J-Stars Victory Versus – New Gameplay Videos


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  • Zenkai

    Guess I’m going to be sticking here for a while, since SaiyanIsland disqus is just 2000+ comments of roleplaying and not actual game talk.

    Medaka and Yusuke are speed demons, but Yusuke got that awesome range game.

    • Guilherme Mata

      are we getting more characters or not? is there still a chance?

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        The roster is complete but there are rumors of DLC characters.

        FYI Namco confirmed no paid DLC but not DLC in general.

    • Steed

      Its getting painful over there.

      Gon’s moveset is looking fantastic. Not nearly as fast as medaka, but it looks solid. And i enjoy that we can use his fishing rod.

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    i smell yusuke spammer!