeline

    Sasuke and Naruto both die, Sakura becomes the hokage.

  • artisanexplosion!

    SASUKE is a selfish little s*it! The moment the Leaf pissed him off, he’d feed the villagers To Orochimaru’s huge snake. The only Uchiha worthy of the title of Hokage would of been Itachi. I wouldn’t trust Sasuke with a colony of ants. He’d piss on them! Believe it!

  • Chubbster

    Naruto has a kid then dies; saskue becomes hokage and takes little Naruto under his wing thus starting a new series of Naruto’s child who becomes hokage… BOOM


    thats entirely and utterly stupid why would you even think of making saskue hokage? when naruto has been fighting his whole life to be hokage its why i watch naruto. nothing att al what so ever about saskue say’s hokage. why would you end it so soon you left so much unsaid unless your making another naruto series for instance konohamaru naruto’s only apprentice jiraiya sensei pervy sage died in a shytty way he was my favorite all time character now all i can do is watch all his older episodes and stop watching right before he dies lol cmon kishi youre a genius drink some sake and get it together!

  • Nour

    Kishi, are you serious ?
    Naruto’s been repeating ‘I will become a Hokage’ for almost 10 years and now you’re saying since the beginning you’ve been thinking about Sasuke becoming Hokage ?
    HOW TWISTED IS THAT ?? ;___;

  • Kara 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

    Kishi, are you serious ? Naruto’s been repeating ‘I will become a Hokage’ for almost 10 years and now you’re saying since the beginning you’ve been thinking about Sasuke becoming Hokage ? HOW TWISTED IS THAT ?? ;___;

  • IndecentAffection

    Naruto maybe will become the new Sage of Six Paths and become a Kage above all the others while Sasuke becomes Hokage or who knows maybe Naruto will be Hokage and it will spawn a new rivalry like that of Hashirama and Madara.

  • Chelsey wolfe

    Why dose he have to die? It would be much better if naruto became hokage and him and Sakura started dating!❤️Naruto with all my heart!

  • Esmeralda Ruby Gardea

    This is bullshit naruto should become hokage not sasuke naruto did alot for the village and sasuke just gets up and leaves so sasuke doesn’t deserves to become hokage at the end

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  • Chris Nyabicha

    Sasuke may be one of my favorite characters, but I’ll be damned if he ends up being Hokage rather than Naruto! Besides, Naruto’s father, Minato, was Hokage, so I think that it should make a bit more sense that Naruto should become Hokage. In the whole history of the Leaf, there has NOT been one Uchiha that has EVER become Hokage even though one of the village’s founders happens to be an Uchiha! besides, Sasuke has a very bad record with not only the Leaf, but the whole Shinobi World, being an international criminal! I don’t think that A has even forgiven him for kidnapping his brother, B, anyways. I find it hard to believe that a Kage with a bad record as him would ever become Hokage. He has to do a lot of good-natured things to even EARN the villager’s trust. Plus, Naruto’s reputation in the Leaf village has made a major turn after the fight with Pein/Nagato, getting the same recognition that Minato got from his lifetime after the Third Great Shinobi War, so Naruto’s is pretty much following his father’s footsteps. As for who Naruto ends up, no offense to Sakura or anything, but I’d rather him go with Hinata, who’s never spoken or done any ill-willed towards Naruto ever.

    Plus, that spin off with Minato sounds interesting! I bet that it will appear AFTER Naruto has ended! I’ll be on the look out for it!

    • Larry E. Powe Jr.

      Why don’t you hate someone else who started the war? And that’s Obito Uchiha! Obito, that lying bastard! He should be dealt after what he did! He attack the village, killed his own clan, turn a group into a evil organization, collecting Bijuu from Jinchuuriki, and started the Fourth Ninja war, and for what?! A girl he loves, dies at the hands of Kakashi. Sasuke should have kill him, when he had the chance! But Kakashi say, that’s his job! I still hated Obito cause he’s a lying, heartless…****! Obito is the real traitor! Traitor of all! Anyway, Naruto doesn’t deserve Sakura after what she done to him and lied to him. Sai doesn’t deserve to be in Team 7. I hated Sai after what he did to hurt both Naruto and Sakura. Ep 238 explains why. But anyway, Obito should know why he lied to Sasuke, and he has the nerve to call Sasuke a traitor to the Akatsuki? Obito is the real deal of all traitors! Like I said Sasuke should kill Obito for many good reasons! Anyway, Naruto has moved on from his crush and he going with one girl who loves him the most and that is Hinata. Hinata loves Naruto with all her heart. He notices how strong Hinata really was., too. And she’s the one who helped Naruto on his feet when the bastard, Obito, talking crap, to him. Naruto realized that Hinata was there by his side and he admits it.

  • Ame Orphan

    who cares about Sasuke being the Hokage, Naruto is going to be next SO6P. Naruto has changed the shinobi world while Sasuke has just changed himself during the whole series…

  • ket666

    noooooo Naruto should become hokage!!

  • Random Guy

    So, Kishimoto put us through all of Naruto’s “I’m going to be Hokage!!”, and “I won’t stop until I’m Hokage!!” speeches; yet, he chooses to make Sasuke the Hokage? The power greedy fool who left just because he was weaker than Naruto, and couldn’t sever his bonds with Naruto? Kakashi and/or Shikamaru are better candidates for that position. Hell, Chouji would be better than that….I can’t even call him an appropriate insult. That’s how stupid of an idea that is. Anyway, I feel like Naruto will be the one who actually brings peace to this shinobi world, and through this, he becomes the Toitsukage. Toitsu is one of many words that means “unity”, “unification”, or “united”, and as most know, kage means “shadow”. He would govern all of the shinobi world, while the “normal” world has lived as is. Of course, there is still a Hokage, Raikage, Mizukage, etc. One Kage for the entire alliance would be a little hectic so Naruto would be assisted by the village Kages.

    Or…if it’s still believed that Naruto is immature to be of that rank, he can simply be Hokage as Tsunade leads the shinobi world as the Toitsukage. For Madara’s defeat, maybe Naruto manages to host the Juubi [Shinju], (since he can synch with all of the Bijuus), and control it, so basically he has all of the Bijuu’s powers. Then Madara gets pulverized into nothing since Naruto can combine that level of chakra with his natural powers in Sage Mode? I feel like anything is possible at this point. We’ve seen crazier…

  • thatgirl07

    …so where does Konohamaru fit into this? He wanted to become Hokage too.

  • Isaac Tsakas

    naruto the hokage,sasuke will die!!

    remember pain!!!

  • Love Naru

    noooo its a pity it has to end. i really loved Naruto. sounds like a fun ending though.

