J-Stars Victory Vs. PSVita Leaked Images

J-Stars Victory Vs. PSVita Leaked Images


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  • hipten

    I forgot what you guys said but ShonenGameZ where will you guys be uploading the translations to ???

    • TheGameTagerZ

      On the ShonenGameZ youtube page but you can also check this website since it will be posted on both.

      You might find it faster on youtube though so I would recommend keeping an eye on both.

      • hipten

        Thanks, you guys are going to be life savers!!!!!

        • TheGameTagerZ

          No problem dude. We have a lot of J-Stars related news today (translations) but we are thinking on how to spread out the content plus we need to finish typesetting.

  • hipten

    I just now noticed in the first picture it says for japan only, well sorry japan I’m importing

  • JonathanisPrimus

    I don’t know if you took these photos, but Vita supports native screenshots. Press the PS home button and start at the same time.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I didn’t take these pictures. Someone from Japan did.

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Translations for the button commands.

    Battle commands:

    Left stick – character movement
    right stick – camera movement/cancel lock-on (while locked on)
    square – weak attack
    r button + square – ranged attack
    triangle – strong attack
    r button + triangle – guard break
    circle – special attack 1
    up+circle – special attack 2
    r button + circle – special attack 3
    X – Jump
    r button + x – stamina charge
    L button – dash
    r button – guard
    r button + left stick – step (im assuming evasive step here)
    (ps vita) panel 1/ (ps3) L3 – “Appeal” (literal japanese, my guess here is a taunt)
    (ps vita) panel 2/(ps3) L2 – call support
    (ps vita) panel 3/(ps3) R3 – ultimate attack
    (ps vita) panel 4/(ps3) R2 – change character lock-on

    Thanks goes to Tilak of the Gamefaqs board.

  • Jake

    getting this on vita looking forward to this :3 omg :3

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  • Daisy


    whats writen here !?