J-Stars Victory Versus – More Gameplay Videos (Updated)


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  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Gon is looking better and better. Crazy how Luffy got hit by his own partner’s Rasenshuriken.

    • ForeignGuy

      Yep, cant be wreckless out there lol

  • dorianwhittley

    These past few weeks have been awesome for J-stars. We’ve been getting a steady stream of news from this game just about everyday, and it freakin’ rocks. The guy posting these gameplay videos has my gratitude.

    • Youngdrizzy400

      Naw man there another 2 videos of toriko and oga game play shonengamez been taking L’s lately bruh

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Just got home and saw. I’m not making a whole other article for two videos that people seen already while I was away.

        I’m not racing with anyone to get things up and take your ass someplace else if you wanna act cute.

      • dorianwhittley

        To be fair, I’m sure they don’t get paid for posting articles on this site. Also, people have lives, and I understand that. Relax, man. Find a hobby, hang out with friends, get a girlfriend, or something. Trust me, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t post a couple videos 0.1 seconds after it’s been released.

        • Youngdrizzy400

          Bruh they do get paid #realtalk
          there is new kenshin and taro Yamada and they haven’t posted it bruh I’m your speaking for all of us no lie I come from a place were niggas ain’t polite ought I’m just thinking this site don’t care bout us. This site faker than pornhub telling me there is bad b*tches in my area trynna f*ck tonight

          • TheGameTagerZ

            The money we make on here is probably enough to replace your laces on your Jordans. Or get you a new Axe deodorant spray.

            Jokes aside this website is mostly in response to saiyanisland and plus we always wanted to have our own little website.

            If anything we’re losing money keeping this website alive. But me and my team love this site. It’s like our baby.

            • Youngdrizzy400

              Bruh I was just testing you, yall do a great job I know yall don’t make money like saiyanisland but y’all doing yo thing
              I been reppin shonengamez on saiyan island for months already bruh so keep it up #realtalk#shonengamez#keepit100

              • TheGameTagerZ

                You’re pretty funny. I kind of realized you were playing yesterday when I checked your profile history. You were excited for translations at one point.

            • dorianwhittley

              I really hope this site gets the recognition it deserves. I stopped going to SI after learning from you guys what the owner SI has been doing. Plus, the whole RP thing has just gotten out of hand over there.

              Btw, are you guys working on a forum?

              • TheGameTagerZ

                We thought about starting a forum from the jump. Problem is vBulletin is like $200-$250 (I forgot the price).

                So maybe in the near future. I highly doubt the site would make enough money to even see anything like $200. If the demand is high we’ll probably go out of pocket and do it in the distant future.

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Does anyone know what event these were filmed at?

  • Zenkai

    Luffy is really the most interesting fighter, Ichigo and Gon seem a bit boring. Although, it might just be because someone that isn’t good is playing.

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    now, well wait for the villains and theres friendly fire, damn it!!

  • Vinicius OPN

    Can’t wait to play as Oga *-*

  • Joseph_Joestar123

    does baby beel have a diaper on in this game

    • YggWhite

      He do

  • SuperSaiyanGodBobobo

    You guys are so slow, saiyanisland already has waay more gameplay for J-Stars idk what the deal is here with shinengamez, but i change my mind abut this crappy ass website ugh -_-

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Ok cool.

      I saw the gameplay I just didn’t felt like redownloading them from Nico Nico and posting them here. Plus the videos are in TERRIBLE quality. If you’re upset over the fact that we aren’t as fast as saiyanisland then go back. Please go.

      Just wait for translations/news to pop up on saiyanisland if that’s how you feel dude. No one’s keeping you prisoner here. I realized the 3 months we had this website up was that we can’t make everyone happy.

      • SuperSaiyanGodBobobo

        Lol dude im fucking with you, i like ths website, i just noticed how easy it is to ruffle your feathers. The scan translations are pretty legit here. Keep up the good efforts ^.^

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Hahaha. Well pardon my response. I just get a lot of those comments on here or on like facebook and it got to me.

          Well soon we’ll be much faster. We’re sealing a deal with my friend over in Japan to start scanning weekly shonen jump and v-jumps so we get good quality scans a little earlier.

    • The best thing about this post, is that these are exactly the kinds of posts that were on Saiyanisland when we had DBZ Battle of Z Beaten and completely uploaded before Saiyanisland even had a DBZ article up.

      They can take the loose gameplay clips. Whenever a game comes out, we finish and begin our coverage before they do, so there’s no issue here.

      It took Si almost 2 days to get DBZ gameplay, after we had already beaten the game, and uploaded everything and Posted the articles. I don’t care what you say about this J-Stars gameplay, When we get J-Stars, it’ll be a repeat of DBZ.