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  • JustPostingHonestly

    If Naruto Dies then the show Is over but if Naruto lives but to defeat Madara, then Orochimaru uses the reaper death seal on the 10 tails; and seals some of his chakara in Kabuto, so he can return. But Sasuke becomes Hokage it would end the village so it’d make sense if Naruto became the Hokage and sasuke became the new Danzo and trains people. But if you go to season 2 when Yamato is talking with Sakura it hints that she likes Naruto. So to end the series it may be something along the lines of towards the end of the war Hinata dies and Naruto fills with hate and completely demolishes Madara when he is in the sage form and then the 10 tails goes free then Orochimaru uses the reaper death seal to eliminate the 10 tails but when Naruto fills with hate at the same time the Dark half of the 9 Tails and the Light Half Combine and Naruto demolishes and reminance. But in the process Madara uses one last attack using the Susan’o and destroys most all of the people and so Gaara, Naruto, and Bee, begin to rebuild as the new Kazekage, Hokage, and Raikage but the other villages so little is known you can help but just guess. Then the world comes to piece and the series ends with Naruto and Sakura having a kid but Hinata.who was rescued just like obito was except by the return of Orochimaru, ends up with so much hate she destroys the leaf village and Naruto has to kill her to protect the leaf but in the process Naruto and Sakura die, and their kid relives the same life Naruto despised early on.
    Or Kishimoto just was doing a publicity stunt because the Naruto series is so large and at this point in the series there is no way to end within a short time-span it would take almost 2 years to sm up the end of the war unless they go very vague and don’t do back-sories
    But truth be told in my oppinion I think that the First/Original Sage of Six Paths comes back and takes away all of Madaras power and reconstructs the world back to as it was before Madara had destroyed it all, using the ten tails. Which would be the best way to kill madara off from the series in my oppinion.
    Also how does he plan to end Naruto in 2014 it is almost 1/4 of the year gone and the episodes are doing back stories and the books are ~60 episodes ahead and the war isn’t eve close to ending since Madara is the sage of six paths.

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  • Marley

    Sasuke can’t become Hokage cause the villagers won’t accept that guaranteed, All eyes are on Naruto and He was the only one to speak about becoming hokage and actually proved it to the people all Sasuke did was break sakuras heart and get his revenge lol and lets not forget the other Kages don’t like Sasuke and I can go on and on, By making Sasuke Hokage, Kishimito will just make This anime look dumb.

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  • tootoo22

    I think Sasuke can become Hokage, although I dont want him to and rather have shikamaru, but eh why not. This whole senju and uchiha thing has gotten bad enough, so I think its ok to let an uchiha be hokage to end the problems that first started village. For naruto, I think it will be nice if he develops the rinnegan because he understands peoples pain and hatred, kind of like nagato. And naruto always wants to protect everyone, but his opponents always challenges him, like obito saying how will/can he protect those people, making him awaken the rinnegan to protect the people he loves. Also, he gets along with the tailed beasts, they actually trust naruto, which shows hes much like the sage of the six paths. With that being said, naruto becomes sage of six paths and brings world peace once again because he IS the child of prophecy to bring peace. Nagato was thought to be that child because he had the rinnegan, and nagato is not much different from naruto. So naruto becomes sage of six paths! Not to mention, his nine tail form kind of looks like the sage of the six paths.

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  • Will he make another series where Naruto turns into an adult and becomes the hokage?

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  • Luke Uchiha

    can someone tell me is naruto ep still ongoing anime ep

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  • shai langston

    In my opinion I turkey don’t think Naruto can be hokage because he is too immature and very childish
    I also don’t think the other hokage will agree that a former rouge ninja that completely betrayed the village (sasuke) to be hokage I mean come on they might as well call obito to be hokage

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  • Larry E. Powe Jr.

    In case you all haven’t noticed, it’s all that damn Obito’s fault! He’s the one that started this whole damn thing!

  • Yaseen

    I will be happy if Naruto goes somewhat long.but whatever happens we need a happy ending and sasuke should not become hokage.and Naruto should not die.

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  • I’m fine with Sasuke becoming Hokage but only if Naruto becomes something cooler

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  • Pirate monkey Luffy

    I’ll actually enjoy after naruto has ended. So that i can watch one piece and bleach peacefully, without having to feed narutrolls.

    • Roronoah’s arch

      Yea, i think Kishimoto does not care about naruto anymore and he faps on the image of sasuke.

  • Pingback:

  • Dicky Dick McDickington Da 1st

    Soooo….Kishimoto is still having trouble with ending the story. I bet the ending will be like so:

    Naruto, Sasuke and all the other ninjas gang up on Madara, presaging what could be a possible victory…..but, they all lost. Madara kills everyone and saves Naruto for last. When he is about to end Naruto’s life, the ground suddenly began to quake. The Earth shatters, rumbling violently, tearing apart from each other as deafening sounds of incessant ringing fills the air. The camera then shows a boy, waking from his slumber. Slamming his wittle hands on the snooze button, he proceeded to rub his drowsy eyes, throws both arms in the air, trying to reach for the ceiling as he lets out a breath of air. Rested and ready, the boy leaps out of bed, both feet meeting the floor with a nice thump to compliment his landing. With a foxy grin, he joyfully exclaimed:

    “That was one weird dream….”.

    -THE END-

  • why does naruto have to end

    If sasuke was hokage the whole series would be shitty (my opnion)

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  • Abel Medero

    Now with 50% of the other tails missing from the sage’s brother whats gonna happen. Thats like a whole new story.

  • GoodEndOfNaruto

    Naruto has to become Hokage to end the series well and Sakura and Sasuke can be the advisors or the new legendary Sanin with Naruto. I also see Naruto take all the Bijous to be the sage of six paths. It is Tsunade’s turn to die now.

  • sasuke uchiha

    naruto would die in the end and sasuke would be a hokage this is the true story 🙁

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  • someone


  • someone

    besides… narutos ninja way is never going back on his word. and he said hes going to be hokage, therefore, hes going to be the friggin hokage.

  • Pingback: Trackback()

  • Me

    I’m sorry but no. Hell fucking no. I don’t know what Kishimoto is thinking but he must know making Sasuke Hokage would be a huge mistake at this point. After over a decade of Naruto saying he’s going to be Hokage and slowly gaining the confidence of everyone around him, just for him to die and to have Sasuke, who’s never shown an interest in being Hokage until very recently, get the position after everything he’s done? No fucking way. The only way I’ll accept Naruto not becoming Hokage is if 1 he gets rid of the ninja system so there’s no need for a Hokage any more or 2 they develop a position that’s higher than Hokage that’s given to Naruto. I could even accept Naruto and Sasuke leading equally, even though Sasuke doesn’t deserve it. But I cannot accept Naruto dying and Sasuke becoming Hokage . So Kishimoto can think whatever he wants but I hope he respects his fans enough not to end it that way.

  • Samson

    I’m reading these comments and I can understand why the rest of the world would believe that westerners are a bunch of children. If Naruto dies, that’s his story. We’re learning about a story that surrounds a boy name Naruto that inspires to be the leader of his village. He’s been through crap that the average person would have considered giving up. In the end I believe he realizes that a great leader sometimes has to make the ultimate sacrifice, and he may end up dying in the end. He along with Neji and everyone else becomes a martyr and a reminder of what the “Will of Fire” is.

    Americans, sometimes things don’t always end in a happy ending. You’re accustomed to shows that
    always show you that everything is going to be ok, but that’s not always the case. There’s a reason for everything
    that happens, and if Naruto dies, then there is reason for that as well. Some of you need to consider growing up. Respect his fans? Whose story is this that you’re interested in? This is Kishimoto’s story, and he’s
    going to tell the story however he pleases, and if you don’t like it, then it has nothing to do with the lack of respect he has for you; it’s HIS STORY!

    If Naruto dies, I would at least like to know the significance his death would be. Would it change the
    way villages see each other? Would there be fewer wars, and if Sasuke becomes Hokage, how would the lessons of Naruto affect him? People need to relax and enjoy the story. It’s a story that has already been made up and written in Kishimoto’s mind. The creator is from Japan, not America, so I believe he’s going to do what’s best for HIS story, not what a bunch of people that don’t understand what a story means wants. Just enjoy is

    • Futaba

      Very well put. And I completely agree.

    • guest

      Will you STFU? It’s getting annoying to constantly hear other people think that they are so above Americans. Keep your pseudo intellectual crap to yourself Samson. If people are immersed in the story, LET THEM.

