J-Stars Translations: Story Dialogue, J-Shop & More

J-Stars Translations: Story Dialogue, J-Shop & More


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  • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

    dammit so its confirmed…we have to buy all the characters

    • I’m guessing we get a small amount of characters to start and we buy more as we go along. I kinda like that personally, I just love unlocking in fighters! Lol

      • Bobby Jennings/Godless

        I do as well. It’s actually the one thing I like about anime fighters.

      • I agree, but that’s mainly when I can read it. lol Now how am I supposed to play as Tsuna right off the bat?!?!?

        • A picture will accompany each character in the JPoint shop under battle characters so you will see who you’re unlocking! Tsuna is after Korosensei!

      • D7_moltine

        So long since the last time I´ve played a fighter which I had to unlock characters…. So much better than DLC!

      • PokemonMaster

        so is there going to be another DBZ stage since one picture says battle at Korrins’?

        • I think this just means we are battling in Karin Tower, but we will get a DBZ themed background, it’s just a place you can fight against a character. My views though, less than a week left!

  • Budgiecat


    • Bugdiecat

      looks like crap.

  • tsuna

    I hope their not expensive

  • chris

    hey steelballjack are you going to be doing the translations for J stars? If so when are you going to try to upload them because I will be getting it day one and will look out for them.

    • Sure will be, Menus, J-Adventure,Character Intros/outros and hopefully Victory Road!
      Keep watching shonengamez.com for the above translated!

      • cronos

        you’re gonna translate all the j-adventure ???

        man , you are my hero *.*

        • Should be! Videos will be uploaded here, first menus then JAdventure story and events!

      • Hasegawa Taizou

        Love you man! <3

        • I see you found this place well with my guidance. xD
          It’s just that I really can’t mention it’s full name there since they’ll delete the post and may possibly block me from commenting.

          • Hasegawa Taizou

            Yea somehow after hours of being confused i found it! xD thanks Gori–i mean Chitoge-san ^_^

  • chris

    Also add me on psn if anyone is getting the game ADARKALLEYSTKLR

  • so, the characters have to be unlocked. i wonder who the starters are

  • MiloXZ

    buy with point gained in the story mode? mmmmmm like de MvC2

  • quicky

    no europe release.. yeap!

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless


  • Abdul Muhaimin

    so, are all the characters has a same value point?

    • No news yet, but I was assume that they would be all be different and the more popular characters minus the main few (Goku/Luffy/Naruto/Toriko etc, I`m assuming) will be more expensive!

  • Seems I was correct with translating the names on the J-Stars character buy menu. But it’s great to know that I wasn’t wrong with the names, thanks SGZ for translating everything, keep up the great work! :DD

    • Urameshi Yusuke

      Thanks again for telling me about this.

      • You’re welcome, just introducing more people to SGZ too while I’m at it. Ever need HQ translations then check this site out! 😀

        • Oh snap! Chitoge I didn’t know you went here xD

          • I do, is that such a suprise? x)

            • Er, not really :> What’s your PSN Chi?

              • Eng: Kennotaku
                JPN: Ranshin-sama

                • I’ll add you in a hour. If you see the name “ninja-star95”, that’s me xP

    • Neferpitou :3

      I found my waifu on different site.This is destiny!! :DD

      • It’s the power of love! xD

        • Neferpitou :3

          Yep! ai no chikara! nyahaha

    • Thank YOU for spreading out our website. 😀

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Thaaaaanks for the job, guys.
    I loove unlocking characters 🙂
    And Online Splitscreen isnt showed…. I have a bad feeling 🙁

  • Zenkai

    You guys are great!

    Sucks that Koro-Sensei needs to be unlocked first.

  • Hagaren

    Thanks for translating! So the unlocked characters can’t be used in story mode as well?

  • Yūki Terumi

    Alright, the translation seems legit but does this come with the import or do we have to download it? And also, how much will importing the game even cost?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      These translations are photoshopped by us. They wont be in the actual game. We will be translating on the videos and we will also make a guide after we beat the game.

      • Thanks again for that! ^^

      • Yūki Terumi

        Yeah, thanks. You guys have spared me the burden of buying it. xD

  • Luffy

    Thanks Chitoge! These guys plan to translate the story. Without this place, I don’t know what I would do!

  • Awesome stuff.