Naruto Revolution Iruka & Konohamaru Scan Translation

Naruto Revolution Iruka & Konohamaru Scan Translation


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  • Cool atleast Shonengamez post evrything. this website is great! Im glad its back!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yup sorry for being down for so long

      • Dude no worries the best thing is you guys are back and giving more information ! Better then never!

  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Welcome back Shonen!

  • Mohammed Burhan Ahmed

    cool xd):

  • Ok, so Storm 3 cross-save bonuses are confirmed. I wonder what having saves from all of the Storm games will do?

    My guess is:
    Storm 1 and/or Generations: All PTS Characters and The Third Hokage available from the start, plus a ryo/Storm points bonus.
    Storm 2: All Akatsuki Members, Sage Naruto, and Taka Sasuke available from the start, plus a ryo/Storm points bonus and possibly Naruto’s Hokage Costume.
    Storm Generations: All PTS Characters, previous Hokage, the five Kage, Masked Man, and Snake Cloak Kabuto available from the start, plus a ryo/Storm points bonus
    Storm 3/Full Burst: Naruto’s Accessory (obviously), possibly more accessories for other characters. Sage Kabuto, Edo Itachi, all War Outfit characters, Bijuu Bomb Naruto, EMS Sasuke (Flame Control Sword), Samehada Bee, War Tobi, and Edo Madara available from the start, plus a ryo/Storm points bonus. Possibly, DLC skins such as the Road to Ninja Skins, Battle-Damaged Pain, Sannin-Era costumes, Akatsuki/Kage hats, Anbu skins, and Living Madara will be unlocked as a bonus, and although they are unlikely, the School uniforms and Bikini outfits could return.
    Outfits that are likely not to return are Hello Kitty Sakura, Goku Naruto, Napoleon Sasuke, Kimono Sasuke, and all of the Naruto DLC costumes.

    • funnymitchell

      I like unlocking characters by playing the game so I hope it won’t be like this xd

      • Mathew Gibbons

        I like unlocking NEW characters by playing the game. Characters I already unlocked in past games being unlocked ahead of time however is a nice reward for playing the previous titles.

      • I do too, but it find it redundant to have to go back and unlock characters that I’ve already unlocked in previous games. I prefer to work for the characters that I’ve never used before. Hence why I like stuff like Pokemon Bank. I can work for the new Pokemon, but have all of my old ones from the start.
        Building on the trend of the Storm series, this is highly likely since Storm Generations had bonuses from Storm 1 and Storm 2, and Storm 3/Full Burst had bonuses from Storm 1, 2, and Generations. Since Storm 3 bonuses are confirmed, it’s a given that Revolution will carry over content from Storm 1, 2, 3, and Generations. The PS2 series was the exact same way, as every game in that series carried over from the one that came before it.

    • Mathew Gibbons

      I hope that for costumes it’s recognizes Storm 3 DLC and keeps your costumes. This could allow Goku Naruto and Hello Kitty Sakura to stick around as long as you have said DLC installed.

      • True. Maybe if we’re lucky, that’ll be the case. I really love Naruto’s Goku costume. Makes me wish they would have saved Goku’s Sage Naruto costume for the new game instead of Battle of Z.

  • Enzo Unversed

    Dan would be cool.
    Still need the Sound 4.
    Dude what if Pakura and Gari are next?

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    YAY ShonenGamez is back o/

    By the way, Konohamaru playable with team UJ with Naruto being Sexy Jutsu: I FREAKING CALLED IT! o/

    • Zenkiichi Hitoyoshi

      I thought it was going to be some sort of new rasengan.

      • They’ll probably save that for Minato/Jiraiya and Naruto. A double Sexy Jutsu is expected from Konohamaru since it’s his trademark Jutsu. He’s only used Rasengan…twice? I can’t remember.

        • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

          only once I think. I remember he did it agaist Pain but I don’t remember him ever using it again.

  • RandomGuy

    Ok, ok. If they add the Sound 4….I’m in!

  • According to the translation Konohamaru was added due to fan support and requests. If thats the case then we should be seeing playable Sound 4 soon.

    Also congratulations on returning SGZ TEAM!

    • I’m glad Konohamaru is back. He’s needed a huge update from his Ultimate Ninja 3 and Accel 1/2 version.

  • QIQI12

    Yahooo sexy jutsu! ^^ I soo ask for all the info. on the scan about it. Now wanna see perv nosebleeding Kore!

  • If Konohamaru was added because of fan requests, I wonder if Menma will be added? I know, some people would complain “Oh, he’s just another Naruto” or “Mecha-Naruto is enough for an evil Naruto…blah blah blah”, but if anyone has seen Road to Ninja, they’d know he would be anything but “just another Naruto”.
    In terms of likely characters, this could mean unmasked Obito and Gunbai-wielding Madara (like in J-Stars) are shoe-ins, and Sage Mode Hashirama and Juubito could be likely since the anime should reach that point in the manga by September.