The Last: Naruto the Movie (The Story So Far)

Be sure to bookmark this page or follow on Twitter as more scans/updates will be amended throughout the week. With the conclusion of Weekly Shonen Jump's "Naruto", a story that has spanned for over 15 years, all focus is pointed towards the final upcoming movie. While many of you may have seen the trailer last week, a series of leaks/scans have ...



Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Scheduled To Release on February 17th in North America & South America

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse will be releasing on February 17th in North America for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. A Day 1 Edition will be sold which includes Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and two Frieza Soldier Battle Suits. However, fans in Europe will be able to get the game on February 13th.



Review: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Revolution

Naruto is one of the most beloved Anime/Manga franchises ever. Some people put it right up there with the likes of One Piece and Dragon Ball Z, and it belongs to the notorious "Big 3" group, the three highest selling titles in Japan. While this may be true for the Manga and Anime sales, what about the video games? Anime game ...



Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Beta Guide Part 1 (Translation)

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Beta is out and we took the time to get the Beta guide translated thanks to Tim, Griffin and, RyuujTK. Part one of this guide shows you how to get started, how to chit-chat and more.


J-Stars Translations: Dream Battles, J-Talk & More

The last two scan translations for today shows “Dream Battles” between characters who have some interesting similarities to each other while the second scan is more meaty. In the second scan we see a lot of emphasis on the voice acting and character interactions also known as “J-Talk”. Last but not least, be sure to take a look down below in the “J-Stars Column” for helpful hints and secrets to expect in the game. Check out the scans below and expect more translations tomorrow (hopefully). Many thanks to SteelBallJack today for these translations and Griffin for taking the time to typeset these.

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