J-Stars Victory Vs – New Story Mode Scan

J-Stars Victory Vs – New Story Mode Scan


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  • Abdul Muhaimin

    since we have a Dark presence taking Luffys body, i wouldn’t suprise if Dark take over others characters body.

    • He didn’t take Luffy’s body he just transformed into him, like what he did to Toriko in the pic below

  • I’ll get to the translation when I get home but basically during J-Adventure you will take on the unknown boss ‘Dark Phantom’, an entity which can transform and takes the shape of different characters! Not just Luffy but any character!

    • Marshall D. Teach

      Thanks for the translations SteelBallJack, Do you know if we’ll be able to do 1 on 1 split screen on the same console? I’d love to go against my friend and family on this.

      • Yeah it will! The bad thing is the splitscreen was terrible in early scenes, as the battle screen was shrunk to show who was whose team etc.
        But yeah you’ll be able to 1v1 your family, but you’ll choose a CPU character each!

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Thans fot the info 🙂
    Official web`s online mode was updated too!

    • I will be handling the translation for that, both translations should be up in a days time! Busy busy lol.

      • Alan Noacep Togente

        Thaaaanks! Your are the best 🙂
        Only want to know if there is Online Coop with splitscreen in the same console….This would be perfect for my bro and me.

        • I’m pretty sure splitscreen online co-op has been shown but when I have free time after work you will know 100%, my good sir!

          • Alan Noacep Togente

            Only offline co-op has been shown, I believe.
            Don’t worry, take your time!

      • byakuran

        so are they the only characters we can play as SteelBallJack or more can join are teams since i see no oga or hiei in this scan

        • Yeah Oga and Hiei should be able to join! You may have to purchase them at the JPoint Store first to use them, but we will see what happens in a couple of days!

  • Edward

    I am a shadow… the true self. I guess Nyarlathotep got tired of messing with the Persona cast. Thanks for the info

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Thanks for this guys! Appreciate it.

    Few more days to go

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