Naruto Storm Revolution – The Birth of Akatsuki 50 Minute Animation

Naruto Storm Revolution – The Birth of Akatsuki 50 Minute Animation


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  • It`s going to be an original animation for the game which is going to be a total of over 50 minutes long and named “The Birth of Akatsuki”.
    This scan is showing the first of 3 parts of “The Birth of Akatsuki” animation (This one with Pain as the central character of this part 1 of the animation).
    I`ll try and get to this translation tomorrow, but its bed time for me here lol!

  • So the Origins of the Akatsuki?? I’ve regained some hope in this game

    • Sure is, it also notes “Special Story”, so we`ll have to wait if it`ll be tied with the Main Story Mode or if it`ll be a separate story mode you can play/unlock then play.

      • I wouldn’t mind either one, I was hoping Kishi would give more background info on the Akatsuki, mainly HIdan and Kakuzu. I’m just tired of Mecha-Naruto

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Eh…this makes me believe that we aren’t getting a Storm 3 style story.

    • Skorm94

      with how they screwed up the ending of storm 3 i’m not really sad about it

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        It wasn’t a screw up. It was simply a filler ending.

        Any way to end it would be wrong anyway seeing as how the war didn’t end there.

        • Skorm94

          guess you’re right still was pretty stupid seeing “tobi” get beaten up so easily, anyway I hope they do this Birth of the Akatsuki well could be a very good addition to the game

          • Bobby Jennings/Godless

            They’ll definitely re-do the fight to fix it. They’ve done something like this before. It’s kinda similiar to the ending to Ultimate Ninja 5

  • Unraveled Ken

    translate plz.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It wont be translated until Friday/Saturday when we get the HQ scan from our translator.

  • Los Illuminados

    super HYPE for this. i love The Akatsuki Organization. not when the Akatsuki was first created, but when Tobi aka Uchiha Obito and White/Black Zetsu took over Akatsuki and made it into a real Organization of mercenaries.

    every one of those guys in the organization are strong, cool and badass. every 2-man cell team of the organization has an interesting working relationship with each other. they were ether fighting with each other or respectful to one an other. at the end of the day the 2-man cell manage to get the mission done. i find that hilarious and very entertaining. if you are fan of the The Akatsuki Organization then you know what i am talking about.

    i would really appreciate if Masashi Kishimoto could make mangas/anime series on untold tales of The Akatsuki Organization and of Sasuke/Team Taka travels the world adventures. after the Naruto series ends or after the end of the Madara Saga. Get the word out to him people!!!

  • SO KEEEEEWL!!!!!

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