J-Stars Victory Vs. Online Mode Translations

J-Stars Victory Vs. Online Mode Translations


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  • Abdul Muhaimin

    so what does change player setting do?

    • Pretty sure theres customization in the game. If you can customize your characters then “Change Player Settings” would let you pick which custom slot you use for your character.

      Just assuming.

    • Player settings may refer to your player card and editing it, such as managing your team/ player card and customizations etc.

  • dvanteman345

    So can vita player play with ps3 player online or will you only be able to play with other vita since most of my friends getting this are getting it on ps3

    • madaraman1

      We should be getting more details later! But that would be fun

  • Erwin MadJelly

    man… was expecting 3v3 according to what we see on TGS…. But oh well 4 players are good enough i guess..

    • 2v2 is not bad really! You and a friend offline going online, or you teaming up with a random to fight 2 ransoms!! 3v3 would be cool, but regardless of how big the levels fields are, you tend to just fight in a small part of it lol, so 3v3 would be hectic!!

      • Erwin MadJelly

        Yea I get what you mean, but like Dragonball Z which has 4v4, why can’t J stars have 3v3 ? xD

        • So far it plays well and it as hectic with 2v2 + support, so don’t worry sir! Also I think Battle of Z went with quantity over quality AGAIN lol


    Can you play two local online

    also is there one on one local ?

    • Alan Noacep Togente

      I hope we can play 2 local online. Its a perfect game for it.
      One vs one….I doubt, but maybe there is a mode not revelated yet