J-Stars Victory Versus – Jotaro, Dio, Dai, Yoh Files Found


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  • PS360HD2

    Nice 🙂

  • JustYourFanboy

    Awesome, now I wish even more that I had this game.

  • Mikeyoshi

    Free DLC maybe?!

  • Good good, more JoJo stuff. Well SteelBallJack the JoJo king has more reason not to sell the game!

    • TheTalon34

      You were going to sell it? o.O

      • I`ve 100% the game in every possible way, I can get 3/4 of the price back, too! Also before Namco said no paid characters and Namco rarely give away free characters day 1 unless there’s been a problem!

        • TheTalon34

          Well, that is a good deal. This is my first Shonen Jump crossover game so I’m not selling it

          • Yeah its a good one to get started on! My first Jump crossover game was Famicom Jump Hero Retsuden! The only Jump crossover game I haven’t personally owned is J Legend Retsuden, because I don`t own a 3DS! Still own the other 5 + J-Stars tho! lol

            • TheTalon34

              Wow, that’s a lot. I never got the two Stars games because I didn’t own the system. I vastly prefer Playstation anything XD

              • Shota

                damn man. jump super stars and ultimate are both great games. as for jstars , storymode is sooo long but enjoyed the missions

            • Shota


              • Proof I don’t own a 3DS and never played J Legend Retsuden…. errr, here is no picture of me without a 3DS.

                • Shota

                  Show the others games.

                  • TheGameTagerZ

                    He’s our main translator so why would he be lying? o.0

                    Plus his pc isn’t working (which is why we had a 1/2 week delay on translations)

                    He’s probably responding to you with his cell phone.

                    • Shota

                      i know,never seen the famicom version that’s why. proof wasn’t the right word >.<. btw i'm subscribed to you on youtube

  • Mikeyoshi

    Sadly no new Reborn representative..
    I wish this series wasn’t so dead..

    • Ian Ryan

      Ya I wish Gokudera or Yamamoto or even Byakuran or Xanxus could have been in the game ya know?

  • I was secretly hoping Kinikuman would appear somehow.

    • Yep, that is the number one most requested character, but Shuueisha are having problems with another manga publisher over Kinnikuman (due to them owning 2sei).

      • Lobsterman

        Really? Damn, I thought Weekly Playboy was owned by Shueisha as well (I believe that is where they published Nisei) and considering they have been using the original Kinnikuman for 45th anniversary promotional stuff I’d figure they had a hold on him.

        This is really disappointing to hear since he was the one character I wanted in this, though I’m glad to know others wanted him in as well. (I’m assuming in Japan though)

        • Yeah Weekly Playboy is owned by Shuueisha, it moved to Weekly Play News too! Yeah Kinnikuman has his own day (If the 29th of a month lands on a Friday) and they pushed that due to the 45th anniversary. But yeah I`ve read on news sites here in Japan about them wanting to get it but Shuueishas side is having problems.

          • Lobsterman

            That is seriously heartbreaking to read. I wish I had known sooner because this whole time I though his inclusion was a guarantee. (It’s also the series’ 35th anniversary this year, but sadly no games seem to be planned for that aside from a pachinko machine)

            I really hope they settle on something soon, I’d hate to miss out on using my favorite character again if they ever do make more DLC or a sequel. :/

  • TheTalon34

    Dai is a real surprise, I know he’s really popular but being from a series that’s based off of a video game by another company and what not. Even though I’m sad that Yoh would be support, I hope they add these guys. I’ll happily try them all out and of course I’ll add Yoh as my support for my Momo-Nube team.

    • RandomGuy

      where does it say Yoh is support???

      • unleashrage

        After the word “texture” it has an “s” but for the other three characters it says “srd” so it is safe to assume thats why he is support.

        • RandomGuy

          I see it, thanks

        • More bleach characters pls

          Yoh’s code also has an SRD command just under the red box.

  • dizzyb230 .

    Does this mean there could possibly be others?

  • Hagaren

    I’m pleased if they add Yoh but pissed if he’s support and Dai (personally, I’ve never heard of him…) playable… Jotaro and Dio make sense, the anime starts next week.

    • I`m glad they added Dai, Dai is a big player in Jump here in Japan! It`s a good manga and ties into Dragon Quest, yet Shuueisha owns the rights to the manga as its only tied by name only (Shuueisha still have an on going contract so Dai and Dai no Daibouken manga can be used in many different formats).
      Also yes for Joutarou and Dio! Of course lol.

      • Hagaren

        Ah, I see. Never been into Dragon Quest so I really didn’t know anything about the guy. Looking forward to Jotaro and Dio if they actually add them.

  • Yoh Asakura as support? They’re pulling another Allen Walker!? Though Allen’s placement as Support was for a reason.

    • Hagaren

      Well yeah, D.gray-man switched to Jump SQ but Shaman King ended its run in Weekly Shonen Jump, right? Shaman King Flowers is in Jump-X but that’s no reason for putting the protagonist of the original series as support only… We’ll see.

      • Shaman King is currently being collected in Convenience store edition big books for newer readers. That is one of the reasons why they`re adding Yoh now.

        • You know alot on this Jack, glad we have you around!

          I’d actually like it they created a Monthly Jump/SQ. game. Would be something new for Shueisha aswell, considering it looks like they’ve only done Weekly games, but Monthly wouldn’t be too bad at all.

          • Thank you sir! Those words mean a lot to me =D!
            Sadly Monthly/Square doesnt have the greats! Hence why we won`t get JoJolion Josuke in anything non JoJo because its serialized in Ultra Jump!

