J-Stars Victory VS. – Initial Information & Menu Translations


SteelBallJack has his copy of  J-Stars Victory VS. and was able to provide some initial information as well as answers to some of the popular questions popping around many anime-based forums and communities. He was also able to translate the menu for us as well.



BGM Edit Mode:
You can use songs already in the game or add your own songs ATRAC/AAC/MP3/Wav or WMV are useable!
All songs are for use in a playlist to play during battles.
Currently you cannot use custom songs during Online play.

Starting characters:
The starting characters in Free Battle are:
Gintoki, Gokuu,Luffy, Ichigo, Naruto and Toriko.
No supports only characters are available from the start.
(SteelBallJack bought both Jonathan Joestar and Joseph Joestar prior the taking of this screenshot; they are both purchasable from the very beginning. Refer to J-Point Store for important information.)
Story Arcs:
The 4 Story Arcs have their own unique main character.
Dynamic Arc = Luffy,
Hope Arc = Naruto,
Investigation Arc = Toriko
and Pursuit Arc = Ichigo,
certain other characters are unique to each Arc and will be also playable.
Automatic Controls:
There are 3 Easy Modes for gameplay:
Auto Combo System = By settings this Square > Triangle > O perform the combo (similar to spamming Square in JoJo All Star Battle).Auto Guard System = As you are moving around you will insta-guard from characters attacks.
Lastly, Auto target System = As soon as someone gets close to you your character will instantly lock onto them.
J-Point Shop:
All Battle and Support Characters are available to purchase from the start and so are all Support characters.
Battle characters are 2500 JP each and Support Characters are 2000 JP.
You can only buy a certain amount of them at times (even if you accumulate a lot of money you can only buy a certain amount of them located under the picture of the character you’ve highlighted).
The amount of characters you can buy are shared between Supports and Battle characters, so be careful!
You can start off by buying 2 characters from the time you put in the game!You cannot buy any J-Cards or ship stuff without playing around in J-Adventure.
Tip: Go to Online Mode and you get a login JP bonus, do this before you do anything for extra money to buy characters!
J-Stars Cards:
There are a total of 240 Cards, 60 per rarity!
1 Star – 3 Stars are the same picture with different status changes and abilities, but the 4th star rare card has a picture of 2 characters on one card (also with a stronger ability/status change etc).This is just by playing the game for 20 mins and reading both books (Bonus and the game book, which is pretty cool.



Online Information & Split-Screen:

You won’t be able to play Split-Screen when playing Online Battles. However, is is possible to play split-screen while playing offline. You can play either together as a team or against your friends. Nothing really new within the Online Battle Mode either, just the basic options and features any Online Mode would offer with the addition of allowing J-Customization.



Other Menu Translations:

Thanks SteelBallJack!

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  • 256k

    Amazing! thank you!! Online play works with PS Vita users? I mean, PS3 vs PS VITA, if you can, add me to PSN to try it later! ID: x256kx

    • Reda Azzi

      I pre ordered a vita version for this game, so add me if you have a vita too, redaazzi

      • Darrell Seven

        Hey Redaazi! You getting your copy tomorrow?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I think vita can only play with vita

  • Kurama11

    Not online split screen :(

    • Alan Noacep Togente

      Thats dissapointing :(
      Anyway, thanks Steel Jack

      • Alan Noacep Togente

        Ah, and one thing : It’s “Battle record” no “battle code” ;)

  • Hentailover

    So, I’m a bit confused. All characters are available for purchase yet you can only buy some of them?

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/steelballjack SteelBallJack

      If you keep playing J-Adventure the amount of characters you can buy will increase.
      It is pretty random as when you start its 2 but keep on playing and it grows!
      I guess its a system that allows you to keep playing the story to increase the amount you cans play and not just go for multiplayer from the get go!!

      • Marshall D. Teach

        Tell us what think of the gameplay!

  • kuma hoshiro

    sooooo you can only buy 2 chars a day or something?

  • RandomGuy

    Thanks Jack! Theres a menu after you pick your character in free play, that gives you a few options. I know one is to adjust time, what are the others for? Damage, ect?

  • Marshall D. Teach

    So im gonna guess that if we would like to buy all the characters, we’re gonna have to complete the J-Adventure mode…

  • http://www.j-reborn.com/ 雲雀恭弥 (Hibari Kyōya)

    GREAT HELP!!!!

