Can The Naruto Series Be Competitive And Fun?


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  • Bobby Jennings/Godless

    Honestly I believe the Storm series can get into EVO. Just not how it is now.

    It’s too early to tell for Revolution but I’ve always found the Storm games to be competitive and fun even though they were simple button inputs. I’m sure they can do it with Storm.

    I mean just look at how great Generations turned out.

  • Reuben Malone

    honestly, this game is very competitive. the biggest strategy would be the substitution bar and knowing when to conserve it.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You were able to do that in the 2D series as well.

      Anyone can get good at this game which is what makes it too “easy” for EVO. People who play Street Fighter, KOF, Tekken usually spend hours grinding to find out combos that take high damage and are usually the most difficult to pull off.

      In storm you’re pretty much hoping they waste all their subs so you can mash circle and combo cancel to repeat that same combo.

      Not knocking the game but I know what type of game Storm is right off the bat.

      • hipten

        This is the biggest truth that I have seen in these comments yet

    • QIQI12

      That’s not really the point Kore! I mean look at the move sets a game with a move set everyone can master with 2 only options analog and O or B button Kore! The Wrost All chars have the same EASY way!At least if added some features to make a good enough to be competitive Kore!

  • Man i miss clash of ninja 🙁

    • DI

      we all do 🙁

  • DI

    I tought I was the only one thinking that way I like uns but as they say it doesnt have a deep gameplay after a while one get bored cause you cant even create combos like in clash of ninja you have to keep using the same 3 combos and not only that you make combos by just pressing the same button if they dont change the combo system it would never be a competitive game

    • Bdock3601

      I agree with you, i dont agree with the article saying they would need to return to a 2.5d space to do it however.

      • I think they should return to a 2.5D space. I love that type of space, it’s generally tough to make a 3D professional fighting game. They even have 100+ characters, it’d be hard to apply to all of them.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        We’re not trying to get rid of storm. That series is here to stay as far as I’m concerned which I don’t mind. But as far as competitiveness I really believe CC2 is capable to make a REAL naruto fighting game especially after Jojo.

      • DI

        Yeah I mean it doesnt matter if it is 2d or 3d its the combo system what really matters for example look at dbz games most ppl think tenkaichi 3 is the best one and it is a 3d one and have a pretty good combo system cause it has several combos short and long ones that you can chain and you have to use more than a button to make them cause if you press the same button youre gonna make the same combo but in uns just by using the stick you change the combo that isnt deep at all

        • TheGameTagerZ

          It does matter actually….tenkaichi 3 as much as i loved the series isn’t competitive either but hell of a lot better than how Naruto storm is setup. The attack button was mostly the A button with the occasional mix of the Y button. With 3d its not as simple as (just give us better combos) otherwise it would of been done 4 years ago.

          • DI

            But if tenkaichi could do it better in only 3 games why couldnt uns in 5? If at least they do what tenkaichi did they would have more chances to be on evo but if they keep this o mashing they will never be in anything I think the problem is not the difficulty but that theyre releasing games too soon and are being lazy in that aspect

            • TheGameTagerZ

              You’re comparing two different series. It CAN get better but not at a competitive level. The 2d DBZ games were pretty competitive to a degree. Tenkaichi once you learned the controls for one person you knew how to play with everyone so it really made no difference.

              3D is fun but what I’m saying is don’t expect any serious competitiveness out of that.

              • DI

                I dont care about competitiveness I just want a game where you can make different combos and use more than a button to make them to at least have fun and not get bored after a match or 2

              • Bdock3601

                The only difference between 2d and 3d is basically your movement options, in a 3d space your opponent has way more options therefore is harder to predict and its harder to counter and takes more skill to do so. Storm is over simple in its delivery of damage, i love it but its true. however many people still take it to a competitive level with resource management and tight movement control . The sub system is a crutch but 1 i dont think should be removed but maybe just make it harder to perform. The current storm system could be tweaked to be competitive im sure.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Wow…that was a really bad explanation between 2d and 3d.

