J-Stars Victory VS – Nueno, Taro, Medaka, Jonathan & Toriko Moveset Videos


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  • D7_moltine

    Taro: Worst. Character. Ever. Good gameplay though…. And they couldn´t pass Medaka fainting exposing her panties. Those Jap pervs…. lol

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I think Taro is ok honestly. He’s funny to me at least haha.

      • D7_moltine

        And the fact he does a Cesaro Swing is really growing on me… the only thing that bothers me is that when he kinda summons an old lady and DAT CREEPY EYES appear on screen… He seems like a C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-COOOOOOOOMBO BREAKER!!!! to me anyways…. lol

  • Griffin

    If you look at all of the video stills, you will see the character’s render in the background. However if you look at Medaka’s, they seem to cut off her face to expose her breasts and legs… I mean really, just because she is a female, they don’t need to think that it will only get views through sexualization. I had to question what the point of her dying was in the video, didn’t realize that THAT was the sole reason why they had her get KO’d, I mean really? lol

    • D7_moltine

      Good to see it wasn´t just me to notice that… lol

  • Marshall D. Teach

    Ugh!……Just had an orgasm going over Toriko’s and Jonathan’s gameplay XD!