Review: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z

  • Zenkai

    Generous. I would of gave it 4/10.

  • kuma hoshiro

    wow your so generous I would have given it 3

    • The game is far better than the demo, mind you. The game is actually a decent experience to play but like we said, the story mode will be the major turn off from the game.

      • kuma hoshiro

        I see

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    the game itself is super hard.
    i would give 5/10 including the story, online, etc.
    cant get enough of the fact that you need s rank to unlock character.

  • For reviews can you also give something like “Buy, Rent, or wait till the price drops”

    Edit: I only say this because sometimes people just look at per say a 7, and think “Oh Its not an 8 or 9 this game sucks..”


    I just dont enjoy the gameplay its hard to move around keep track of what is going on and actually hitting your opponent 6/10 cool idea not executed done well