                  A lot of people would disagree with you if you were to say that there are more options in a 3D game like Storm than Blazblue or Persona 4 Arena. If 3D really took more skill we’d see more 3D Brawlers in EVO.

                  Your whole 2D and 3D comparison is invalid but you are right that the storm series CAN improve. Just never at a competitive level. The storm series isn’t doomed or anything but it can’t be something that it’s not.

                  Don’t take anything I said above as an insult by the way I just find it hard to take the first half of what you said seriously.

                  • Bdock3601

                    The 2d, 3d explanation was a definition of spacial difference. The comparison was at a basic theoretical level it had nothing to do with games that are out or what they do. reread it with that in mind and realize that i wasnt saying 3d fighters ARE more competitive but should be, if made right

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      No I read it twice because it really threw me off because you said “harder to predict” and “harder to counter” and “more skill” when that also applies to 2D.

                      Actually in general when you game your opponent can be unpredictable unless you’re playing a spammer or someone who sucks at the game but lets put that exception aside. To a degree you are correct you need to know how to play the 3d fighters at least to be “good” but there’s a cap in 3d whereas the 2D fighters there’s virtually no cap because the combos you can come up with seem endless.

                      That being said the goal isn’t to change the storm series. The goal is keep making storm but on the side work on a naruto fighter that can possibly become worthy of EVO. That’s all.

                      2D might not be everyone’s cup of tea but that can be said for 3D. Why can’t we respect both?

                    • Bdock3601

                      I respect both really. but just look, a 2d fighter has 5 movement options from a neutral position not including character or game specific mechanics however a a 3d plane has 13 movement options. The difference here is im talking theoretical and your talking about real world examples like the “cap”, a 3d fighter doesn’t have that cap in theory but nobody has made one that realistically breaks that. Those things would be harder than in 2d games if someone made a game specifically to be competitive its in the math . And like i said i love storm but i wouldn’t mind it being a little more competitive but not street fighter level

                  • Th3R3alUchiha

                    I’m a year late but he’s right the main different between 2D and 3D is the movement options. That’s just a major fact.

  • RandomGuy

    Well for one thing, the fights are too quick. There are no rounds, and you dont even have the options to change that. The fighting itself is way too limited in combos, and what options you do have, are being divided in this new game. They dont even have tag options after all these years, only support. And the sub system needs to go away. So I dont know man, I dont know…

  • They really should re-release HD versions of the Ultimate Ninja series. In my opinion they are better than Storm and deserve the rerelease in HD with online mode. Without a doubt people will be all over it. The original UN series of game were actual fighting games in my opinion, and the Storm series is just a game that people can easily play. I hope Matsuyama takes the risk and does the rerelease.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah Rockmankb brought that up in his 2D ninja interview but they’re not sure if that will sell a lot of copies. I think they should start fresh honestly I think they will make a lot of money from it.

      • Starting fresh is a good idea, maybe when they end the Storm series and try for a PS4 game, with a new engine and stuff, maybe it’d work, because that’s completely starting fresh..

  • shininguri

    All games need today is a fan base and a complicated juggling system with time requirement restraints on inputs and voila. Smh I’m personally glad storm doesn’t play like sf,marvel, persona, tekken. All these games borrow from the same stale jugglin idea stated above. People will do whatever the majority is doing. So if you can get the majority to like what your doing then the battle is won. You don’t need mvc3 clones to accomplish this though

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Kind of narrow minded way of viewing this honestly.

      Overall we’re not saying make storm competitive (because it could potentially ruin the series) if they want to be EVO competitive like they said they want to be then we recommend bringing back the 2D series or create a new naruto fighter with the hardcore gamer in mind.

