J-Stars Translations: Final PV/Trailer


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  • BalmungX

    Very good,you have my thanks and respect people of shonengamez

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Thanks 🙂

  • jak


  • Jamele Lawrence

    Thank You people of shonengamez

  • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

    Simply awesome! Thankz guys. P.S you forgot to watermark yall stuff..

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I rather not honestly. I dunno yet.

      • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

        I understand, great job guys.

  • ForeignGuy

    Thanks! And I like the text on this one too, good job

  • Thanks for the translations. The convo between Arale and Tsuna was much better

  • Niiiiiiiice. Arigatou.

  • Zenkai

    Many thanks for the translation.

    Hope they say each other’s names in the gameplay.

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    nice job!

  • Joseph_Joestar123


  • akai

    I don’t want to sound rude but there are a few mistakes in translations. It is still good in general though.

    • TheGameTagerZ


      • akai

        Well I edited my comment a little, I don’t know if you see it. There are few lines which’s translated wrong. I don’t want to write all of them. There are mistakes in lines of Luffy, Zebra and Killua for example. But minor things. I appreciate your work, so there was no offense. I just wanted to let you know.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Well I know for one of Luffy’s line’s it sounded like he said Bird but it was really a character that he once met before. It’s easier when you have subtitles than just going by ear.

          But yeah feedback is always appreciated so don’t be shy at all 🙂

          • akai

            Thanks 🙂

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Good thing about this game is that there will be subtitles. Just don’t expect it to be translated exactly how you read it in the mangas since translators have their own “way” (for lack of a better word) to word things.

              • akai

                Yeah, actually I am more of a type who rely on his ear when it comes to anime. I am not talking according to manga or anime I read or watched in english.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Ahh ok gotcha

        • Just want to explain something. With Luffy I made a mistake where I heard Tori over Dorry, I give you that lol.
          But Zebra and Killuas were perfect, maybe it was someone’s translation for the Japanese anime who worded it differently but yeah, thanks for the feedback! Like TGZ said, most translators use different structures for catchphrases but they’re all the same!
          Hope you enjoy more from us!

          • akai

            Thank you, I love the job you guys doing. And like I said, I don’t say there are some mistakes according to some english subs or something. I found those mistakes myself. Bu then again those are really minor. If you want me to explain them I can send you a pm.

            • Good to hear! I always love to hear feedback on my work so please pm me with any concerns or anything! 🙂

              • akai

                Ok, I will do that later 🙂

              • akai

                Okay I wrote all I can find in a word file. How can I send it to you ? I think your mail adress would be fine. If you don’t mind writing in here 🙂

                • Head to my YouTube channel and pm me from there! Would be easier 😀

                  • akai

                    Well, I will just paste it here because I am not very fond of youtube. I don’t know how to pm and I don’t have much time either.
                    These are the mistakes I found in your translation. I am only writing the lines I am %100 sure of they wrong. Some of my translations may be grammatically wrong but it’s not important because I tried to make them closer to their japanese meaning. If I were do it for publishing in somewhere, I would write it more correct grammatically.


                    Your translation: Cutting your ties ……… [you know the lines]

                    Correct: Cutting your ties like you destroying them, that is Uchiha’s strongest ( That is why Uchiha is strongest)

                    ( I am not sure if my sentence correct but it is closer to what he says from your translation. He doesn’t talk with Madara in there. He just talking about himself and his ideals. )


                    Your translation: It is neither power nor will, it is by takin something and making it an event!

                    Correct: Power is not will: it is the phenomenon of physically making things happpen.

                    Boa hancock:

                    Your translation: What shoul I do …………

                    Correct: No matter what I do, the world will forgive me. Because, that’s right , I am beatiful.


                    Your translation: The only one who is free across the ocean, is the pirate king.

                    Correct: In this ocean, the one with the most freedom is the pirate king. OR

                    The freest person across the ocean, is the pirate king.

                    ( He says: ”Ichiban jiyuu no yatsu”= the freest person or the one with most freedom. And ”in this ocean” is more accurate because he says: ”Kono umi de”. )


                    Your translaiton: There are a lot of fights going on ………

                    Correct: In this world there is nothing more exciting than fighting.

                    ( It is far cry from perfect )


                    Your translation: You just want to vent your anger to others.

                    Correct: From now on all the thing you will do is, just [screaming in anger ?]

                    I am not sure about the last part. I made it up a little actually. But it is still closer the what he says like Sasuke’s line

                    ( He says: ”Kore kara” = {from now on} in the start of his line)

                    So it very irrelevant from your translation.


                    Your translation: Hey you idiots, is that what we do in gintama ?

                    Correct: Hey you (idiots) , don’t you have any balls ?

                    ( Actually he says: don’t you have any gintama. And this is a word play of kintama= balls. You know, kintama means balls in japanese 🙂

                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwY1JroysqM [This is a very low quality video but thats all I could find.] It is same usage of kintama as gintoki’s using gintama 🙂


                    Your translaiton: Well, lets do this!

                    Correct: Well, shall we go …[pauses a bit]… towards reason’s horizon ?

                    Toguro :

                    Your translation: You think you are undefeatable, eh ?

                    Correct: Were you thinking you wouldn’t die , huh ?

                    This is very close actually.


                    Your translation: It doesn’t matter if you think you are better than me, it’s better to know you can’t win aganist me!

                    Correct: If I could settle the score with you that is enough, I don’t give a damn about the future.


                    Your translation: Those who I attack with fear….. fight with love..

                    Correct: The thing that gave me fear/ that scare me ….. that’s love, I guess ?

                    ( ”Sore wa ai ka” with ”ka” he is questioning himself not very sure )


                    Your translation: ..from now on I fight with love!!

                    Correct: ..then I will fight for the sake of love!

                    These two are also very close, too.


                    Your translation: Don’t piss me of! This kid is a demon!

                    Correct: Don’t underestimate us! This kid is demon king!

                    Also : ”I am protecting him as a man! But I have to fight as a true man!!”

                    This line is also translated wrong. But actually I can’t translate it corretly either.


                    Your translation: Wha.. is this guy serious?

                    Correct: Wha.. what a Kİ (You know, Ki energy power in Dragon Ball). If I don’t fight seriously, it will be dangerous.

                    Goku 2:

                    Your translation: I am the guy who will protect the earth, Son goku!!

                    Correct: I am saiyan raised on earth , Son goku!!

                    Goku 3:

                    Your translations: I am so excited to fight someone strong!!

                    Correct: Even though I am figthing in with incredibly strong guys, for some reason I am very excited!!

                    Those Goku lines was so wrong 🙁


                    Your translation: I’m the key of winning.

                    Correct: I am a Shadow.

                    Hinata Shouyou:

                    Your translation: I’ll be the best defender I can

                    Correct: I’ll be the best decoy ( I can )

                    Well after looking it more carfeully, unfortunately there are a lot of mistakes 🙁 I hope it will be helpful to you.

                    • I’m sorry but half of your re translations are either wrong or reiliterations of mine, please email me on [email protected] and I’ll explain where you are misinformed.

                    • akai

                      Can’t you just write here, please. I am vey curious. I know some of them are close with yours, but I don’t think I translate half of them wrong 🙂 So which ones are wrong ?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      I rather it be through email between you two so there’s less clutter here.

                    • akai

                      Ok. But please answer quickly like you do in here 🙂

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      He replies fast. He’s just doing something for me at the moment. So shoot him an email and he’ll respond as fast as he can.