  • Nadir

    naruto ends like that -_- sasuke hokage but what about naruto chidhood dream

  • Yellow Flash

    Sasuke becoming Hokage isn’t fair at all.
    I mean if Kishi had Sasuke as Hokage in mind and why did he make Naruto have a dream of being Hokake from the start? It’d just be stupid if Sasuke becomes Hokage.

  • Izaah Edwards

    All of you need to calm down. I understand that sasuke is a “traitor” but he also is the reincarnation of the sosp son Indra so I think they should have the first co-kage and have both be kage in the end both being the sosp sons

  • Rob3X555

    that is ok as long as Naruto And Hinata get married and have at least one child. they should live in in some kind of amazing and beautiful spiritual sanctuary, temple or tower that Naruto builds . A tower to watch over the world , give him a few good years with Hinata and a few with his child/children and he can die young. maybe he dies around 25 to 30 and Sasuke can come to the tower to continue the watch and Shikamaru can take over as Hokage.

  • dual hokage with both naruto and sasuke being hokage perhaps?

  • Romeo Masday

    Naruto will become the hokage’s secret love affair.

  • ??dd

    You guys are being stupid. It’s like you havn’t watched half the episodes. We should all be able to understand Sasuke.. He’s on a solo path for answers. After encountering Itachi and others he has a more general idea of what happened to his clan and also what is going on presently. Why do you all hate him? It’s already said through manga that Naruto Sasuke and (doesn’t matter but shes there anyways) sakura join up again very soon. They defeat madara together. Naruto will most likely die (don’t know what happens to nine tails) and Sasuke will continue to have some kind of power position within the village. Sasuke at this time will have become more calm with a sense of mission complete you know? Naruto will become a hero to the world and the end.. Its not a bad ending. Lets be real, anime for a lot of us is just an escape from reality. You all would wish Naruto to keep going after he becomes hokage or dies.. But that would never happen. Naruto is a world that doesn’t work if you look at it closely. It would make no sense to continue the story. What would you continue it with? More fillers? No thanks. I’d like to have the ”legacy” of naruto end so that I can always remember it as an awesome story. And a lot of you are saying that the only reason we watch this show is to see Naruto become hokage.. Well I have to say I don’t want Naruto to become hokage. That is not the point.. The world of naruto is about much more than that. Get rid of the fillers, and end the story.

  • jamest

    Naruto n saskue will be the ultimate fighters. However yu want to put it.. they both r supreme n beyond five kage individual.

  • JadedHarbor0125

    So Sasuke is taking Naruto’s dream of becoming Hokage AND is probably gonna end up taking the girl of his dreams too…. Bullshit!!

  • kristian

    well …. how bout this …! Sasuke becomes hokage and naruto and hinata will become husband and wive ..! and naruto will get angry cauz they didnt made him into hokage …. he will make a group called eketsuki …..! and bring pain to konoha …! Just sayin ..! :3

  • wowlock

    Naruto better end up with Hinata and not go ” OH I WILL DIE TO SAVE EVERYONE ” His parents already died to save him and it was laready heartbreaking to see it… they better not kill him to promote Sasuke again O.o

  • if you are going to kill the best let him go out with a bang the wondering sage thing is cool, as for sasuke he can go to hell and join the rest of his clan. then let konohamaro become hokage. let sasuke become hokage will kill the series, no one likes him. plus if he does another war will arise because no one in the series trust him.

  • 10 Years Wasted

    Well, looks like I’m done with this series. You guys can tell me how Hokage Sasuke works out.

  • iAmRJ23

    Naruto must be the one to become Hokage. Why?The reason is simple— Because he works for it! He did everything… trainings, sufferings and even risk his life just to saved those people who despised him when he was a kid… he did all the things just to overcome those sadness and loneliness he felt… put his life on the line just people would acknowledge him and know that he EXIST! I’m also a fan of Sasuke but if he really become the Hokage then, this whole manga is a total disappointment!

    • iAmRJ23

      *save (not saved)

  • iAmRJ23

    Naruto must be the one to become Hokage. Why?The reason is simple—
    Because he works for it! He did everything… trainings, sufferings and
    even risk his life just to saved those people who despised him when he
    was a kid… he did all the things just to overcome those sadness and
    loneliness he felt… put his life on the line so that people would
    acknowledge him and know that he EXIST! I’m also a fan of Sasuke but if
    he really become the Hokage then, this whole manga is a total

  • Aditya

    But if u see now all the Hokage have been either from the Senju clan or the Sarutobi Clan. I don’t think it’s wrong to put an Uchiha as Hokage since he’s the only one alive. Not that i like Sasuke to become the Hokage but there’s also a different view in that

  • AR

    yea i agree if sasuke becomes hokage that would be stupid…since the begining naruto has been saying he will become hokage and been working towards it his whole life..and sasuke didnt give a shit he always gets handed things never works for it…it would be a waste of everyones time who followed this anime/manga if sasuke become hokage

  • Urazaki Hadana

    For me, Naruto should be the Hokage. I mean, if you’re going to ask a lot of fans they’d say Naruto should have it. In my case, Sasuke should rebuild his bloodline by bringing up the Sasuke Clan and stuff. But well, Naruto will be amazing if he’ll become the Ultimate Sage. and Sasuke as the Hokage. but I dont know. Still want Naruto to be Hokage, he worked for it that much ever since.

  • shuhei

    Naruto will be higher than hokage..marries hinata…sasuke go on rehab.. Kakashi as hokage

  • Gabriel Jesús

    Brah. It makes no since for Sasuke to become Hokage. The first goal of Naruto ever was Naruto’s dream to become Hokage. If Naruto doesn’t become Hokage then the series and Itachi’s words to Naruto would make no since. That’s my point of view on this.

  • Dante Dmc

    sasuke becomes hokage BULLSHIT

  • no2K

    Honestly, Naruto will not be Hokage. In turn, you all saw when the Tailed Beasts “said/proved” (when they were all connected and was sucked into the Ten Tails body before transforming into the real Ten Tails) that Naruto was the “Old Man” meaning the Sage Of Six Paths. It is only fair that Naruto becomes him once again, while Sasuke seems like a good choice for Hokage. You forget that he got the love of the village even though he was unable to truly understand what he felt, sasuke was an emotional wreck because of Itachi but now that he understands the truth he wants to change.

    Naruto will trust the village to Sasuke and become the Sage Of Six Paths. That is a theory anyway.

  • paulsummerfield

    hmm…my guess is that naruto sacrifices himself along with all 7 beasts to save the whole world. Its going to be a sad ending for sure!

  • Chantal Kircheis

    Sasuke should become Hokage? You’re kidding! This anime is called “Naruto” for a reason. Are you fucking kidding me. Sasuke has no quality whatsoever to become Hokage. To the contrary he let himself be consumed by hatred while Naruto kept going forward. And to be honest I hoped Naruto would not end after the war. Because what happens after War is far more important. I would have wanted to see more adventures and the hardships they have to go through after losing their comrades. I would have liked to see more bonding scenes than this shit. Man. No wonder why I love One piece much more.

  • BluntTruth

    Funny how most Naruto lovers just “[email protected] Sasuki!!!” You guys make us look bad. It’s not like Sasuke will really be Hokage, since the manga’s name is Naruto. Besides, don’t you think Kishimoto already knows that Sasuke doesn’t deserve to be hokage? Sasuke already accomplished his dream. Kishimoto will not snatch Naruto’s away to give it to Sasuke.
    And Kishimoto doesn’t have to end the manga *exactly* the way you want it to, it’s his story after all. And you shouldn’t be that upset about it. There are other stuff to be really upset about – war, poverty, kids being abused by their parents… Just read the newspaper sometimes.
    And I just want to say something, if your brother had massacred your whole family, I don’t think you would have been cool with it or tried to talk to him about it. You probably would have been out for blood too. Bad things happen to people in real life too. Some of them forgive, some of them look for revenge(not necessarily through murder). People deal with pain differently. But you do not judge anyone unless you have walked in their shoes. You do not condone what they do but doesn’t mean you should hate them.