            • It doesn’t have to really have the greats, but popular characters from their respective Monthly Manga’s would be nice to see just a thought, hence why it’ll obviously still be Japan only. It won’t be worldwide of course because of licences and general unpopularity at most, but hey it’s a japanese only game, would be amazingly cool to see. I mostly wanna play as Rin from Blue Excorcist, Clare from Claymore etc. But if not a Monthly Jump game, at least another crossover game for the PS3 from a different publisher would be cool as well, if Kodansha it’ll finally shut the “Where’s Natsu” fanboys up of a crossover game with him in it. Though to be honest I’d rather see one with Shogakugan, Magi, InuYasha, Ranma 1/2, Hayate the Combat Butler, LOL. These are just all idea’s and what I’d love to see one day, but for now we play the waiting game for the next general WSJ game. 😀

              • Did you play the PSP exclusive Magazine Vs. Sunday? It wasn’t well received but it was fun! This was a long long time before they had a Fairy Tail anime so Natsus voice is different! I`ve read WSJ for over 10 years and when some people randomly go “Wheres Natsu?” or “Why isnt Inuyasha in the game?” it does get like “*sigh*….”. I know understand Marvel and DC fans when someone goes “Why isn’t Batman in the Avengers?” or something similar lol.

        • Hagaren

          It’ll be nice to see him in the game, be it as playable or support. I really, really enjoyed Shaman King’s manga and hope we’ll get an anime remake one day.

          • Yeah, Shuueisha`s push of the Shaman King ending was hated so much! It was in the lower half of WSJ`s most enjoyed mangas poll and so they pushed Takei Hiroyuki for an ending…

            The reason why Yuugi Moto isnt in this game…I remember why :(! I`m pretty sure it`s because Konami owns the right to Yugioh related games in anyway and even Namco has no power…

  • Tillerboy

    Kind of interested what the additional sountrack stuff can be. If there are indeed 3 more Anison music included, with one more series getting a playable representation, it might mean at least two more series down the line? Not entirely sure about that.
    Otherwise, more Jojo is fine by me.

  • Reuben Malone


    • As much as the JoJo King I am, Kochikame is the longest running WSJ series :P!

      • Reuben Malone

        yea, i know. i said action sires. isint kochikame a comedy?

        • It is indeed, I didn`t see action there sorry lol!
          I like how Jojolion is not classed as Action which is cool though :D!

  • Reuben Malone

    they all say battle charachter on the code, are they all playable, no support?! COOL!

    • Guest

      No apparently Yoh Asakura is going to be the support character which kind of makes me upset because I loved Shaman King when I was younger and still do love the series but i’m at least glad Yoh hasn’t been forgotten and is making an appearance in the game

  • Ichimaru Gin

    Why are people saying that Yoh’s a support? After Kumagawa, Rukia, Neuro, and Allen, I don’t think I can take another assist.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Because he’s with the support numbers.

      You’re like the 5th person who asked that lol.

  • Perfect Loser

    All I want to hear is ORAORAORAORAORA!
    I hope that he’s dlc I truly do

    • Suguru

      Then play Jojo’s BA all star battle XD instead of j-stars XD MUDAMUDAMUDA!!!

      • Perfect Loser

        Lol xD of course,I have JJBA All-Star Battle but I wanna ORAORAORAORA or MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA against Kenshiro and some other characters lol

  • Dio Brando

    Heaven attained.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      But do you believe in gravity?

  • ulti

    gives me mixed feelings…yoh dio and jotaro heck yeah!!!…I’ve heard of dai might check that out…and why the heck are those the first batch of dlc like I really wanted those chars, but their first dlc priority should be to change kagura allen hisoka and rukia to playables…and why does jojo get as much rep as one piece and hxh should have had more rep being sj’s most viewed anime series in japan right now hope next batch of dlc is kurapika meruem law and hijikata toushiro

    • TheTalon34

      First off these were only files already in the game that were never finished. They haven’t even been confirmed as dlc yet. Second, why should they work on changing characters when there are series who still don’t have representation? Or series who deserved more than one character (Saint Seiya, Hitman Reborn, etc.)

      • RandomGuy

        actually, some dlc already have some of the files on disc and we have to download the rest of the code..

        • TheTalon34

          I know they have files, but they aren’t compete and Namco hasn’t said anything about this at all yet.

  • Reuben Malone

    what would be cool is if they added dlc that upgraded some support charechters with full movesets making them fully playable

    • TheTalon34

      I think they should focus on adding more series first.

    • Goriki

      I’m fine with that, as long as they don’t make Chitoge playable. Only supports who I think deserve it are Rukia, Kumagawa, Lala and Allen.

      • Reuben Malone

        I haven’t actually seen her anime, but how would lala attack? the power of nudity?

  • Psyqon

    Is it not possible to swap files to replace characters. As in rename files of non playable characters or support characters to the file name of playable characters so that they can become playable

  • Old Joseph

    Stopping time with opponents around then drop the roadroller on em all!!!

  • MSJ

    Diooooo…. (ーー゛)

  • Sakata Gintoki

    Oh my god Dio <3

  • levet318

    will we be able to download DLC

  • Jacob

    Paid DLC doesn’t necessarily mean that they didn’t change their mind, it just means that they will be free.

  • Paul Tipantuña

    Yoh Asakura no de apoyo siempre joden lo mejor

  • Jaime Delgado

    i think they should put in more female characters like moka and aqua

  • captain!

    It was just in planning after all 🙁