      The way storm is set up can never hit EVO. You don’t need juggles for it to be a good fighter. The storm series as much as I love it it’s obvious that it’s pretty shallow when it comes to combat. It’s usually a dash fest and the only time you’re giving your opponent a high damage count is when they run out of subs. There’s some advanced flashy moves I seen people do on youtube but because of the lag or the timing is to pull it of makes it impractical.

      • Bdock3601

        exactly ,almost always dash fest lol

  • funnymitchell

    going back to 2.5 or 2D. me: aww hell no. we are at point in time in which we are having a new generation of gaming consoles instead of going back to a older fighting system aka 2.5d or 2d let’s try to improve 3d or go even further than 3d it’s not impossible if they focus on what they can do with the new gen
    consoles and be creative you can make a very good competitive 3d naruto
    game(hell I don’t know if that’s possible but you can’t tell me we will never progress from the current 3d to something better)

    • TheGameTagerZ

      This comment is pretty narrow minded too…

      You know blazblue, skullgirls, persona, mortal kombat and the new guilty gear is all 2d right? 2d wont ever go away. Both 3d and 2d can exist its kind of selfish when people like you say this to gamers who want a choice.

      • funnymitchell

        ”So what are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!” those were my thoughts you don’t have to like them and i’m the sort of person who likes to see everything get better and more advanced just so you know and i’m not saying 2d has to go, neither am I saying 2d games aren’t good or fun to play, there are enough good 2d games my point is: I think we don’t have to go back to 2d to make naruto games competitive. and I prefer 3d over 2d or 2.5d still my opinion but I respect that you have your own opinion and that you’re taking the time to comment to show that you disagree with my opinion.
        but I didn’t think this: ”its kind of selfish when people like you say this to gamers who want a choice.” was necessary.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          You gave your opinion and I gave mine. What’s the problem?

          “i’m the sort of person who likes to see everything get better and more advanced”

          ^If this was true then you wouldn’t of said

          “going back to 2.5 or 2D. me: aww hell no”

          2D to 3D isn’t an upgrade and 3D to 2D isn’t a downgrade. They’re two completely different things.

          Like I said (and it’s probably my 5th time saying it by now) Naruto Storm isn’t going anywhere. You want to keep playing storm go ahead dude.

          “I think we don’t have to go back to 2d to make naruto games competitive.”

          Going “back” to 2D doesn’t mean leaving storm behind. Which is why I called you selfish because you don’t want people to have their choice of storm and 2D.

          Edit: The “there are enough 2D games” argument is irrelevant. What if some fans hate mortal kombat and street fighter but would love a 2d DBZ or Naruto game again? What are you going to tell them? Play persona if you want an anime fighter? The point is that it isn’t naruto.

          • funnymitchell

            I never said ”there are enough 2D games” read again I said ”there are enough good 2D games” please don’t twist what I was saying into something else and I was saying that to make a point that not all 2d games are bad and that i’m not against 2d but that i prefer something else. and yes I still would’ve said: “going back to 2.5 or 2D. me: aww hell no” because from MY point of view 3D is better than 2D. you make it look like I hate 2D games but I don’t I prefer 3D but 2D is still fine by me.
            and i’ll be going now this is giving me a bigger headache than saiyanisland does which is wow >_<

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Yeah and I didn’t agree with your opinion just like you didn’t agree with mine. Welcome to the real world.

              I’m not bashing that you like 3D more than 2D but saying “I don’t think they should go back to that” sounds selfish dude. Being a new console generation doesn’t mean anything. There’s people that WANT them to make another 2D game if you don’t like it simply don’t buy it if they ever do. Storm isn’t going anywhere. I don’t see why you would complain about something you aren’t going to buy to begin with. It’s just not for you period but the way you worded it sounded like “Ok we moved on from 2D just let them keep making storm games or more 3d naruto games”

