J-Stars Character Trailers: Gon, Luckyman, Bobobo, and Korosensei


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  • Marshall D. Teach

    Excellent, I hope that i can earn a spot as DLC, as I’d be a great addition to the villains collection Zehahahahaha!!

    • Ichimaru Gin

      There’s about 50 other characters I’d want in before you and I’m guessing that I’m not alone.

      • Marshall D. Teach

        And theres about 50 other characters I’d rather see in this game before you and Im guessing that Im not alone. You should be worried about your own character, “Gin”. Zehhahahahaha!! But a man can dream right?!

        • Ichimaru Gin

          Nah, all our dreams were crushed the moment we figured out that a certain series will not be getting in.

          • Marshall D. Teach

            Nah not really, the game was for the Japanese and they voted, So we should had knew better. Its not like the game was mean’t for us anyway. Im saying that, though i know it wont happen, i would had loved to see myself in the game. So there isn’t a reason for you to be a prick about it.

  • Jamele Lawrence

    Gon trailer was GREAT!

  • Bobobo’s had me actually laughing

  • kuma hoshiro

    shame bobobo doesint have a form

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