J-Stars Victory Versus – Victory Road Playthrough


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  • Guest

    Hey cool you guys started the playthrough. I saw that you guys said you will be translating the playthroughs of the game. Is that going to be coming next?

  • Cev256

    Sweet you guys started the playthrough. I saw that you are planning to do a translation version of it. Is that coming next?

    • Just stay tuned,

      • chris

        this is the mode where its like arcade but is it also online co-op wasnt sure if it was this or story

  • hz

    Good stuff. Btw does anyone know what the dlc is on the JP PSN? It appears to be songs, but when I try to click on them I get an error?

    • Cev256

      You can only download Games from the JP PS Store if your using a US or EU PS3. Anything that has to do with music or movies you can’t download.

      • hz

        Ah right, that explains it. Thanks!

  • gigaplant

    This is for 2 players right as on the first vid after picking who to play as there says start and 2 and some text I am guessing it says player 2 press start?

  • Saul Diaz

    Have the objectives been translated?

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  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Will the objectives get translated for Victory Road?