J-Stars Translations: Victory Road Challenges


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  • TheMarshy2

    Thanks so much for this ShonenGamez I haven’t played Victory Road yet so this will surely help when I do!

  • Davi Vivdich

    Awesome! some move list translations would be cool

  • Forlorn Hope

    Thanks a bunch for these translations. They will help me go back to 100% the challenge.

  • Thanks for these

  • Sigh wish I had a friend who could gameshare with me x(

  • Hagaren

    Thanks guys! I’ll definitely be using these when I get the game!

  • Luke O

    Thanks so much SteelBallJack! It’s tough for those of us that love this game but can’t enjoy it fully because of the language barrier, but knowing there are people like you out there working hard to help us enjoy it more and more is really amazing! Please keep up the great work!

  • ShockingX

    Thank you so much for the translations, but question… what is an area attack? it’s for challenge 6

    • delan

      its r1 and square if you mean what it does it basicly atacks the area around you

  • Neferpitou :3

    Ehh i completed every stage until Dark Tournament stage but nothing unblocks now, what do i do o.o

    *edit. ok i got it.I just fought endless fights in victory mode lol, but now last question, is Saint Seiya stage the last stage in Victory mode, or if i fight more theres something more to appear?

  • hudugoful

    I don’t understand the Battle 11 challenge
    Stamina break your opponent once ,can you explain it please

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Break their block

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  • Aurelio Rodriguez Aguilar

    meaning “galige”? Battle 26 challenge (2)

  • What is a “Jump Attack” ? For the challenge 3

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Exactly how it sounds. Jump in the air and press your attack button and hit them.

      • chris

        It wont friggin work man lol

  • John Spencer

    What’s the meaning have no players in challenge 41 ??

  • Diego Andre Cano

    Why only some battle missions are translated? I need many that doesnt appear here like for example mission 2 :p

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Battle missions are all you need. The rest that don’t have objectives you have to just beat them.

      How can we translate nothing?

      • Diego Andre Cano

        But I have mission 2 in silver and below thre are 3 missions and only two are checked

  • Carolina Magno

    So friend can not understand this area successfully hit with 5 attacks. could someone help me please!

  • Grand Elder

    There is a mistake in the first image, they list the challenges for Battle 2, but mislabel it as Battle 3. Battle 3 doesn’t have any challenges. Hope that clears up some confusion.

    I still don’t know what “Use Appeal” means but I somehow managed to get the gold after reading this guide, lol. Thank you shonengamez!!

    • bleadze

      What did you do I still have a bronze what do I do

  • bleadze

    And what does area attack mean

  • Alko

    Thank you!!!!

  • chris

    thanks !!…but i dont know whats this …get the first strike challenge 6

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Land the first hit I assume.

  • Guest

    i don’t understand what’s this Successfully hit with 5 jump attacks :/

  • chris

    i don’t understand what’s this Successfully hit with 5 jump attacks in 31 challenges :/

  • Alko

    Thank you some much!!!!You are amazing!!!

  • bleadze

    What does 3 block of win huge mean?

  • galeon

    can anyone help for some reason the 31:3 (dodge 5 times) i have done it but yet nothing

  • davonte moore

    I’m at inferno cage where i have kenshi & jo star how do i win by myself?