Could J-Stars Victory Versus Be Localized? Very Unlikely

Could J-Stars Victory Versus Be Localized? Very Unlikely


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  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Nice article but two things are missing from it overall great piece though.

    1 the English version that was trademarked along with the Japanese one back in 2012 or early 2013 I forget.

    2 That English name that sounded like J Stars that was trademarked with the Naruto game that was revealed to be real.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It could be possible. I believe they also trademark Gundam games yet they never come here so it’s all in the air.

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Also don’t forget I think it was during Tager’s interview the guy said there can be a chance at bringing it over. Not that I care for a english release or anything. I’m importing it anyway, but I would love to see these games perform well sales-wise in the states and push Namco to translate more titles and bring them over.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah I interviewed him but he knows how difficult this game is compared Project X Zone. In the end of the day Namco is a business they can’t sell at a loss they have to find the right deals and negotiations so they can keep their company afloat outside of Japan.

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        Yeah it’s understandable. I mean whether it comes or not I’ll be importing. if it does come, I’ll buy it again just to show support. Namco’s really trying to bring these games over.

  • Vinicius OPN

    You have written Beelzebub wrong on the part of series that don’t have a English License.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thanks! Fixing that now.

  • Slashe

    Nice article but for me i prefer the original voice actor but i still need to have the option and menu translated hope we will have a good news for the game being translated

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Worst comes to worst we’ll translate it ourselves with our translators.

      • TheMarshy2

        Yeah bro but also that doesn’t mean our copy’s we’ll be translated ~ SaiyanABlazeNinja

      • Miguel Martins

        Dubbed anime sucks so hard anyway… Original is always better in every single anime/movie/serie/game, even if the original is an alien language. As long as it has subs, np.

  • QIQI12

    Anything but Medaka box and Beelzebub! They just can’t be out >.<

  • Jagan

    People don’t understand …. People are asking for too much all we have to do is request for the games to have english subtitles just like the two previous one piece games that game out on ps3

  • Roka

    If the game also gets a full english patch then or near enough that’s good

  • WiiStation360

    I’ll be the guy to bring up Project X Zone and the One Piece games. They were released with Japanese-only dubs and English subtitles, and both One Piece games were digital-only. J-Stars could be the same way. And for that argument of “they hired the voice actors, they’d have to hire them again.” Um, no they wouldn’t. Once they release the game in Japanese, it’s done. The voice acting is done, the music is done. The only thing that needs to be added is English subtitles. Why would they need to rehire voice actors that have already completed their voice roles? They don’t do that with HD collections like the Budokai collection or others like that since they just copy and paste the original audio to the new video. So, a localized version is not impossible and has more of a chance than you realize.
    And the UNS team struggling to get Goku’s costume? The Battle of Z team struggling to get Naruto’s costume? Where did you ever hear that? Those were announced very early on when those games where announced. Nobody struggled to get a simple costume.
    By that logic, I assume Namco struggled to get the Nintendo costumes for Tekken Tournament 2 on Wii U, then?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Project X Zone I think its an exception as far as having a physical subbed version of a game. If this was sony or microsoft I’m sure it would only be allowed to be released digitally. On top of that Project X Zone is a whole different ball game than Jump Ultimate Stars/Super Stars/J-Stars. One Piece games at one point rarely made it here because 4kids was so behind and on top of that Grand Battle wasn’t really making them any money so when they did release it here they had to make cuts (I would know because I own both the english and japanese versions of the games)

      Not literally they would have to hire them again. They would have to pay them again for it to be released in the states. If more money is being made elsewhere people also have to take cuts. No one works for free even if the work was already done previously if money is being made elsewhere with their work they want a cut as well. Even in HD collections they have to pay voice actors again because they are making money off of their voices on a re-release even if it’s just copy paste. Licensing is a touchy issue and that tekken example was terrible. It’s more 100x more annoying to get anime crossovers than to get something like mario.

  • Marco The Pheonix

    I really don’t mind importing all i need is english subs

  • kekso

    Petitioning Namco bandai
    To bring J-stars victory vs to North America and Europe.

    • Giordan

      Lost cause. Again, the game has a lot of licensing issues with it.

  • Max465

    …The Medaka Box anime was licensed by Sentai Filmworks

  • Masters123lfm

    man those guys are absolutely right we don t a lot of changes like english dub all we fans need its english subtitles is that really hard to make? because it s more annoying to hire a lot of people to dub… BTW i Prefer anime video games in Japanese… just put only the subs end of discussion.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Just keeping it the way it is isn’t going to be enough. If it was then it would have came out already.

  • Matt Kugelman

    They could have done it all english sub

  • cockweed

    Looks like you are wrong because its now coming out in the US! HAHA!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Did you read the title? “Very unlikely”

      And it wasn’t easy to bring it here. The article isn’t irrelevant.