J-Stars Victory Versus – 4 Possible New Characters?


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  • ShockingX

    Thats cool!!! anything about stages?

  • Forlorn Hope

    Outstanding find! These 4 characters could have been intended for development and simply did not make the deadline. Whether or not we will see them as free DLC down the line is up in the air, but it is promising to say the least.

    • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

      They came out and said awhile ago that there wasn’t going to be any PAID character DLC. So unless they’re going against that they should be Free. When they said that i was under the assumption that there was going to be some other kind of paid dlc. But hey, free characters.

      • Forlorn Hope

        Indeed, and while it seems unlikely that this game would receive such generous free content, there are some game franchises that use downloadable events to maintain hype. It can be considered a marketing ploy to increase the longevity of the game on the sales charts. Such a move would not be completely unprecedented.

        • adrogoz

          Given I’ve heard rumours for these extra characters including Jotaro and Dio, it’s quite possible. Maybe they were waiting for Part 3 of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure to come out in the anime and planning to release them then to add to the hype…

  • Can we at least get me as the antagonist who opposes Tsuna?

    • Aidan Gayadeen

      bro. you teamed up with him. the main antagonist would be daemon spade or xanxus.

      • Dude Tsuna killed Future Byakuran.

        • Aidan Gayadeen

          yh and then came back and actually physically asked him to team up.

          • thats regular Byakuran I’m talking about (Alternate Timelime) Future Byakuran

            • Aidan Gayadeen

              dude. all the byakurans have the same goal but after getting his ass handed to him, he backed out and teamed up with tsuna.

      • and Xanxus teamed up with Tsuna.

        • Aidan Gayadeen

          not really. Xanxus was pretty much forced to team up with him. Have you even read the rest of the manga bro? cuz Xanxus only teamed up in the future because if he didn’t, there wouldn’t BE a future for Xanxus to exist in. and as for the arcobaleno, he was forced into it after hibari beat his shit in.

          • Unknown

            why not make Bermuda the antagonist then? 😀

            • Aidan Gayadeen

              i don’t think they do people who aren’t in anime form. that’s why they probably won’t do any Psyren.

              • Erik Murud

                they did put korosensei and kusou saiki the phsycick and they dont have an anime form

                • Aidan Gayadeen

                  korosensei has an anime form. and im sure kusou does as well.

  • Kyuuki-san

    Man, I wonder who they could be.

  • Manu SaiyanZ

    Yugi, Yoh, Sakuragi and Devilman?

    • ShockingX

      devilman isn’t shonen jump man lol XD

  • Vitor Hugo

    Saga and DIO

  • Guest

    I bought a a PS Vita version. Does anyone want to give me a ps3 version in exchange for a PS Vita version? And/Or for some other ps3 digital games.

  • Kenshiro Kurokami

    DIO, Jotaro, Midora, Souma.

  • Bodskih

    yeaah.. this is the reason why.. when you go to character select option you have a 3 empty slot… cool!!!!!

  • Mazinger Z,seriously ? Light,Yugi,Yoh,Nura are the most requested i think.

    • Kinnikuman, Yuugi Moto, Takeshi (from Seikimatsu Leader den Takeshi!), Hanamichi, Joutarou and Tsubasa are the most wanted on the net here in Japan, I agree! Well free dlc is free dlc! Just got to wait for news from Namco!

      • Lobsterman

        It’s really cool to know these characters were wanted in Japan.

        Hopefully their interest can make some things happen in time.

  • Dzikri Wardana Gardiansyah


    What File Types Is It ? .__.

  • Thers my chance too get in the game😁

    • I want to see you ! Yoh-San !

      • I hope I get in so I can fight you again Tsuna.

        • tom

          they should really be clever and add you Yoh a lot of people are asking for you to be in the game!!

      • Thanks😁

    • handeu haime

      i hope your brother hao asakura will be there as well 😀

    • Suguru

      That´s my chance! XD

      • kakarot goku

        hold on till j stars victory 2 xD i want u there !

    • Eevee

      Too bad it’s only as a support character.

    • Erik Murud

      yoh kun i will pray for you to get into the game ur my favorite 😀

    • Hisoka

      hehehe Jealous?

    • idontcare_

      Hopefully you and some fairy tail characters are added

  • Reuben Malone

    I swear if in DLC they add a 5th one piece character ill flip

    • kakarot goku

      zoro zoro zoro !

      • Reuben Malone


        • kakarot goku

          zoro not zorro XD , he is special he must be in no matter what XD

          • Reuben Malone

            oops, sry bout the misspell, don’t know why I put two R’s. but honestly, as cool as zoro is, id rather see a 4th dbz or Naruto character or a new sires than a 5th one piece.

            • kakarot goku

              u are right XD a 4th dbz would be great , which one u like? me piccolo , ultimate gohan or kid buu

              • Reuben Malone

                gohan or piccolo would be nice

            • Same here. I’d pick Cell, Piccolo, Gohan (Teen if limited to Cell Saga reps or Mystic/Ultimate if Buu Saga reps are added), Future Trunks, Buu, Vegito, or possibly Gotenks as a fourth DBZ rep, and either Obito/Tobi (Juubito if possible), Orochimaru, Nagato, Killer B, Gai, or Rock Lee as a fourth Naruto rep.
              I’d even shoot for a third playable Bleach character, like Ulquiorra (despite the timeframe in which Bleach is represented). The game has a good number of villains but I feel that it could use more since some of the rivals that used to be villains are now heroes, like Sasuke for example.

              • Mcnutts

                I want broly in the game

      • josh

        Zoro zoro zoro !!!

        • kakarot goku

          xD i agree josh , i think nowadays zoro is the best manga character xD everybody like him !