  • EmireEffect

    Older Naruto, like Ultimate Ninja, has the potential to be a good fighter. I don’t see that no one could break the game in that where a competition setting would have a fit over “Deidara spams birds, he can out beat any character”. They need a 2.5D or a 2D setting though because a full on 3D game like Ultimate Ninja Storm series isn’t taken serious like a fighting game already but you have players already on the game taking the game a lot more serious than an action brawler. Granted it wouldn’t make fans happy if they used the JJBA method of combat or a full blown anime fighter but I for one would back up Naruto if it was a 2.5D or a 2D game. I’d rather see it in 2D cause there can be a lot more potential in that game with making it like a anime fighter mechanics like puppets being some form of grapplers or range characters like Deidara and Tenten being similar to Arakune or Mu-12 from the BlazBlue series.

  • Enzevil

    Interesting and original article. Great job!

  • Mikeyoshi

    This is the first real article I’ve seen here. I really appreciate it.

  • Gon Freecs

    Dive Kick made it to Evo. Im sure Storm can.

    • But wasn’t that included as a joke? I’m not too educated on that. I played the game but not familiar with the competitive movement.

      • Gon Freecs

        Don’t think so the game is played competitively and taken seriously by a large fan base….. For some reason…

  • Steed

    The Storm series can not be competitive at all imo. I’m really hoping they don’t end up ruining it by trying to take it seriously. Its a fun anime fighter, it doesn’t even need to be competitive.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I agree. Storm should stay at the pace it’s going. If they wish to make a EVO like game then do it on the 2d naruto games or make a different naruto game for competitive play.

      • Steed

        Exactly. Although i think the deepest one they have right now is Gekitiou Ninja Taisen Special, which i dont believe came to america. I dont remember. But that one seemed very in depth, if anything put that on ps3/xbox and tweak it.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Problem is they can’t since I think tomy lost the license and I think they can only make naruto games for nintendo if they ever bothered. Since CC2 has both the Xbox 360 and PS3 already.

          • Steed

            darn. T_T Thats the one i thought could make it.

  • david paw

    Is there anyway to have both the deep-competitive fighting system as others, but still keep the 3D movement and feel of Storm series? I hope CC2 something different for their Naruto next gen game.

  • Koibito888

    No matter what it needs to keep the replication of the series that Storm brings. As a staple it needs to have the fast 3D movement, combos that are epic up till the end where Jutsu are included in said combos, awesome Awakenings and Ultimate Jutsu with a vast story mode. It’s more important for an anime game to cater to the fans, to bring the fanservice and make games feel like the series. Balancing characters here and there is just icing that makes the fun and epic feeling game better. That’s what games are about, feeling, you aren’t supposed to play a game just to compete, just to be the player beating another player, no one cares about (or should care about) the player. It’s how you feel, it’s about playing as cool characters, being in their shoes, and fighting/adventuring/whatever genre it is and being in those shoes of said characters and experiencing and feeling the game, not just playing it.

    This is especially true for anime games seeing as by title they are meant for the fans and anime is a feeling driven fandom. Anime games need to replicate the series and if the series is epic and has cool, fun fights then by replicating it perfectly it’s already epic and cool and fun. So what if it isn’t the tightest most balanced most competitive thing ever? That’s not what games like this are about, nor should they be. Balancing and tweaks should be appreciated as people play the game what it’s for, to be immersed into the fandom this game was meant for.

    Now granted that the creator has made it clear that competitiveness is a goal, the point is that no matter what, the style of what Storm is should factually not change. We need these games to be as epic as they have been since Storm 1 and to go back to 2D would be an insult.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I disagree with a lot of things on here.

      1) Are the only “fans” left here are the Storm fans? Cause I can go on a lot of popular forums and prove you wrong

      2) 2D games can’t cater to fans or give any fanservice? (Ultimate Ninja 1-5 would like a word with you)

      3) If a game was only competitive and not fun then nobody would buy it…why would you buy a game that’s boring but competitive? Either way it’s up to the person.

      4) Anime games don’t need to be 3D to replicate the series. For most fans as long as the attacks, the voice quotes and the movements are accurate that’s usually the baseline for replicating the series.