  • ArodCentaurus

    Wow you guys are the shit! and the best part is that you guys will report about all anime based games! not only Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, and One Piece like SI.

  • Bladdimir Khalifa Castro

    Like how much will it take for j stars victory vs come from play asia

    • Tsuna Sawada


      • hipten

        he is saying how long will is order take to get to him for the site play asia

        • Tsuna Sawada

          That depends on what he pays for shipping. I payed 16 dollars extra for 1-3 day shipping. If you get free shipping then it’ll take 21 days (1-3 weeks). It’s on the site.

          • hipten

            Yea same I paid the 1-3 day shipping also but I hope my order comes tomorrow :( and not like Saturday or something

            • Raku Ichijou

              It’ll probably come around Wednesday-Friday

              • hipten

                i hope so because my play asia order still says preparing order and I been talking to other people and they have been saying that there has been shipped

    • Bobby Jennings

      Depends on your shipping

  • Perfect Loser

    6 starting characters?! Geez that’s good plus the customizable music is an excellent touch,but not being able to buy characters back to back is………different

    • Aokiji Fanboy

      I like it, it forces you to play story mode. Hopefully it’s enjoyable!!

      • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

        It wont be completely enjoyable not understanding whats going on

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/steelballjack SteelBallJack

    You get the ability to buy more characters as you play J-Adventure went through a lot of Quests and story and unlocked 10 more characters so it will grow randomly!

    • Guilherme Mata

      How many characters does the game have then? thank you for your hard work steel xD

      • Aokiji Fanboy

        something like 52 playable at 10-12 support

        • lo

          your saying miracles mann lol

          • Aokiji Fanboy

            Lol sorry I swear I read that somewhere XD must be 52 characters total and 13 support like Hagaren said :P

            • https://www.facebook.com/deidarasenpai.tsuchikage Obito Uchiha

              no 52 is correct go to SaiyanIsland.com have all info on Anime games such as Ultimate Ninja Revolution

      • Hagaren

        39 playable and 13 support

    • Matthew Louis Hedges

      out of curiosity are the ingame controls/huds in standard engrish or just full blown japanese? could you also maybe translate the controls screen ala blocking/shifting into stronger form etc because as much as i am trying to learn japanese , having it all shoved in my face wont help me but confuse me :L thankyou

    • chris

      hey steel (or anyone in general) was wondering if there was a way to upload to a usb stick or computer directly save data from the replays or any easy way to do it to youtube

    • Bobby Jennings

      You can also unlock the characters in Versus as well!

  • Kurama11

    More images! :D

  • plomeross

    So you can add your songs, that’s pretty cool, but then what’s the point of the anison edition?

    • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

      Thats exactly what I was saying as well..oh well uploadig battle songs now

      • sakuya18

        how do you upload your own songs

    • Wolfwood

      “Currently you cannot use custom songs during Online play”, I guesss the point its using the anime songs in online battle maybe

  • Jigen Bakudan Jr.

    So is anyone else gonna start downloading instrumentals to their PS3 now for the game?

  • LeeHatake93

    So, does this mean I can buy guys like Madara and Aizen right off the bat?

    • Party Pirate

      Yup. But you can only buy certain amount of characters at the beginning. You have to play the story I guess.

  • Forlorn Hope

    Wonderful translations as always. It is nice to see J-Customization has an option to turn on or off at our leisure for online play. Does the card system act in a similar vein as the koma system from Super Stars and Ultimate Stars with the three different card colors being different natures or are the colors linked to specific traits and abilities?

  • chris

    First time importing from play asia and was wondering if it says “will ship on or before march 19th” and i have 2-3 day shipping I assume that means the game doesn’t arrive on or before then but only leaves the warehouse during that time is that correct? just making sure

    • Party Pirate

      It means that they will either ship it on 19th march or 18th. The game might arrive the same day they shipped it or it might arrive day or 2 after, depends on your location.

  • Guest

    Gameplay looks nice and fluid, well if you know how to play and don’t just do square combo all day. We’ll def find techniques to use. But the otg combos look quite cool, especially the ones i’ve seen Kenshiro do.

    Online also looks really fluid!

  • Neferpitou :3 (Sasudoi)

    What would i do without you guys! :DD Thank You as always, now im ready to at least start playing game once i get it tommorow or day after ^^

  • Sogeking

    So does the game have a English setting?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope. But we’ll translate.

