Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Full Walkthrough (Japanese & English)


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  • i think this game’s story is kinda lacking.
    i don’t think i would be getting this game at full price from what i’m seeing.

    you pick a mission, same character intro, small cheap cutscene and dialogue while fighting. This is not good enough.
    I can understand the story is from the anime series but they could have at least make the cutscene longer and interesting to watch.

    It feels too Arcade-y and i don’t like the feeling of it.

    • Batman88891

      The game is very similar to Dragon Ball: Zenkai Battle Royal, a Japanese arcade game, so of course it will be arcadey.

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    their voice sounds lower than the games soundtrack in gameplay.

    • aaa

      go to options lower sound effects
      starts off way too loud

  • aaaa

    good game, if there a sequel it would easliy rate 8/10 with some improvements
    (combat should be even a little deeper, add a few more characaters, more modes, improved CPU intillegence, longer story mode but the same style its in now, what if characters and scenarios)
    game has potential to be really good

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