      5) This one I hate most of all and makes you seem like a prick. How is going back to 2D an insult? It’s not affecting Storm whatsoever but bringing back the older generation of fans. You make it seem like “oh no if they bring back 2d storm is over”. Storm is here to stay but to deny a fanbase a game they’ve been wanting for years I think you’re a jerk for that.

      Overall you just gave me a biased opinion on how you feel about Storm. You’re entitled to your opinion of course but I’m also going to give you mine.

      We clearly said that Storm is here to stay and it shouldn’t try to be competitive and if they wish to be competitive bring back 2D for the competitive fans and keep storm for the more casual. If you didn’t get that while reading the article and only read the first paragraph then you missed the entire point.

      • Koibito888

        See you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not saying they shouldn’t make a side series of 2.5D fighters. That’s the point of the articles opinion, I’m talking about what is factually happening (the strive to make Storm competitive as proven by the creators actions), not what this article thinks should happen in the realm of possibility.

        1) I don’t understand what you mean here? The game is made for Naruto fans, what’s your point?

        2) No, because though the Ultimate Ninja games were fun (hell I loved em), they don’t replicate the series to a tee like Storm does. Again, I’m only saying Storm should not go back to that.

        3) Exactly, that’s my point, only competitiveness is not fun.

        4) Actually they do depending on the series. Going back to number 2 here as well, lets take UN as an example: The Ultimate Jutsu attacks were the only big pump of that series that was epic and awesome, the main fighting served as a decent fighting game but did nothing to serve what fighting in Naruto is actually like. The 3D is necessary because characters move in a 3D plane, they don’t walk slowly and run only a little bit faster in a back and forth lane, substituting between two lanes of battle and do little in their combos. No, Naruto characters fight with big attacks, many Jutsu that flow in battle (as in not all of them are big prep moves and some flowing mid combo is necessary), and they move around in a 3D plane at high speeds and no 2D fighter has ever done a movement system that fast and fluid. 3D is necessary because 2D is not how characters move at all and that is how it’s an insult, because it would be taking away from the goal of replicating the series that all anime games should follow and that answers 5) of course that is only if we are assuming they’d take Storm to that level as opposed to making two games.

        It is biased, yes, biased towards the side of fandom which is not only what this game is about and was made for, but it’s based off of a genre who’s entire driving force is fandom. Certain things for certain demographics, that’s how things work, and spreading the focus too thin for the sake of pleasing everyone is nothing but bad mojo.

        Yes, they said that, that’s the articles opinion but I’m talking about is the factual application of what’s going on. The creator of Storm is attempting to make Storm more competitive and trying to get that game to EVO, he’s not considering doing a 2.5D fighter, that’s what the article is suggesting should be a thing and while that’s cool, what is actually going on is the attempt to please both the fandom and competitive gamers with one product which is the problem. Should Storm be tight and balanced, sure, but only after fulfilling the goal of replicating it’s source material because that is the key to a good anime game which it primarily is – an anime game.

        It seems like we agree on this though, that Storm doesn’t need to be competitive. That’s my point, I don’t think it should be. The idea of a separate series than Storm while Storm continues is a whole other point than what I’m making here.

        On that subject though, sure, they could make a separate side series alongside the continuing Storm series. There is a bit of issue with that though that risks the integrity of either the Storm series or the hypothetical side series. Thing is, if they made a side series and ran with two game series’ one would have to be the main series, there cannot be two equally running series together because one will be respected more than the other.

        This could mean a few things; either the side series would be just that, a side series and always just not be as focused on as the Storm series (which given how much presentation goes into Storm would be a good thing as it requires a lot of focus and to not sacrifice any of that would be best. Storm just needs to be Storm and honestly in just my opinion, I think that the main focus should be the fandom, not soulless competition) which would be the best case scenario. Worst of that would have the first side game outsold by Storm and it wouldn’t continue just like DBZ did with Burstlimit. Worst case scenario however would be if the competitive demographic outsold the fandom and Storm was given up on for that. All of these possibilities are far more possible than the above best case scenario.