  • jared

    Plot Twist: Tsunade resigns as Hokage and makes Sakura the sixth Hokage because yolo

  • qzoiksK

    fucking finally, ive waited 15 or whtever years for some sort of fucking ending to masashi rr martineru’s never ending saga to end, we all know hes gunna royally piss us off with the ending. like the dude who owns the ramen shop is gunna be hokage and sakura is gunna mary sasuke and sasuke is gunna get aids because sakura is a fucking retard and naruto is gunna do something awesome and die honorably in battle and hinata is gunna marry kiba and have little baby dog-humans that will all be imbred and retarded and sakura and sasuke’s kid is gunna be all fucked up emo fag and shit and its gunna be tottaly gey as shit and masashi is gunna be like “lol im rich now fags, deal with”

  • ballstou

    i wasted my life watching this fucking show, theiyr gunna totally fuck up the ending and piss off everyone, if i know kishimoto, i know he doesnt give a fucking shit about what his fans want.

  • Jac

    If Kishimoto said that then can’t there be two hokages ” two heads are better than one”

  • doug

    i just think naruto is going to die… the fact that shikamaru said”when you become hokage il be your right hand man” and gaara said”when you become hokage lets drink from sake cups”

  • The6thHokageIsMe

    i can think of 3 logical endings..

    naruto becomes hokage but passes the role on to sakura who becomes hokage since naruto realised he can’t be bound up as a hokage since it’s his and sasukes destiny to protect the whole ninja world and not only the hidden leaf

    or maybe they give kakashi or shikamaru the role as hokage and reunites as team seven to protect the ninja world.

    or they realise that they have to kill eachother and sasuke and naruto both kills eachother, sine that’s the only way to get the reincarnation of the 2 brothers to stop and bring peace and balance to the ninja world

    maybe it’s one of these 3, but we don’t rly know so i guess we’ll just have to whait and see! 🙂

  • Shane

    I fully agree with some of the comments i will find this writer and punch him in the face if naruto doesnt become hokage even if they some how shared it that would be alright but Sasuke becoming hokage is horse shit

  • Alexmencer92

    If Sasuke really become Hokage… then it’s probably that Naruto died in the battle against the infinite genjutsu by sacrificing his life to save others. I guess Naruto and Sasuke both deserve to be Hokage but its better for Naruto renown as the late sixth Hokage while Sasuke the current seventh Hokage. Then it will have better impact that Naruto the one who was treated as a thrash by the villagers at the beginning is the savior of the shinobi world that saved everyone by dying in their place thus living their live acknowledging Naruto for the rest of the eternity. Naruto The Greatest Hokage of All Time !!!

  • Shadow Fan

    This site gives bull shit information they never interview Kishimoto OMFG this is hysterical gamez and his shitty friends writing crap about this so they can get more views on this website

    • TheGameTagerZ

      1) Nowhere in there does it say we interviewed them. Other websites covered this news before we even posted it. Thanks for showing your reading comprehension skills are close to zero.

      2) Don’t clump us together with hysterical because you don’t like him for YOUR personal reasons. If you don’t like the site then leave simple.

  • King89

    Naruto will give his life to bring everyone back to life and bear everyone’s hate and sadness, as a final act he will ask everyone to trust and believe in sauske as they would him

  • Narutard458

    I’m not gonna lie… As of right now, I think both Sasuke and Naruto are going to die and Sakura will become Hokage. She is BASICALLY Tsunade Jr. And if she’s already surpassed Shizune, by the time she’s Tsunade’s age she’ll be hella strong!!! Plus shes levelheaded, a good critical thinker, strong, a good leader, resourceful. I don’t see why she shouldn’t be Hokage. She honestly is the most qualified IMO. I can totally picture Sakura as Hokage in her “old age” training others while telling them stories about her time in Team 7 with her teammates, the two saviours of Konoha who died to protect the village. Aside from her, I’d also like Shikamaru or Kakashi as Hokage. BUT. I feel like Kishimoto needs to end the series with Naruto and Sasuke dying, NOT because I don’t like their characters. They’re decent enough. I just feel they would need to die for a real legacy to be born.

  • InoShikaCho123

    Let’s say Naruto does die and Sasuke DOES become hokage in commemoration of his best friend and both of their faces are put on the hokage mountain idk just a thought

    But anyway Kishimoto has come this far with a fantastic series that’s touched our hearts. How many animes can you say made you cry, I know did a few times (especially when Naruto met his mother) The point is I don’t think Kishimoto will disappoint us. 🙂

  • Ambii

    all i know is i kinda want sakura and sasuke to end up together idc idc and i want naruto to be with hinata but naruto has to be hokage or this whole manga about naruto growing up and becoming powerful would have just been a waste of time in my opinion

  • emmanuelli

    If sasuke is the hokage, that mean that naruto dream will not come true and naruto series will be a bullshit anime.

    • Rohan Kishibe’s Heaven’s Door

      >implying Naruto wasn’t a bullshit anime way before that.

  • emmanuelli

    In manga, Obito kill Naruto by taking the nine tails from his body, so he dead. But, he meet Hagoromo Otosuki ( the sage of six paths, god of shinobi).Then, Hagoromo talk with Naruto about his family and in the ancient times, and he also ask Naruto to stop Madara and he give some of his power to naruto and go meet Sasuke, and talk about the same thing he was talking with Naruto about, and share some of his power with Sasuke.

  • sakura

  • Mawahib Osman

    if sasuke becomes hokage then what was the purpose of Naruto and his dream? it’s always been Naruto dream ever since he was little.

    i will hate if sasuke becomes hokage because he has never wanted to become hogkage his dream and goal in life was to kill itachi and restore his clan, so in my opinion he can fuck off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BlueJay

    To those who think that Sasuke should be Hokage, I’ll just say this: If ANYONE deserved to become Hokage, it’d be Naruto. Case closed.

  • Kristy


  • Zangetsu

    Naruto and sasuke need each other. You couldn’t kill either of them off. And everyone saying sasuke is this and that, but he has done nothing to harm the village. He at most killed danzo. A temp hokage who wasn’t to be trusted anyway.

  • team7:)

    What I love about Naruto, or at least the way I view it, that it portrays the real world, and the way we live our lives, bringing massive destruction and hatred, but Naruto, as most of us might conclude, brings hope. It gives, us the human race, hope and that good does exist, and what I would say is that the fundamental part of Naruto is not to satisfy us viewers but to make us comprehend and grasp what life truly is, so yes I hope there will be an ending where both Naruto and Sasuke and everyone lives, but I will also not be surprised if we were not.

  • Jon Gillette

    Konahamaru should be hokage and naruto should be a second jiraya

  • ArisMei

    I’m really excited about the Naruto ending.. I hope it does the rest of the anime justice. I just can’t wait to go back to the beginning and when Naruto says “I’m gonna be Hokage someday!!” I can finally be like, “Nope, you’re gonna be so much more than that.” :))))

  • B

    It’s just fuckin’ stupid if Sasuke turns out to be the next Hokage. What was the whole series for? Naruto says in the first episode/manga that it’s his goal… why destroy the most inspiring character ever’s dream to give a chance to Sasuke?
    C’mon, we all know Sasuke’s an as*hole. He kills (wants to, or tries) everything in sight and his main goal was, again, to kill his brother. Kishi, don’t even try to give him a way out of the destruction he’s done. His arrival to the war was already the worst revelation in history of Naruto. “Oh hi” says Sasuke, “Oh hi motherfuckin’ psyco hatred driven killer, wanna join in? We’ve missed you!” says everyone else. THE HELL HAPPENED TO THEM=?

