Naruto Storm Revolution – Vote For Your Favorite Edo Kage

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  • Bobby Jennings

    Do they seriously lock the region on the Facebook page?

  • Chitoge Kirisaki

    In all honesty, without voting, even though I want to see the Kazekage first. The obvious character that’s gonna be first is the 2nd Mizukage, they’ve apparently updated him too from one of the other posts I read on their Facebook page. Excited to see what they’ve updated about him, but in all seriousness if it’s not the long range combo’s and a tilt nerf then that’ll be disappointing. But I have faith they’ve at least done something to his LR attacks.

  • Zεosʟαᴅε

    I would say Muu considering he was going to be my Main but I still hope they’ll fix the 2nd Mizukage and Update the fourth Kazekage to where he doesn’t feel like Gaara

  • Logan Wayman

    3rd Raikage all the way!