J-Stars Victory Vs. Story Mode Scans & More

J-Stars Victory Vs. Story Mode Scans & More


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  • Shonen Jump

    Thank you so much!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No problem. Story mode translations will be out later today the rest tomorrow.

  • So this epic ship basically?

  • Arknight92

    Yo ! I saw on the FB Page that some scans lacks of visibility (it’s true, it’s because my scanner is too “small” for the V-Jump Magazine XD. )

    If you think you need the text which lacks visibility, tell me which one it is, and I will try to scan it again.

    I also want to thank you guys, for all your translations work. I can’t translate Japanese to French (despite my Japanese lesson’s 2 years ago), but with your translations, it’s easier for me to translate it in French.

    It was also a pleasure to provide the J Stars fan with these scans (I don’t even know why anybody posts it).

    (Of course, I don’t forget to give you guys credit for your works 😉 )

    3 months now until the release date 😉 ! I’m waiting for this like all of you, if it’s not more than you XD

    But, it’s almost 00:00 AM here (in 50 minutes), so, if you need some scans, I hope I will see it before Midnight (in France). If you don’t need me to re-scan, then no problem ! 😉

    Have a nice day guys !

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Wow thanks for the scans I’m serious you’ve been a great help! Is there a way to contact you? Skype? Email? Facebook?

    • Griffin

      Did you get the V-Jump early? If so how early? It would be really nice to know how long I should expect to wait for Hisoka, so if you know that would be great! Thanks for the hard work with these scans!