  • Veeresia

    Till now sasuke has more powers. So U should make Naruto more powerfull. Otherwise there is no point in making naruto hokage.

  • Naruto Lover

    Here’s what needs to happen,Naruto needs to become the hokage and the successor to the sage of sixth paths. Naruto and Sakura should be together. Sasuke can be jealous of Naruto just like he always has been. (I mean honestly Sasuke doesn’t deserve to be Hokage. I mean it’s ridiculous.) While Naruto is out trying to bring peace, Shikamaru can take over for awhile. In any case, Naruto should be the top ultimate ninja that everyone respects and looks up to. As for Konahamaru, he can grow up to be the 7th Hokage. That’s just my opinion.

  • Buttmaan

    I think the whole anime would be ruined if he doesn’t become hokage. The whole anime teaches you to not give up on your dreams and he also talks to Nagato about not changing. If he doesn’t stick to that dream he won’t be naruto anymore ;-; and plus I don’t think sasuke would suit being hokage. We already had gaara who changed from a dark and angry kid to a kind hokage, I don’t think they’ll repeat that story. Just my opinion :$

  • Akina

    what will happen to Tsunade then?

  • Pervy Sage ;)

    Noooo 🙁 but things like this are usually assumptions/predictions. It is very common for writers to do this sort of thing and then come up with something at the last minute, leading to a whole new part of the story. The thing is, I was listening to Wind and realized how far things have gotten. I remember the days when I was so young and watched Naruto, now I’m all grown up, just like the shinobi. I hate the feeling of nostalgia, it makes me either cry or feel sick to my stomach .-.

  • Naruto Fans

    please do reveal kakashi’s face !

  • sasuke

    -Naruto obtain’s hinata’s eyes, due to him having hagoromo blood and her hamura blood, he achieves a power similar to kaguyaa, he becomes acknowledged as a true hero of the world by all the kage’s and is offered a position on top of kage, the kage of all kage’s, while sasuke becomes hokage, rightfully after what konoha owes him, naruto teaches the kage’s and people ninshuu over ninjutsu to achieve the dream of peace by getting rid of the ninja practices as he and pain discussed in nagato’s last moments, everyone goes with it but are uneasy/uncertain, sasuke feels its rediculous to lower fight power by trying to understand eachother over using ninjutsu and so he objects and fights naruto, naruto dies and becomes an eternal spirit like hagoromo/goku and sasuke becomes good as he understands naruto when they collide fists as was referenced in their first big fight as kids, or sasuke could become bad and konohamoru puts an end to him and becomes hokage, i reckon there’ll be a konohamoru manga over a minato manga, minato’s life happened konohamoru’s isn’t determined yet so there’s no limit to what can be written about.

    -Something could occur on the battlefield, bad decisions naruto makes in contrast to good decisions sasuke makes making him look good and naruto look bad in front of everyone and sasuke gets promoted to hokage as its a fitting title and naruto becomes deserted by his commrades/everyone again as he was as a child and one thing leads to another sasuke decides to fight naruto and naruto dies.

    -either way naruto’s dying, its manga, come on we know this.

    • Angus

      I think the best prediction I’ve read on here

      • Angus

        The first one*

  • Brandon

    what if they share the hokage spot? like how the first hokage wanted him and madara to do it? or what if sasuke becomes the sound village hokage?

  • BishWhet_

    SAKURA SHALL BE HOKAGE!!! TROLOLOLOL ^-^ (seriously though i will die laughing if she becomes hokage).

  • Shiki

    I think that SASUKE UCHIHA is just awesome.This was the whole concept of the story that bonds are so powerful that they can turn darkness into light. Naruto never gave up on Sasuke because he knew that Sasuke was not a bad person, his suffering had made him into what he was. As Kishi said it was his intention from the start to make Sasuke go into the darkness, that’s what made the whole story and the story so interesting. The union of darkness and light that they coexist and without the other, the other will cease to exist. Sasuke is the incarnation of Indra so that’s why he’s the complete polar opposite of Naruto but without Sasuke, I don’t think the anime Naruto would have been ‘Naruto’. They’re both equals and they’re both good sometimes we don’t get it but Naruto does, because he knows the truth that ‘Sasuke is Sasuke’. I know that he tried to destroy Konoha and kill many people but doesn’t he deserve a second chance just like Gaara? Now he’s fighting for it, him being evil was just part of the story, to add spice to it. That’s what writers do but Sasuke was never evil to begin with. I’m not trying to explain his actions here but since it’s the portrayal of light and darkness that’s what Kishi was trying to do. Two polar opposites really do make the BEST TEAM IN THE WOLRD! Don’t you agree, if Sasuke was all goody goody then we’d have another Naruto but with attitude. Opposites in a story make one of the best stories in the world, they complement each other perfectly and they understand each other better than anyone ever could! That’s why I’m saying Naruto knows he’s other half (in yin and yang context) better than anyone ever could. So I think it doesn’t matter who becomes Hokage as well as that person knows what he’s doing. I don’t mind if Sasuke does become Hokage or if Naruto does because if either of them do they’ll do the job perfectly, since now they’re a team they will never do anything without taking the advice of the other. Naruto rocks, not just because of all the good guys but because that it really shows human nature, there can be no good without bad and vice-versa. No one is bad, it’s the conditions that make them bad and if you have the power to save a friend and show him the light, then that’s the greatest victory!

  • animagirl

    Actually… I think Sasuke becoming Hokage would be an interesting plot twist. Please note I’m not a Sasuke fan but it will end interestingly. I can imagine them all mourning his death and Sasuke taking Kakashi’s place at the memorial stone.

  • naruto

    Seriously sasuke hokage…… he freakin series is called naruto so if sasuke becomes hokage every thing naruto has been through will mean nothing

  • Kishimoto: “I have no idea how Madara should be defeated.”
    Black Zetsu tears him in half and revives Kaguya.

  • the don

    i think the ending is going to be like the story of madara/avatar. maybe naruto becomes hokage and sasuke becomes jealous and decides to fight naruto in a death match. naruto will defeat him. eventually sasuke will become madara 2.0 and reboot project tsykinomi. sasuke will find a person to pass his will to and be reanimated in future. while this is going on naruto is the sage of the 6 paths and rules over everybody, he gives his power to his grandson.(assuming he had children with hinata).however naruto will leave behind a jutsu so that when sasuke returns to the world he will be reincarnated and will seal sasuke in the moon as a last minute resort and will bring peace once again. he will seal sasuke in the moon with a special seal that has 30 keys and scatters them all over the world in the 5 great nations. once again naruto will leave the world again. someday somebody intends to start war and goes on a hunt for the keys in the hope of being able to use sasukes power to rule the world. however narutos grandson finds out about his plan and goes on a hunt for the keys also. the allied shinobi council find out about this and see it as an attempt to free sasuke. this causes them to spit up into the great nations again and all go on the hunt for the keys so they can rule the world. each nation has a certain number of keys. the man who planes for war obtains all of them and releases sasuke and sasuke goes on a rampage and starts killing the shinobi. narutos grandson fights sasuke and loses to him. sasuke takes narutos grandsons power and now gained to power of kaguya and puts the infinite tsukiyomi in affect. however naruto worked it into the seal that if sasuke where to appear he will come back and he does. naruto realizes that this world can never maintain peace and comes up with a famous quote “were there is light there will always be a shadow” him saying this makes him knock sasuke to the ground and he takes some people so his legacy can be kept, as soon as he got those people to a safe location he creates a rasengan the size of mars a destroys all the shinobi of the 5 hidden villages and immortalizes himself in the minds of the people as the greatest shinobi who ever lived and decides to stay in the world to see that ninjustu isnt used anymore.