        Either way it doesn’t matter because what we all think should happen is at the moment different from what factually IS happening which is what I’m speaking against. Storm should not be brought back to 2D/2.5D or try to cater more to competitive players at the sacrifice of fandom because Storm is about what anime games should be, replicating the experience of the source material and any of those things would be counterproductive to that.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Jesus this was a lot I’ll try to make this as brief as possible

          1) My point was you made it sound like there’s no more 2d naruto fans only storm fans. At least that’s what it sounded like to me.

          2) Well look you just gave me your opinion. It’s not a fact. To say 2D can’t give any fan service you’re blind and borderline ignorant.. I really hope that isn’t what you meant. You can’t compare 3D and 2D fanservice that they gave. The Ultimate Ninja series has put in characters like the Sound 4, Anko and others. They even gave custom justus like Naruto could do chidori etc. So if you mean to say 2D can’t give any fan service is just completely ignorant.

          3) Competitiveness isn’t fun TO YOU you know that right? Do you know any competitive games that aren’t fun? That everyone would agree on? No, you can’t because it would just be an opinion.

          Honestly it’s a lot and through my phone it’s hard to scroll through the rest but all I’m seeing is biased points for the most part. I get you on a few moments but I have to dig through to find that.

          If this whole thing started from “Storm shouldn’t go back to 2D” then you missed the point completely 100%. Did tenkaichi go back to budokai? The way you worded that sounded like they used the same engine and they somehow transformed the game into something else.

          Tenkaichi and Budokai are on two different engines. Same with Ultimate Ninja and Storm. Just like how budokai and tenkaichi existed at the same time so can 2D Naruto and Storm. So get that out of your head. Storm isn’t changing we just want a series brought back or a new competitive naruto game to exist along with storm so people have a choice or can buy both like they did with tenkaichi and budokai.

          • Koibito888

            1) No not at all, I was saying that the game is made for Naruto fans and as such should replicate Naruto. That’s all.

            2) I didn’t say 2D games can’t give ANY fanservice, just that 2D fighters cannot replicate how Naruto characters move at all. It takes a 3D plane to replicate the movement and fluidity at which Naruto characters move and fight. While UN was good, that is not how Naruto characters move and that much IS fact.

            3) I never said that wasn’t my opinion. I just stated what and who Storm is made for and my opinion that only competitiveness (as in competitiveness without ANYTHING else) is really cold, there’s no soul to it. It’s all from the context of “I’m the player beating the other player” and at that point it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing as long as it’s a challenge and there is no care for who the characters are, what awesome stuff they can do, and what it feels like you can do being said character or for setting or context or plot which is the entirety of what anime is and as such I believe anime games should replicate that simply based on the fact that this is what said games are based on.

            I’ll be here (kinda) when you are able to get to the rest of it then.

            I didn’t miss the point. The article’s bigger part is about what the creator should do, my point is about what the creator IS doing and seeing as those two things are related, especially in this article that states what he is doing and using that to inform what he should do. As such, my point is valid in saying that what the creator is doing is not what he should be doing therefor my statement is relevant to the concept of what he should be doing: not leaving Storm 3 to make 2D games, in a sense turning Storm into a 2D/2.5D fighter. To answer your question though, it almost did. When they made Burstlimit, they didn’t make the next 3D DBZ fighter at the same time, they made Burstlimit to test the market and if people liked it better they would have gone back to the 2D Budokai style of games for DBZ. This would have ended the 3D main series of games hence ‘turning it into’ 2D. I don’t mean literally compressing the game’s engine into something else, I mean ending one series of games to focus on a different kind of game. Basically no matter what I’m saying Storm itself should always remain for fandom and replication while subtly striving for tightening the mechanics. Regardless of what they do outside of Storm I’m saying Storm should basically stay the course it’s set already which is an answer to what the creator should do which is in fact the point of this article entirely.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              From what I understood Burst Limit was to test if 2D Budokai was something people wanted again (it had promise but it was poorly executed in my opinion). It was something to go along with Tenkaichi so if Burst Limit would of succeeded it would of probably had releases with tenkaichi as well.

