J-Stars Victory Versus – Pursuit Arc Ending


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  • Lifestreamer

    Thanks for the hard work guys.

  • Forlorn Hope

    In the Hope Arc, I have encounter a spot where I need counsel. After a fight against another ship, Yusuke and Gon seem to depart. They are replaced with Killua and Meisuke Nueno. However, all of the stars and markers indicating where to travel next are gone and the locations that I can access don’t seem to progress the story.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Try visiting the places that aren’t shown on your map that’s how you usually progress.

      • Forlorn Hope

        Thank you, this was partially helpful. At this point in the arc, none of the locations on the map will progress the story. But by searching all parts of the map, I came across an item that was needed to get to the next part.

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