  • Emiko

    Naruto and Hinata have to end up together because she is so sweet and I don’t think Naruto and Sakura would make a good couple at all because Sakura hasn’t loved Naruto nearly as long as Hinata has

  • micheal johnson

    i think kakashi should be the sixth hokage and naruto should be the seventh since kakashi is the strongest ninja next to naruto an sasuke and has more experience(an naruto and sasuke are still like 17), sasuke shouldnt because he has too much of a dark past (although his personality would make him better suited for the job). regardless i’m looking forward to the ending and seeing a grown up naruto!

    • Enhui

      Your prediction is correct and canon

  • hermit naruto

    why why masashi if you ended naruto then i will go to japan and let you continue it with force so it’s better for you to continue cz you won’t love me when i am angry understood kunuyaru buguyaru but why why naruto why not bleach or fairy tail whyyyyyyyyyyy :'(

  • hermit naruto


  • hermit naruto


  • hermit naruto


  • SasukeUchiha5DX

    Right now, i don’t see the manga ending in 2014, maybe late December, but i think it could go on in 2015 after all

  • janet

    how about sasuke and naruto become CO-kages. i think sasuke deserves to hokage too because hes like a redeemed indra/madara. or in the end theres a democracy with no kages and just a council.
    on naruto dying or not, how about have naruto and sasuke both die fighting kaguya but ultimately defeating her. then obito uses his rinnegen and revives them like pein did and yada yada

  • smart one

    I will personally find Kishimoto and shove a kunai up his butt if Naruto isn’t hokage. All of his fans from the beginning are the Naruto fans. He owes his entire career to us, we supported him. We wanted to see Naruto become hokage, we watched naruto way before that idea even popped up.

    Sasuke is and always has been represented as selfish, criminal, and obsessed with power and all the hokages are represented as kind people that is reason #1. Reason #2 THE SHOW IS CALLED NARUTO AND HIS ENTIRE DREAM IS TO BECOME THE GREATEST HOKAGE. HE SIGNS THIS IN SHIPPUDEN AFTER DEFEATING PAIN AS HIS AUTOGRAPH “HOKAGE CANDIDATE #1”. the entire shonen jump (the original naruto) is about naruto wanting to become hokage, he is destined to be hokage as with the neji vs naruto chunin exams. reason #3 why naruto should become hokage, because he inherited minatos dreams because minato died for naruto. Reason #4 he saves the entire village and thinks of every one in it as his family because his mother and father died saving it and the village is all he has left. Naruto only grew up clueless because no one raised him. sasuke grew up a normal child until his family wanted to overthrow the village and was slaughtered and grew up wanting to slaughter every one in the village and became a rogue ninja. Had he not known the truth he may have killed every one. reason #5 Just because sasuke does one good thing can’t make up for him killing an entire army of people who wanted to kill orochimaru (good guys) its in shippuden where guren is. sasuke served a serial killer. Naruto served his village nearly dieting countless times.

    • smart one

      dieing* not dieting

  • gogoman

    madara should be defeated by Naruto using the chalkras given to him by all of the 9 tailed beasts when they put their hands together. Maybe by pressing that chalkra into the 10 tails it will separate it and they will turn back into their tailed beast forms. then madara will be weak since there will be no way to put it back together in time and the 10 tails will be gone. then they can find a sealing jutsu to imprison madara and seal away his arms so he can’t use jutsu like orochimaru.

  • Shakeel Kimmins

    Great. What other long series could I watch after Naruto and Bleach end. I don’t particularly care about One Piece and I kind of got bored with Detective Conan. I hope Japan doesn’t get bored with any more new series and lets the artist finish them. Or Kishimoto and Kubo create another hit series that lasts for at least double what Naruto and Bleach do.

  • Marthal

    Naruto will become the new Sage of Six paths, Sasuke will become Hokage, because if you remember, Hashirama, wanted Madara to be Hokage, we will see this with Sasuke, instead of Naruto being Hokage. Naruto will take in the paths of his Master Jiraiya and change the ninja world, through his teachings.

  • flaming moon

    if naruto & hinata ended up together there children would have byakugan eyes. if naruto’s power fused together with hyuga powers, there children could come out with kagura ootsuki’s third eye rinnegan power because her power is of hyuga, senju, kaguya, uzumaki, & uchiha. so that means naruto & hinata’s children would come out with a third eye rinnegan & byakugan, or just a rinnegan or byakugan. the story can’t end because that by itself would make an interesting story. i think the story could end because of who they would fight after the war and what exactly would happen besides naruto or sasuke becoming hokage (GO NARUTO!!). maybe
    kagura ootsuki can retreat the war and keep coming back. but to be honest that would be really boring & every body would get tired of just her. it would be cool if they can just settle down, fight some other cool rougue ninja, travel outside of the 5 great nations, get some new outfits, cool new characters come in (including cool new badguys) and a whole lot of action (& dramatic scenes).


    But why all think for new Hokage when Tsunade isn’t that old to pass her post?

    • Andreas Aigalew

      tsunade is useless and when a hokage is useless they pass on their post just like hiruzen after the 3rd great ninja war

  • Jay

    I think maybe they will put Sasuke as hokage to match up a little with madara’s story and becoming the first uchiha as hokage, besides there’s only 3 episode’s left I don’t think sasuke would put up a fight and his answer could be a positive one…. and I bet Naruto is gonna be the one who wants and refers sasuke as hokage… But then again I would like naruto ending up as hokage.

  • Andreas Aigalew

    come on guys obito’s last wish was for naruto to become hokage at all costs

  • SMprincess

    this could end in so many different ways and we all want it a certain way but I can’t wait to see what happens! It would be nice if he made BOTH Naruto and Sasuke Hokage then they can change the future and what not together, since they are stronger together and so forth like they have been saying in the manga. In my own opinion, neither should continue blood lines with anyone since they both have lost family either from stupidity of controversy of who has greater gene lines (Sasuke’s family) or other issues and end it with them creating that better world they both have been striving to make, even if it was with stupid and bad decisions, and join all nations. But thats my opinion and we will just have to wait and see for the ending.

  • Martina

    Maybe his just trolling 😀 We won’t know until it ends.

  • rickyyy

    Any ideas of how madara will be defeated ?

  • Kakashi as Hokage and Naruto as the Ultimate Kage!

  • Whisnu Bintang Jiwa

    if naruto sure become nothing and sasuke become hokage..kishimoto sure he really so stupid..why add name NARUTO as the tittle..

  • WTF

    If Sasuke becomes Hokage then 3 years of Naruto are like dead for me

  • Call Me Jeffrey

    They should make it that during the final stand with Madara, Madara kills Suske which makes Naruto unlock the power of Rikudou Sennin who was a Uzamaki descendant and who was also like a father-figure for Kurama. Making Naruto the next Sage of Six Paths creating a home for all the tailed beasts were they can live in peace. People say that Naruto would look stupid with rennegen eyes but if you picture him with Kuramas nine tails cloak over him with the rinnegan he looks pretty sick.

