Naruto Storm Revolution – Vote For Your Favorite Edo Kage

The naruto games page on Facebook made a post asking fans to vote for their favorite Edo Kage to see their movesets.

For those who can’t access their facebook page no worries becuase you can also vote on Twitter.

Thanks ShikasClouds for the images

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  • Bobby Jennings

    Do they seriously lock the region on the Facebook page?

  • Chitoge Kirisaki

    In all honesty, without voting, even though I want to see the Kazekage first. The obvious character that’s gonna be first is the 2nd Mizukage, they’ve apparently updated him too from one of the other posts I read on their Facebook page. Excited to see what they’ve updated about him, but in all seriousness if it’s not the long range combo’s and a tilt nerf then that’ll be disappointing. But I have faith they’ve at least done something to his LR attacks.

  • Zεosʟαᴅε

    I would say Muu considering he was going to be my Main but I still hope they’ll fix the 2nd Mizukage and Update the fourth Kazekage to where he doesn’t feel like Gaara

  • Logan Wayman

    3rd Raikage all the way!