Naruto Storm Revolution – V Jump Scan Translation

Naruto Storm Revolution – V Jump Scan Translation


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  • Hentailover

    According to other sources that you are aware of, that part about “last game” is mistranslated. Please, take responisibility and correct yourself. Not because i am being a picky dick, but because I don’t want us all having to deal with “fans” screaming that CC2 once again lied to them.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We didn’t translate the second scan. We’re looking into that translation thanks for pointing that one out.

      • Jay Smith

        Are you guys still working on translating the J Stars scans?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yeah we just need it typed up.

    • By the way, I know we used to be cool, idk if we are anymore (I’d like to be).

      Also I didn’t forget what the 3 was there for. (That’s what you said on SI)

      It was a typo when type setting, since I’m using 2 Laptops at the same time cause Photoshop works way faster on one than the other, and I had just woken up, hence the Early morning scan, instead of last night when the translation was sent to me.

  • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

    Time to point out all the errors.

    1. there are 4 kages not 3″

    2. it’s spelled battle not batle.

    3. the 4th kazekage doesn’t really use sand, so it’s not a clash of two sand users.

    I know the translators worked there asses off for this & I’ve probably made more errors then this guy did, i just wanted to point out what i saw.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah I agree with all of them except for maybe the last one.

      Doesn’t his father use gold sand? Sand is still sand so I guess the japanese translation means that both of their special abilities will clash (just guessing I don’t know japanese I only know what my translator sends me)

    • I can vouch for Part 3, as I translated it. It does say Sand and the 4th Kazekage does indeed use different types of what is within Sand, and in the original manga and this game it is still classed as `Sand` in the original Japanese.

      Also to everyone, The reason I did not translate the page with Scoop 1 is because nothing is new on it. I will not translate what I`m told I shouldn’t (if it`s non related), or if I talk to people and explain how this page adds nothing new and it`s just a filler page for those who have not read the previous pages in older VJump or Weekly Jump Mangas. It`s a waste of your time reading old news and the typesetters time for writing down the stuff we have known for months!

      Sorry for going on I just wanted to clear up my translating style.

  • Guest

    When can he finish his translating?

  • Griffin

    How are the J-Stars scan translations going?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Almost done.

      • Griffin

        Alright cool, thanks TheGameTagerZ, SteelBallJack, HystericalGamez, and everyone else who contributes to ShonenGamez. This website has been a great source of information, I just wish more people knew about it.