    Remember when Tobi said he gave the Rinnengan to Nagato? I’ve heard alot of people ask how he could have done that, since we saw Nagato awaken it himself at the death of his parents. Well, going on the assumption that he was talking about himself as Madara, I think that he didn’t mean he gave the actually eye itself, but the ability for it to be awakened. And we know now that Senju DNA and Uchiha DNA will result in Rinnengan. So, be that the Uzumake are distant relatives of the Senju, I think that it’s possible for Uzumaki DNA combined with Uchiha DNA to obtain Rinnengan. So, Tobi was saying that Madara gave Nagato some Uchiha DNA, perhaps. That would also explain why Nagato’s power is not a strong as the SoSP, since it’s only Uzumaki DNA, not pure Senju.

    So, in theory, if Naruto got some of Sasuke’s DNA, he’d get Rinnengan. That’s my prediction for the end of the show. Sasuke giving himself up for Naruto to obtain the power to stop the Juubi. Yes, I think Naruto will get Rinnengan.

  • Thelightskindd

    Is saskue gonna die cause it kinda weird he does all this evil stuff and joins the leaf… what is he gonna become full fledge leaf shinobi and start goin on missions like the good ol’ days from a writers perspective that just seems bland. I think might get a sword through the chest right before the end of the last battle of the war.
    Option A seems okay u know good endings are okay, but there’s a pretty big chance a bad ending will occur. I mean come on NEJI DIED who saw that comn.

  • zebra _ horse_thing

    Naruto needs to be hokage. Its THE LEAST he deserves from protecting the whole shinobi world! If not the hokage then the ultimate kage or the successor of The 6 Paths. He has immense care for people and wants to protect everyone. He’s also strong enough. Sasuke hurt the the leaf village and many other villages. He can’t be the hokage, maybe a person related to what Danzo was. He is twisted enough.


    no saben ablar español o esto


    carita felis ya que olbidenlo

  • anon

    sasuke isnt even worthy of the name hokage. look at what he’s done. naruto worked his butt off for his dream yet what does sasuke do? almost kill sakura, become part of the akatsuki and attempt a kage’s death. its just so unfair if sasuke becomes hokage.

  • Naruto sempai

    If sasuke was to become the hokage then i feel that me watching naruto for a few years are all wasted.We all watch naruto for a reason wanting naruto to be hokage. What does sasuke got to do with most of the story?.Who is the main character? How many series has naruto done more than sasuke?!?! I would rly feel disapointed if naruto was not the Hokage…….And after a 30 min talk with the hokage sasuke decided to be hokage.While naruto has tat with him for 16 yrs!!!!!!!

    • Andreas Aigalew

      actually for 6 years when he was 10 he resumed the academy
      and decided to become hokage after hearing about the will of fire from iruka
      and how the hokage was respected by everyone

  • Maxpayne42

    guys guys guys…look all you got to do is Naruto dies well that’s what everyone think’s Naruto just went to the future and what he see is that they lost the ninja war and everyone lost hope but Naruto says wassup im back give people hope bing bong boom there the gist.

  • Rob Rogalski


  • Tom

    Naruto should be a ultimate Kage because he has proven it to be and Sasuke should be the Hokage only because there is not another one that could protect the village so well other than Naruto but he already deserves ultimate Kage

  • Dodong Abuzo

    Is episode 690 the ending of naruto manga series? Gosh if it is, it’s a little bit boring and very hanging story. No new hokage, people are still in the fantasy dream technique. Seems to be that the story is still a raw for its ending. 🙁

  • Naruto fan

    Naruto better become Hokage. It would bring more good to the world and help those who have struggled greatly to never give up and fight for what you love. I pray that Kishimoto does the right thing and doesn’t upset his fans. It would be disappointing if Sasuke becomes Hokage. Not a good message. At all.

  • Naruto fan

    And yes, I agree with Ansem_Seeker… I’d be fine with Naruto becoming the Ultimate Kage and Sasuke becoming Hokage. That too. That be the best outcome.

  • zul

    Finally it’s relly end! 🙁

  • Ozawa

    Ok I’m fine that the serise ends buy continue it as kanahamaru or narutos son

  • Amatasuki

    I see the ending will lead us to a new master piece by kishimoto

  • Glaceon

    At first I loathed the idea of Sasuke becoming hokage, for the same reasons as everyone else, his personality, Danzo, all that. But then I remembered how the leaf was created with Madara and Hashirama. I think it would be cool for the two of them after so many generations, to have their dream realized. Having an Uchiha hokage would be pretty interesting because we’d get to see sasuke get that same development that Naruto throughout the series. It seems like a fitting end to the series (granted he wouldn’t just return to the leaf and bam hokage). I personally want to see Shikamaru as hokage but I’ll take whatever lol.

  • Traevonchandler7

    In my opinion, Sasuke would be a fine hokage. The First hokages story is proof. Madara shouldve been, but the people feared an uchiha as kage. It made the worst enemy in history. I think the people will pick Naruto, but he will finally refuse it for his friend. The world will finally see change and that is part of it. My opinion, but nonetheless, excellent storytelling.

  • Yasaa12

    in my opinion sasuke will become hokage bcoz like the story of madara n hashirama where hashirama gonna become hokage n he wants madara to become hokage

    but no one else agreed with him n made him hokage. and in the latest manga it indicates that naruto himself gonna offer/ allow sasuke to become hokage and one more sad news he’s gonna marry sakura (read latest manga) -_-

  • Gunner

    There is no logic in Sasuke becoming hokage.Because sasuke is a traitor and a criminal and i hope that he will end like madara…where was sasuke when the village was attack by the four shinobi of the fire country?? where was sasuke when pain attack the village??-in those battles naruto was the one that saved the village…and become a hero and what did sasuke become… an international criminal who attacked the summit of the five kage. And if sasuke becomes a hokage then all this episodes and manga were for nothing…..!!!!

  • non-stereotype

    I was kinda happy,Sasuke was back to normal “Team 7 sasuke”, ut then again…

    he is a wannabe! BO

    He just..urg…I think he is gonna die in this last fight. Kinda.

    ~my sasunaru/narusasu ship will be in ruins~

  • Stephanie Weaver

    I’d want Naruto to become Hokage since thats been his niche the entire time but it wouldn’t be the first time I have seen a anime go off with a ending that was totally out of left field, so that is the only reason why I could see Sasuke becoming Hokage and if that were to happen, since the nations are united, it might be that they all come together and make Naruto the Ultimate Kage. I’m gonna be really sad when its over though, I am still feeling the sting from Bleach going off and I kinda fell off of watching One Piece.

  • minihunjiuyt

    when will naruto marry hinata

  • Darkermetalsonic

    i seriously doubt that sasuke will become hokage now for all you haters in the comments. i dont mean to spoil anything but madara has already been defeated one way or another and now its down to naruto vs sasuke. youll eventually read or watch how. this is from a couple months ago so there’s not much to worry about anymore

  • saul

    umm its gonna end yet cuz where im at Sasuke and naruto are gonna fight even after they killed the ten tails.

  • Turrminator

    Shikamaru for Hokage!

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    If Sasuke becomes Hokage the series would have been POINTLESS.

  • Mikk7

    In my opinion Naruto and Sasuke will kill each other in the final battle. If that will happen either Kakashi or Shikamaru will become a new Hokage.

  • sasukevsnaruto

    ı think both of them will live but naruto will won this battle.If he doesn’t I will stop watching anime and reading the manga he is the one WHO must be hokage also ı love both of them but if sasuke or naruto dies ı will be really sad….:( what is gonna happen???????????????

