J-Stars Translations: PV5/Trailer 5


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  • madaraman

    nice doing it one day shonengamez, give my thanks to SteelBallJack!

  • I can’t help but laugh at the trade between Kenshiro and Madara, but I’m still waiting for The King of Games to be announced, him and Bobobo

    • kuma hoshiro

      bobobo was announced with arale lucky man hinata and saiki

      • Damn I had no idea until like a second ago, I always figured Yugi and Bobo would be confirmed at the same time since their creators are good friends

    • Dio Brando

      Same here, gotta have Yugi in this, Egyptian God Cards combos all day. Yoh from Shaman King deserves a spot too, but the roster is already solid though, just a few more would add some icing on this delicious cake.

      • I’m buying this game no matter what at this point. What do you think the chances of Kazuki from Buso Renkin or Train from Black Cat getting in on this game?

        • Dio Brando

          Same here, been waiting for a game like this to hit consoles for since forever, it’s gonna keep me entertained for so long. And I’d say Kazuki and Train’s chances aren’t that good, but I’ve been wrong before. They say they choose chars by looking at popularity polls and also who the developers themselves holds as favorites, I can think of many chars that would be more requested than those at polls, so the best bet would be the devs pushing for them. Would be awesome to have them though for sure.

          • Hopefully someone there likes Train or Kazuki enough to let one of them in. Yugi and Yoh are a must for people like me who grew up w/ them. Also have you looked at the Gundam Extreme Vs series? They were created by the same company ByKing and they share some similar concepts. Extreme Vs is the J-Stars for Gundam fans

  • 256k

    Then its 100% confirmed that Anison will not be avalible on PSN?, Gundam
    Extreme vs Full Boost G-Sound edition its from the same makers, and it
    is also limited…. thats why i’m shocked… Does not make sense T__T

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