Naruto Storm Revolution – Online Replay’s, Ranking, & Network Clone Features

Naruto Storm Revolution - Online Replay's, Ranking, & Network Clone Features

One of the most beloved features in Naruto Storm Generations has made its return in Naruto Storm Revolution. The replay feature allowed ...

My Obsession With Japanese B2 Game Posters

My Obsession With Japanese B2 Game Posters

Some people collect cards, others may collect dvd's or figurines, but my recent hobby (and at this point probably a sickness) is ...

Naruto Storm Revolution – All Customize Items

Naruto Storm Revolution - All Customize Items

In Naruto Storm Revolution, you can pick different items to put on your character. Today we'd like to share the full exciting ...

Dimps Goal To Have Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Run At 1080p and 60fps On PS4 and Xbox One & More

Dimps Goal To Have Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Run At 1080p and 60fps On PS4 and Xbox One & More

HardcoreGamer had the opportunity to interview Dimps about their new Dragon Ball: Xenoverse game and when the question was asked about if the ...

Naruto Storm Revolution – All Demo Team Ougis, Awakenings & Team Secret Factors

Naruto Storm Revolution – All Demo Team Ougis, Awakenings & Team Secret Factors

The demo for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution just released today and here's the compilation of all Team Ougis, Awakenings and Team ...

Naruto Storm Revolution – V Jump Scan Translation

Below are the V-Jump Scan Translations for Naruto Storm Revolution this month! The scans feature the Edo Kage’s, Mecha Kurama, and an all new Team Ultimate Jutsu for Team 7!

On the first page there is a typo, all FOUR kage will be playable.

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  • Hentailover

    According to other sources that you are aware of, that part about “last game” is mistranslated. Please, take responisibility and correct yourself. Not because i am being a picky dick, but because I don’t want us all having to deal with “fans” screaming that CC2 once again lied to them.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We didn’t translate the second scan. We’re looking into that translation thanks for pointing that one out.

      • Grimmjow JaggerJack

        Are you guys still working on translating the J Stars scans?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yeah we just need it typed up.

    • HystericalGameZ

      One of our translators got really lazy and decided not to translate the second scan, so I looked elsewhere for the translation. We’ll update it with a better translation as soon as he decides to stop being lazy and get it done.

      • Hentailover

        And that second scan just happened to be translated with the exact same style and fonts as the first one? -_-

        • HystericalGameZ

          I’m the one who type sets the scans, not translates them. We have two people who tell us what the Japanese is in English, however the one that was supposed to do so for this scan decided to be lazy and didn’t want to do the second scan.

          I took a translation from someone else, that (to me, cause Idk japanese) made sense and used it.

          I’m going to have my personal translator translate the scan in a bit since he’s online now. We don’t post fake news or intentionally mislead people, this happened due to user error, and I understand if you expect better from us.

          Also I didn’t delete my comment, TGZ doesn’t want to admit that his Translator was being lazy.

          • Kc12344321

            Hysterical, It says 3 legendary Kage, is it suppose to say 4? If not, do you know who won’t be playable??

            • HystericalGameZ

              That was a Typo on my part, thanks for pointing it out. All 4 will be playable in the full game.

              • Hinata47D

                Hysterical, I’m probably the only person who is irritated about this, but I wish you would do commentary again for the naruto scans on your channel. I discovered “TheGameTaerZ-Sensei” & Saiyan Island & then ShonenGamez because of those video commentary’s so used to make. I understand that your microphone is broken, it’s just that whenever you make a video now days i seem to skip over it. ( Remember a few years ago before storm3 came out, when you made a video where you & TheGameTaerZ-Sensei played Storm1 together. or that time on GameTagerZ channel where he played pockie ninja XD )

                In Conclusion: to this day, the pockie ninja video is still the funniest thing i’ve every seen.

                ( “hey, try playing the game”
                “i thought i was, but i was using the wrong controller”
                [ holding a game cube controller ]

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  We’re trying to do commentary hopefully soon. Just not on shonengamez.

                  And maybe livestream one of these days like we used to.

    • HystericalGameZ

      By the way, I know we used to be cool, idk if we are anymore (I’d like to be).

      Also I didn’t forget what the 3 was there for. (That’s what you said on SI)

      It was a typo when type setting, since I’m using 2 Laptops at the same time cause Photoshop works way faster on one than the other, and I had just woken up, hence the Early morning scan, instead of last night when the translation was sent to me.

  • Hinata47D

    Time to point out all the errors.

    1. there are 4 kages not 3″

    2. it’s spelled battle not batle.

    3. the 4th kazekage doesn’t really use sand, so it’s not a clash of two sand users.

    I know the translators worked there asses off for this & I’ve probably made more errors then this guy did, i just wanted to point out what i saw.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah I agree with all of them except for maybe the last one.

      Doesn’t his father use gold sand? Sand is still sand so I guess the japanese translation means that both of their special abilities will clash (just guessing I don’t know japanese I only know what my translator sends me)

    • SteelBallJack

      I can vouch for Part 3, as I translated it. It does say Sand and the 4th Kazekage does indeed use different types of what is within Sand, and in the original manga and this game it is still classed as `Sand` in the original Japanese.

      Also to everyone, The reason I did not translate the page with Scoop 1 is because nothing is new on it. I will not translate what I`m told I shouldn’t (if it`s non related), or if I talk to people and explain how this page adds nothing new and it`s just a filler page for those who have not read the previous pages in older VJump or Weekly Jump Mangas. It`s a waste of your time reading old news and the typesetters time for writing down the stuff we have known for months!

      Sorry for going on I just wanted to clear up my translating style.

  • Guest

    When can he finish his translating?

  • Miyakonojou Oudo

    How are the J-Stars scan translations going?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Almost done.

      • Miyakonojou Oudo

        Alright cool, thanks TheGameTagerZ, SteelBallJack, HystericalGamez, and everyone else who contributes to ShonenGamez. This website has been a great source of information, I just wish more people knew about it.