Naruto Storm Revolution – 118 Characters Confirmed?


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  • EBKbrothersInTime

    118 characters <3
    Do you think they'll do what they did in Storm 3 and use two slots (Choji… -.-"""""")

    • Emilight

      duh! it is cc2

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    36 characters that were not chosen already?…
    7 Swordsmen (5 slots (If I did my math right)
    Probably two new slots for Naruto and Sasuke (7 slots)
    Obito slot (8)
    Juubito slot (9)
    Maybe a new Madara slot but I’m not sure if they’ll go that far (10?)
    Thats all I can think of and I made my own Naruto game… They did make someone like Shisui (Who has no background) a fully playable character.. so who knows who they can make.. (Watch it be Hanabi Hyuga.)

    • Guest

      I’m SO sick of people asking for the swordsmen. THEY SUCK and no one will really use them. Why not ask for the sound 4 or Guren? smh…

      • Bdock3601


      • Dylan Wheatley Masterform

        Meet me online on day one, Kushimaru will show you otherwise.

      • Jason Matthews

        Sound Four shall be playable not support. Support are only for useless characters with a lack of jutsus/techniques

    • Keenan King

      Shisui will have background in the game. Shisui was mentioned many times in the anime/Manga, its about time we knew what he was like.

    • HozukiHangetsu

      Shisui was hyped for having really effective Shunshin no Jutsu and Kotoamatsukami.

  • Tohru Adachi #InabaPolice

    They should add Gon Freecs as a Guest Character