J-Stars Secrets: Battle Announcer Files Found


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  • Mikeyoshi

    That’s an annoying feature. Glad it wasn’t added/kept

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I was thinking the same but for certain things it would of been cool like when you lose or win.

      If he announced the menus in english like the announcer did in Battle Stadium D.O.N. it would of saved us all a lot of trouble.

      • You know, he sort of sounds like the announcer from Battle Stadium D.O.N. I wonder if it’s the same guy

    • SergioM3

      I agree to some extent too…but the “K.O.” , “Ready/Fight”, “Finish”, pretty much all those before and after the match are cool IMO

      Actually, I wouldn’t mind him speaking in the fight, but it had to be commentary, like “nice punch” or something like that…don’t you agree it would be awesome? 🙂

    • They could have made it optional. I agree, the announcer’s voice gets annoying, but I’d at least switch it on just to hear all of the character names. There’s probably a few that I mispronounce.

  • Shonen Jump

    All these files are being found do u they it’s hinting DLC?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No. This is most likely unused data.

  • cuac

    Maybe “Switch” is the Sket Dance guy.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah I edited the article already correcting the mistake.

  • Wow thats amazing !

  • viciado007

    They pick the announcer and put him in the J-Customize, it’s the same sentences (sorry for bad english)

  • I hope theres dlc

  • I think they originally intended for the Battle characters to be able to switch. That’s what I got from early gameplay descriptions. I don’t know whether I misread something or some website mistranslated, but those were my impressions.
    I wonder why they cut the announcer out? And come to think of it, I’m surprised Mr. Satan wasn’t in the game. Then again, they probably didn’t want to recycle his attitude from the Toriko x OP X DBZ special

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Switch is from Sket Dance.

      • Oh, yeah. I forgot. But wouldn’t he say “Sket Dan” instead of Switch?

        • OveReAction

          In J-Customize, Bossun, Himeko and Switch are in separate cards, like the duos have.

  • Eksdee

    Most of those things, like the names and Combination Bonus are from J-Customize, when you put the character cards down it will say their names, or the Combination Bonus when you do one with 3 characters. the win lose and ko are new to me though.

  • This announcer doesn’t really do it for me, I would’ve preferred the announcer from the character trailers, his voice got me hyped up for the characters.
    This one seems boring, and that could get annoying

  • Ichigo Kurosaki

    yh we saw the same voice in the trailers. He even said combination bonus. I don’t think this is news cos the fact it is not in the game means it was scrapped. But the hype of the game is too much for any1 to realise it

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Its not news you’re serious? By your logic neither was the possibly scrapped characters that were on the disc because you can’t use them.

      Do you know what news is dude?

  • Kiera

    The Announcer is not so fitting, good he doesn’t make it.

  • JusttSaiyann

    Just a heads up, someone took your translated scan and posted it in the comments in SaiyanIsland.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      That’s ok. We don’t mind where it’s posted as long and we are credited for it.

      • JusttSaiyann

        Well it was a normal visitor to the site not the actual people who run the site and they didnt credit you.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Ahh well we’re not worried about it. I hear anything people post that is ShonenGameZ related gets banned/blocked

          Edit: Are you talking about the forums? If so I’m fully aware of that.

          They aren’t allowed to link us back because SaiyanIsland blocked the word “shonengamez” so when they try to say where they got it from it gets censored.

          • JusttSaiyann

            Yeah I meant the forums but glad to see you already know.