J-Stars Translations: Famitsu Review (Gameplay, Game Length & More)

J-Stars Translations: Famitsu Review (Gameplay, Game Length & More)


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  • Zenkai

    Wow… I could of gave the same review just watching the trailers and gameplay.

    Famitsu is a joke.

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Steelball Jack, I have a doubt.

    I think that review says 20 hours for 1 route. There are 4 routes. 20 x4 = 80 hours… FOR J-ADVENTURE MODE.And the shortest route in victory road mode is 5 hours length, but total hours = 60 hours FOR VICTORY ROAD.

    That is a 80 + 60 = 140 hours between J-adventure mode and Victory Road mode.

    Am I understanding it in a wrong way? What do you think?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Ahh I think I see the issue here. We’ll he’s asleep now but I’m pretty sure he means the entire game period is roughly 60 hours and from that 60 the shortest route in Victory Road is 5 hours.

      So what we know:

      One of the 4 arcs will take 20 hours roughly (unclear whether it includes skipping dialogue ortrying to 100% that arc)

      Within the total 60 hours 5 hours is the shortest time it will take to beat Victory road.

      So in short we know what 25 hours of the game roughly consists of. The other 3 arcs may be really short (even shorter if you skip all the talking scenes)

      But yeah again this is just me making the inferences. I guess lets wait for Jack to show up 🙂

    • Famitsuu says 20 hours per Story arc in JAdventure mode and if you want to clear all routes in Victory Road it’ll take you a total of 60 hours.

      Famitsuu normally give a 100% completion rating but it doesn’t here so it’s they’ve compiled it to say that Victory Roads 100% completion of all routes is 60 hours but completing events and battles and watching cutscenes in JAdventure Mode will come out to 20 hours.

      Famitsuu have worded it weird but basically some stories may be shorter or have less routes than others, like TheGameTagerZ said.

      • Alan Noacep Togente

        Uhmmmm I see.
        Thanks both of you, Jack and TagerZ 😀

        Anyway, its gonna be a long 1 player mode, and that is the important thing here!!!!

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    20 hours for 1 arc?

  • No difficulty setting? Well, crap

    • Yeah no changing the enemies difficulties with game modes if it starts to get too hard, but I think that’s normal really as you wouldn’t want to complete Victory Road in an hour lol.

  • Flervick Mangosteam Godlike En

    lol but the problem is we wont understand the dialogues

  • Goriki

    I hate how they dock points from the score and don’t even explain why.

    • Pretty much, but they do not treat this as a big review but merely a tiny preview.
      But no one cares about their reviews anyway, just the explanations of the game which is more accurate than the scores lol.

  • kuma hoshiro

    story is +80 hours one is +20 hours
    victory road is +60 the shortest being 5 hours

  • Jake

    famistu is a joke but i am getting the vita version i might end up with two copy’s lol. looking forward to playing though