              Stop using the word turn into it’s completely wrong. If Tenkaichi stop selling well it is only natural to try something else or revisited something that worked. I feel like we could of avoided all of this with the understanding that there would be two different games. Storm series still selling over a million copies so they wont end the series until everyone was tired of Storm that’s how business works. CC2 has made Naruto Heroes for the PSP while storm was still out if you remember that. That is what a lot of us essentially want. For them to do that again but for the consoles. Have both a storm game and 2D naruto game exist and to prevent from trying to possibly ruin storm by making it competitive.

              Before you argue the dead argument of “if the work on 2D they wont have time for storm” they are NEVER working on only one game. They worked on Jojo and Storm 3 at the same time. They made various mobile games and the Naruto China Online game. I’m not saying that’s where you are headed but I had to mention it just in case.

              • Koibito888

                I’m not arguing that they wouldn’t have time. Look the point is I know storm will stay around, what I’m saying is the creator is looking into making Storm more competitive, not making another game, making storm more competitive. That is something that should not happen if it sacrifices replication of the series (which it already has started to do but not to a hindering degree yet). Regardless of if they should make a game alongside storm, they need to make sure to not ruin storm is my point which is relevant to the point of the article, just different than the point you’re trying to make.

                And if storm got discontinued, maybe for the next UN series and that series was 2D then that means that’s what ultimate ninja turned into in this hypothetical situation, hence why I use the term. I’m afraid of storm turning into that which it would if it was replaced.

  • 油女シノ

    I don’t want 2.5D though.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      So what you’re pretty much saying is “Lol if you want to play 2D naruto go find your ps2” and “I only want CC2 making my Storm games I don’t care what anyone else wants”

      You know CC2 making a 2D Naruto game and still making storm games doesn’t get in the way of anything right?

  • Missing

    I think Storm has plenty of competitive potential, there are player-combos out there in Storm that are absolutely stunning, but 2D fighters will always be the dominant ones in terms of competitive play. I think what is best is to continue voicing the desire for another 2D entry in the series, and support Storm by giving honest feedback about the battle system. I think of Storm as the evolution of the Narutimate series, and I’m sure that another Naruto series of games will evolve from Storm, and that they will be more competitive. In the meantime, let’s just enjoy what we get until enough voices are heard and the change or evolution happens.

  • Shini44

    Naruto 2D is really awesome!! i really wana play it online but… thank you CC2…. the 3D Naruto indeed a game for casuals….

  • cheapshot326

    I would really love to see a 2d Naruto game to make a comeback. The problem I have with Matsuyama’s comment on the “UN series isn’t as popular as Storm” isn’t really fair. Even when the first Storm came out it was exclusive for PS3 and it was popular but the it really started to boom when Storm 2 came out and it was extended to Xbox 360 and online play was added to it. UN was only on the PS2, with no online play. I know many people who would be willing to go back to the PS2 just to play those games but I also know many who’ll just stick with what they have on the next/current gen. If CC2 actually gave UN a chance the same way they’re giving Storm a chance then i’m sure it will bloom into something epic. I have friends who didn’t even play a Naruto game UNTIL Storm 2 came out. It doesn’t mean that the first Storm or even the earlier UN games wasn’t popular it was just that the Storm 2 had more features that attracted more of a audience(online/console diversity). They can re-release for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 heck even the PS4/Xbox One with online capability added to it, that’s the only way it could attest to a fair assessment. Because it’ll cater to both console parties, just like Storm does. And give people the option to go back to 2D.