J-Stars Victory Versus – Luffy & Ace Model Mod


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  • Shonen Jump

    How do they do it?

  • D7_moltine

    You should´ve put Rukia with Aizen´s moveset video instead… Looks like Sephiroth lend his Masamune to someone….

    • motruggah

      Chicken in the Bacon. Cow goes Bark.

    • Son Goku

      I want to see Goku with Madara’s moveset. Make it happen

  • Hagaren

    Pretty cool, someone should make Kumagawa playable like this. I wonder whose moveset would suit him best?

    • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

      well, Kumagawa is fast as hell so what about Hiei?

      • Hagaren

        That would work too, hopefully with a screw instead of the sword.

      • As a Hiei user, I want to see other fast character use Jaouensatsu: Kokuryuuha!!

    • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

      actually, I just checked his Chanel, he did Killua: /watch?v=YkhyLcV8BHY

      • Hagaren

        Seeing Kumagawa playable like that brought a smile to my face. Good stuff! 🙂

        • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

          damn right, mod or Not, Misogi-chan Deserves that.


    How is this possibru?

  • Tsuna and Ace swap would’ve been epic

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    when I see Luffy with Ace’s moveset running it seems like he’s thinking “THE F*CKING SUN IS IN MY FACE”

    • Hagaren

      Lol, that or, “dammit, my head hurts, do I really have to fight now?!”

  • Lifestreamer

    O_O, LOL!
    Now this is good shit, the possibilities just spiked to the heavens.

  • This was hilarious. I’d love to see Chitoge with Ryotsu’s moveset. I bet it’d be too funny. xD