J-Stars Translations: Dark Phantom

J-Stars Translations: Dark Phantom


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  • MiloXZ

    is, ditto!!!

  • Ichimaru Gin

    It’s Dr. Mashirito’s newest invention.

  • Goddo Saiya-jin Goku

    Dark hmmm ? so Dark Schneider FINAL BOSS ! :-p

  • So the main villain can transform into a shadow version of the player?? Sounds like Persona 4 Arena

    Better yet, it should’ve been Atem, he is the king of games after all

  • Almost sounds like my old “B.O.N.D.” ideas where there were evil versions of all the heroes led by a demon called Bankatsu no Akuma. Too bad he’s not the final boss, he’d be a true force to be reckoned with.

  • I’m going with, he’s the penultimate boss, I think the last boss will be someone we know. Once again speculation from me though!

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    seeing luffy, toriko, naruto and ichigo have a hero-like enemy, does goku have it to?
    i didnt even know if goku has his own storyline.