  • Reuben Malone

    I want light as assist

  • Sweet, maybe I’ll get Yugi and Yoh after all! What about stages? As awesome as the stages are, there just doesn’t seem to be enough. I wish every playable character got a stage, including those from the same franchise.
    A few examples:
    Namek is pretty much Frieza’s Stage. Since Vegeta wears his costume from the Cell Saga, the Cell Games arena could be his, and the Tenkaichi Budokai arena could be Goku’s. And obviously, give stages to the characters that have none, even support characters like Kuroko and Lala.

    • I see where your coming from but most characters in the game don’t really have any memorable stages

      • Perfect Loser

        A few do!
        Hakinawa Academy – Medaka Box
        Tsuna’s Mafia Base when he was training for Byukuran(forgot the name)
        Momotaro- Otokojuku Academy
        Joestar Mansion- JJBA
        There’s a few other but u get my point I hope lol

        • I get what your saying, I just meant stages that stand out from one another, like have things in the level to interact w/ and destroy. I think they set a certain criteria and most characters didn’t have levels that met up w/ that criteria

  • Shonen Jump

    Thank you so much and if you guys were able to unpack the files you would know the characters?

  • Lifestreamer

    Kinnikuman, Asakura Yoh and Train playable and Yugi or Light support.

    • Kazuki or Rikuo?

    • RandomGuy

      I hope they do put yoh in so people can shut up about him and yugi.

  • Mikeyoshi

    Jotaro, Byakuran, Yoh, and Yugi for support.

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    As much as I would like Yugi, all of the work needed to make him just to be a free DLC character?

    I don’t see Namco doing it.

  • kuma hoshiro

    could be models for reborn gatchan baby beel and don patch

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We thought of that at first, but then there would be two extra folders for supports, not just one.

      Also each folder doesn’t have just one file. Each folder has multiple files that make “that character” in whole.
      Like for Arale, this would include her and her little baby, they would both be in HER folder, and wouldn’t get their own.

      • kuma hoshiro

        oh then emmmmm the obvious choices would be yugi,jotaro,dio,yoh,kinnkuman,train,someone from the anime in the game
        but I don’t know who so yugi and jotaro would be the best choices

  • John Ramirez

    Gokudera, Hibari, Yamamoto idc anybody from Reborn would be great

  • Sigh wish I had a friend who could gameshare with me x(

  • RandomGuy

    well, there are 3 more character slots left blank in the game…

  • NimbusStev

    This is really cool. I hope you’re right. Excellent detective work, man!

  • Natsu Dragneel

    Can they add me?

  • Techies

    Zoro please T-T

  • Psyqon

    Is it not possible to swap files to replace characters. As in rename files of non playable characters or support characters to the file name of playable characters so that they can become playable ?

  • Where is the header image from?

  • CoolTaff

    What program did he use?

  • kakarot goku

    to be honest i know nothing of jo jo and yoh , but i am so happy if dai is in the game ! it was a great anime , dai is really strong i wanna play as him , moreover i think the game needs a dlc , if i have to pay i don’t care , but now kai buu is on air , then a dlc of kai buu would be great , maybe gotenks or kid buu or ultimate gohan , seyia needs some mate like ikki or shiryiu and one bad boy , may be saga , poseidon or hades . one piece is becoming the best manga ever , then the dinamic duo must be in !sanji and zoro ! and usopp as support . tsubasa , sakuragi and light as support as well , with that dlc i would be so happy , ohh i forgot kinnikuman ! kinnikuman , buffaloman and ramenman !

  • king

    Kinnikuman, Zatch Bell, Cyborg 009, inuyasha 🙂

  • DreamEaterMerry

    Claymore (Clare) – Black Cat (Train) – Nurarihyon no Mago (Nura) – Ao No Exorcist (Rin) – Soul Hunter (Taikoubou) – Busou Renkin (Tokiko) – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Jotaro Kujo) – To Love-Ru (Yami: Golden Darkness)

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  • Leland South

    I hope these characters are playable. ->

    Gaara (Naruto)
    Train Heartnet (Blackcat)
    Zoro (One Piece) or make Allen Walker (D-Gray Man) Playable.

    And support. —->

    Yugi Moto (Yu-Gi-Oh) I don’t see him as playable he just uses the cards but him summoning monsters would be cool as a support.

  • Philip Pereira

    who I wish to see in this game:
    1. Natsu – Fairy Tail
    2. Blackbeard – One Piece
    3. Inuyasha
    4. Inner Moka Akashiya – Rosario+Vampire
    Non-Shonen Choices
    5. Asura – Asura’s Wrath
    6. Chifusa – Manyuu Hikenchou

    • TheGameTagerZ

      None of those you listed was Weekly Shonen Jump except Black Beard.

    • William Sallaway

      hell yeah for asura or natsu

  • Urameshi

    The game needs more females playable. They need to add HILDA from BEELZEBUB!

  • Anders Skoglund Fd Karlsson

    Zaraki Kenpachi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Tipantuña

    Yoh Asakura

  • Paul Tipantuña

    Yoh Asakura joder no de apoyo

  • William Sallaway

    gurren lagann, one punch man, allen from dgray as an actual character, jotaro, (or a dio), yoh from shaman king, guts cos hes guts (i dont fucking care if hes not shonen jump hes amazing) and as a joke maybe yugioh?

  • Natsu Dragneel

    I wish they would put natsu in there

  • Morgan Freeman

    I want to have Simon the digger fighting with lagann!
    or maybe Ryuko or Kamina and I also want Kaneki-Ken!!!

  • Sasuke 22

    I would like to see
    Sailor Moon