J-Stars Victory Vs – Final Trailer And Commercial of 5th Strongest


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  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Jesus…Killua looks great.

  • Zenkai

    And Arale ends another trailer with splitting the earth lol

  • myNAmEizUnImPOrtAnt

    Two teachers Two Delinquents

  • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

    amazing..love the character interactions

  • In the midst of translating, please wait and hope you enjoy the PV even more!

  • This trailer has just too much WIN for the common man. I came a bit at the character transitions

  • This game just keeps getting better! I hope you guys can translate what they say to each other

  • Guest

    Yes, they let Hiei fuse with is Black Dragon!!! Im so hyped for this, P.S. Im also willing to Gameshare for One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 =P

  • Nark

    Why there aren’t Natsu Grey Luxus and the others and why there isn’t Kirito :'(

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

    Kinda sad they didn’t give Ichigo his newer Shikai/Bankai. Guess it’s a pretty good indicator the anime will be coming back sooner than expected.