Review: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (US/EU Release)

  • 赤い血潮のハバネロ Kushina

    Sooo looking forward to this, it’s a shame i won’t be able to get it tomorrow but i’ll definitely be getting it sometime later this week or next week. I was going to import quite a few times but by the time i was going to the game had already gotten a release date here. 😛

    The names aren’t exactly cringe worthy, just not what people are used to. I mean Araki has approved these names himself so i can’t see them being all that bad. I would definitely be interested in seeing a list of the changes.

  • Few things that turned me off of buying the western release, Araki did check off on the names but a lot of them he did not like.
    My friend gave me a list of the changes and I plan on making a video based on that.

    My favourite game on the PS3 (I know kinda biased but the game shows both gameplay and JoJo-tachi/JoJo meigen in a good light).
    Something a lot of foreign fans don`t know about (JoJo-meigen) I`ve seen how they`ve translated some and its cool, but some are done terribly and as the `King of JoJo`, yeah the translations of catchphrases are worse than Stand name changes imo.

    • KonjikinoSora

      Yeah, I was especially upset to see “Withdraw cooly” translated to “Stay cool, baby.”