Naruto Storm Revolution – Brand New Akatsuki Screenshots

Naruto Storm Revolution – Brand New Akatsuki Screenshots


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  • shaddrag

    Game is starting to look really good!

  • Mikeyoshi

    Is it just me or did anyone else notice that the costumes are changing back and forth for the screenshots of Deidara and Sasori?

    • shaddrag

      Haha yeah, Orochi also did, but not here.

      They’re just showcasing the different ones.

  • What is that new map? I can’t recognize it.

    • Shingeki

      When deidara first joined akatsuki,he battled itachi there.

      • Oh, ok. Now that I know that, it actually looks familiar. It’s been forever since I’ve seen those episodes.

  • Michael

    Not worth the money, but looks cool.

  • Since the Team Ultimates aren’t as long as the ones on the PS2, I feel like they’re gonna be a bit underwhelming

    • Skorm94

      yeah i liked a lot of the longer ones better as well but they’ve shown no intention of making them longer again, so i’m just glad they’re putting more time into making them short but very sweet

      • Yeah that’s true, I hope they bring some team attacks back and change them up so they fit the standards for the Storm games. Sasuke and Orochimaru’s was epic

  • Baryll

    Lined detail on Deidara in that one screenshot of the UJ + the nice warm glow of the new stage is what the graphics as a whole desperately need.

  • Skorm94

    The team ultimates are looking awesome so far, just hope there will be enough of them

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