J-Stars Victory VS. – Story Mode Map (Correct Translation)

J-Stars Victory VS. – Story Mode Map (Correct Translation)


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  • tsuna

    oh so i guess their was no namimori middle school and also nice scan

    • The host of that other website literally only watches Naruto and One Piece. They don’t know that much about any other Series, so of course they wouldn’t know about Seirin High from Kuroko.

      I would have liked Namimori though, but Seirin works. I can pretend its the Gym from Namimori where Chrome fought Mamon.

      • tsuna

        well IS lost some really good guys who know what they where doing keep up the good work and if the give you shit i will just fire on x burner to their face no problem

        • Yeah they sure did, and it’s too bad that they brainwash people to think that we here are like, Lying Satanists and stuff. But w.e. Internet Problems you know?

    • I knew it was odd that we had two places but now it makes sense.

  • Still Tsuruari is a word that I’m not familiar with.

    • Tsuruari Kouen basically means “Park with Cranes” (as in the Birds).
      Tsuru = Crane
      Ari/Aru = Means to `Have`!

      In Chinyuuki there is a Tsuruari Kouen, its hard to translate hence why its left in Japanese, minus Park!
      Hope I helped =D!

      • Of course why didnt I think of that!!!!!!! I knew what it meant but I thought it was saying Crane Ant Park LOL since Ari also means ant….Thank you Jack. I never thought I’d see the day where someone would correct me! I knew what Tsuru and ari meant but I didnt know what it meant together.

        • Yeah anything followed straight away with `Ari` would mean `Has` or `contains` where as if it were Ari as in Ants, it would be mostly shown in katakana (as the kanji is very difficult) and it would be more like Tsuru to Ari Kouen or Tsuru to Ari no Kouen! =D

          I`m a professional translator so my knowledge spills out a lot sorry, lol.

          • No it’s fine 🙂 I’m currently learning Japanese and I love when people correct me it helps me learn better!

  • Saiyanisland Stole our Translation to fix their shitty scan. Of course nobody on ShonenGameZ gets any credit for the real translation though.

  • Asuna Kagurazaka

    Furuichi’s house, Kinnikuman Location? What the fuck, this is some pretty bad translated scan on SI’s part. Anyway thanks Fabian, TagerZ and of course Jack for giving us the best quality translations!