J-Stars Victory VS – Advanced Combos Showcase [PLAYVIEW]

Thanks to SteelBallJack, we were able to acquire the guide book for J-Stars Victory VS which have out some extras and one of them ones a compilation video of all characters doing their best combo. We were able to record this for for all fans to enjoy as well as show them to pull off those combos as the video shows the commands as well.


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  • Bobby Jennings

    This video needs a translation

  • Lifestreamer

    Best combos!? lol, this was just a tease, there are so many possible follow ups in this video.

    Still, very appreciated, thanks.

  • chris

    heres hoping for bobo-bobobobo’s papapa-papapatch transformation if so he might become one of my mains

  • mike

    can goku do the rasengan??? on the videos pic it shows him doing it whats the combo for that?