      • Kusuo Saiki 斉木 楠雄

        How’s the translation gonna work?, video series?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yes sir!

          • tsuna

            where is save when you want too save your story mode ? that important so nobody can quit and start over

            • TheGameTagerZ

              It saves when you quit and saves when you win/lose a mission.

              It saves when you breathe and it saves you on car insurance.

              It saves too often lol.

  • Goriki

    Is there any word on whether or not the game’s save data is copy protected or not?

  • Kusuo Saiki 斉木 楠雄

    Game looks really fluid and love the graphic style. Hopefully people mixup their moves and don’t just spam square combo everytime. OTG combos look good, especially the ones I’ve seen Kenshiro do so far.

  • Zenkai

    Thank you for the translations, gonna print these all out.

  • Kusuo Saiki 斉木 楠雄

    Gameplay looks nice and fluid, well if you know how to play and don’t just do square combo all day. We’ll def find techniques to use. But the otg combos look quite cool, especially the ones i’ve seen Kenshiro do.

    Online also looks really fluid!

    Meant to post this when i was logged in..haha.

  • Hentailover

    So, I just started playing and the menu translation is already helpful, just as expected ^^

  • Sako32

    ThegamertagZ, can i addd you on PSN? XD

  • https://www.facebook.com/deidarasenpai.tsuchikage Obito Uchiha

    this is omg very helpful now I can play and understand the game

  • Kusuo Saiki 斉木 楠雄


    • TheGameTagerZ

      Don’t see it

      • Kusuo Saiki 斉木 楠雄

        It’s under one of the categories.

  • FlexinOnKakarot


  • Obito Uchiha

    Will you post a translated button layouts for combos and attacks?

  • Marco The Pheonix

    Hey guys, anyone know how i would go about buying this on Japanese PSN?

  • Yuu

    I have no idea how to add music. I have plenty of songs on my vita, but I can’t change any of the bgms.

  • LeeHatake93

    Is there not a training mode?

  • Daniel Polo

    Hey Steel, are you guys going to translate the story mode at all? Probably a silly question but I’d like to read what they’re saying as I play even if I have to keep my computer open as I play.

  • Paul

    Decided to put together all the songs on the anison edition of J-Stars Victory VS for all you people got the regular edition. I believe you can copy this to your PS3 Hard drive and import it to the game itself. Anyways here’s the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7s19reu4gvptrdc/rbArtIPUXk

    you should see a share button at the top right corner, right next to it will be a “…” click that and download as a ZIP. Enjoy! & Please share! took me over an hour!

  • chaos123587

    So with the auto camera I could make playing this on an arcade stick work?

  • Jesse Lawrence

    i know you guys are busy but could you please translate the little menu thing that comes up after a match. idk what is character select, go to menu, rematch etc xD

  • Daniel Nguyen

    Hey ShonenGameZ, how many songs will I be able to add in the game? (I haven’t received my copy yet, so I just want to know if there’s any limit)

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Not sure. We haven’t messed with it.

  • Raku Ichijou

    Can you do a translation for Ranked

  • http://www.nihongogo.com/ Jeffrey T.

    I got my imported copy in but anytime I try to take a screencap it says “You cannot take a screenshot of this screen.”

    Any idea whats goin on?

  • Sp33dwagon

    Too bad the vita version can’t edit the bgm of the stages. I downloaded a J-star playlist on my vita for the sole purpose of playing them on my game. Hopefully they will update and fix this issue, I mean, why would they put that feature on the Vita version if you can’t tap into your Vita’s music library?

  • Jaguar

    Hi Everyone,

    I created an Android application to help gamers to go through the game menu easily and understand each screens.
    I hope it will help you, I will update it frequently to add more content in !

    Here it is:
    J-Stars Victory VS Guide

    Thanks for using and testing it!

  • TroliusMaximus

    This game could have been great. But… alas.

  • Machinima2552

    So there’s no setting in-game to display subtitles?

  • Lucretia Alberti

    i’m planning to buy this game….though i don’t know how to read japanese lol or will they release an English version of it?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Nope sorry no english release.

      • Lucretia Alberti

        too bad. thanks.

    • Lucretia Alberti

      and a thing,some forum said that it was uploading something before starting the game(doesn’t know what they are talkin’ about) is it necessary to connect it to the PSN? can’t you do it offline the whole time?