  • sasukevsnaruto

    omg what will happen:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((88

  • Abednego The prince

    Sasuke will become hokage. Kishi said in an interview that sasuke is his favourite character and that he thought of making sasuke hokage. Naruto always said he wanted become hokage and kishi can be suprising. Itachi thought like a hokage and told naruto that is not the on that who become hokage will be acknowledged by everyone ” and naruto always wanted to become hokage and acknowledge by everyone. And there is a reason why itachi said” i’ll leave sasuke to you” Naruto told sasuke to trow all your hate at me… if naruto becomes hokage, the things itachi done would be meaningless, and naruto always saves the day, so it won’t make difference if he becomes hokage.Naruto always wanted to save sasuke even if it costed his life. if sasuke dies, the ending wel just be normal, as expected…..but u know how kishi is, he is f*ucking suprising.. i think when naruto and sasuke will fight, its gonna be suprising…confessions….

  • greenredbug

    naruto has been going on for along time now,its perfectly ok if it ends,it deserves too after running for so long.As for spinoff,it can be made of any character in naruto,even of konohamaru…..but the most deserving one i think is Gaara,he is simply the best character in this anime,who had been given less screenshots by making him not a leaf villager but of sand so obviously less focus.he is the best and sasuke and naruto who are the main characters ,even these two are below G aara in looks plus in strenght,he has a charm that is unique to him alone…sorry kishi baby,but you know it too right n.n

  • val

    well i say naruto should become hokage naruto is been saying it seens he was a little boy well i should vote naruto 100% of becoming hokage. Here narutos quote: someday ill carry the hokaage name and show everyone that im the strongest ever>

  • val

    the only reason that sasuke want to be hokage is because of what happened to his brother Itachi uchiha the reason is he finds out about the truth. sasukes quote: ive decided to protect the leaf village and become hokage. thats not fair naruto had a dream of becoming hokage and sasuke only decides of becoming hokage what if tobi didnt tell the truth about itachi do you think sasuke would want to be hokage and he swore to kill naruto and destroy the leaf village thats not worthy. my opinion is sasuke will end up like madara uchiha.

  • Minato

    How can Sasuke ever become a Hokage after he was a Rogue Ninja.

    Naruto, is the main character and always try to protect over
    Naruto should become hokage

  • Cool. Looks like I was right.

  • inaree

    the thing is why does naruto has to die or finish and why sasuke has to become hokage .if he could not become then why is naruto the hero what this kisimoto is thinking?

  • visitor

    I would be okay with there being two Hokages. Its this stupid non-issue with Asura and Indra and Madara and Hashirama again. Why not make both brothers the heirs? Why should there not be two Hokages? Obviously, Naruto HAS to become Hokage, but I think Sasuke deserves it, too… I think seperately Naruto and Sasuke would make great Hokages, but together it would be even better.

  • Steel

    For me konohamaru will become the sixth hokage and naruto will be like the hermit of the sage six path..because naruto is good talking and saved all the tails/bijuus…so thats my conclusion:)

  • Jay Napp

    Naruto better not end, I want to see all these kids as adults, there is too much thread in Naruto to go and if Kishi want ideas the only thing he has to do is ask us, the Naruto fans, what we like to see. But we need to see Naruto and Sasuke adult life what they would look like , Naruto a handsome adult looking more like his father and Sasuke the most handsome Uchiha taking his looks after his brother.

  • Chad Warden

    Not everything has to fall into place like the title of a story. A contradicting ending makes things more interesting in my opinion and Naruto could had just served as the biggest role in the series since without him, in the ending of the series: Sasuke could not been guided to a better path, Pein would had killed everyone, Madara would had won without much need because without Naruto there wouldn’t be a Shinobi Alliance, etc. Naruto, in the whole series, could have served as a whole guidance for the world and Sasuke, with that guidance, might become a great leader. That’s what Kishimoto might have been thinking from the beginning. Some great leaders need guidance.

  • kyubi hokage

    maybe sasuke and naruto can both be hokage

  • kyubi hokage

    there both really good together there ultimate they can connect and form the ultimate nin-tails susanoo 🙂 just a thought

  • narukae

    naruto and sasuke can both bcome hokage sasuke has the brains and naruto has the courage togetgher to protect the village the can make ultimate nin-tails susanoo

  • dark D

    maybe the reason naruto can’t become hokage because he still a GENIN hehehehe.,!

  • manny campos

    gonna be the digi-mon ending

  • Narutolover

    I’ve just heard rumours but, is it true that naruto shippuden will end on november 14 2014… ?

    • shaddrag

      This week is the last two chapters, yes.

  • denise milani

    best would be if part 3 is set up in which naruto is jonin n kakashi is hokage n then in part 4 naruto is hokage

  • Emmanuel Ogunleye

    Naruto should become hokage while Sasuke should not. Think about what sasuke did… he EVEN KILLLED the sixth hokage danzo,he tried to kill naruto,and also JOINED orochimaru. So I think somebody has to send about Naruto being hokage to the manga creator of naruto. And also… naruto defeated pain when not even kakashi or THE fifth hokage could not. SO NARUTO SHOULD BECOME HOKAGE. MADARA HAS TO BE DEFEATED.

  • konohamaru sarutobi

    konohamaru sarutobi come’s a long beat’s them both and became hokage the end

  • Narutolover

    # I am deeply saddened that naruto has to end, part of me still belives that naruto would never end, but the other part knows its true… all things have an ending..
    in the end I think kishimoto would end the naruto series with naruto becoming the hokage or maybe there will be a council of leaders with naruto and sasuke as the leaders as one.

    just sayin this is a theory…


  • Dendrac Drift

    I am sure Kakashi will become hokage, as Naruto is not ready yet. With Kakashi now having the abilty to turn off and on Obito’s sharingans like a real Uchiha. Yes you heard me right, Obito came back from the dead (kinda) and gave Kakashi his eyes.

    And with the final manga out, i do not believe it to be possible for Naruto or Sasuke to become hokage. Thier days as ninja are over, Sasuke losing his left arm and Naruto losing his right arm. They are no longer able to continue being a ninja.

    Yes the movie “Last Naruto” i believe to be like “Road to ninja” as Naruto and Sasuke have both arms. Sasuke and Sakura have a daughter and Naruto and Hinata have a son named Burato…. yes horrible name but that is confirmed to be true.

  • ashley keuning

    i’m a bit mad but just sad that naruto has to stop i hope this story is going further
    because naruto is a part of my life i watch nauto whhen I was 5 and now i’m 12
    naruto means so much to me just like whate i say naruto is a very big part of my life next to my family, parents ect. i also watch naruto when i have homework i watch it secretly and read the manga.. so if you read this masashi kishimoto i hope that you go further with naruto…….. plies plies i beg you

  • Patryk

    Exactly naruto should become a ultimate kage like ansem_seeker_of_truth said. I would understand that sasuke in final battle would kill naruto but then after naruto dies his body would turn into a clean Energy so nine fox tail in this example, and then naruto using his power would change sasuke to a good guy by reminding him who he really is and make him a hogake – but you know everything would happen in very dramatic situation when you are always excited. 🙂

  • I enjoyed the ride.

  • I like Neji a whole lot and would rather seen him in a thong instead of gai sensei.

  • I dont see sasuke as a villain. i see him as a bad boy.

  • Kishimoto’s father passed away on 18th January.

    That’s why there is the Manga Break.

  • Ive been playing around on here for quite some time

  • Elizabeth Vanity

    And then Sasuke and Naruto get together and fall in love ^^ Ah that would be awesome, but lets face it I think we would all want to see Hinata and Naruto together cx

  • I found sasuke voice actor and he says naruto looks sexy