J-Stars Translations: WSJ Booklet Remaining 8 Pages


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  • Roku

    Weird how both Toriyama and Togashi are absent.

    • Devonte Griffith

      It’s because they aren’t ongoing in the magazine anymore.

      • Roku

        That also explains the absence of Araki, Hara, and Kurumada,

      • Lifestreamer

        …….You’re forgeting Hunte…………..never mind.

        • crewdreary

          A little part of me just died…

          • Lifestreamer

            *Sees Kunitoshi Mothafuckin Joukyuu…


  • I wonder why they didn’t interview Toriyama and Kishimoto?

    • They did interviewed Kishi, head back to the other article please.

      • Oh, I must have overlooked him. My mistake.

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

    I’m appearing more and more!

  • Lifestreamer

    Wait, Oga’s burying punch is there!?

    And a bit of trivia, Shuichi Aso’s editor is Hattori Yujiro, he is same editor of Niizuma Eiji from Bakuman!

  • Abdul Muhaimin

    rip samurai.

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