Naruto Storm Revolution Images Translated


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  • shaddrag

    Will the story really go to when Sasuke says that? Because if it does, there’s no reason not to include:



    Unmasked Man, Juubito, Edo Hokages etc.

    • Do you mean the image where he says “I’m gonna burn you down”? The Japanese text reads “燃え尽きろ” Which is the same exact thing he said before using his special in Storm 3. It was translated to like “burn out” or something in the english game.

      • shaddrag

        Have you read the Manga? That look is exactly the same he gives when he says “Burn it down” in the Manga.

        • He says that in the games though. It became “Burn out!” in the English games, and he said that as early as Ultimate Ninja 3 on the PS2.

    • How are unmasked Obito, Juubito, and the Edo Hokages spoilers? Everyone and their mother should be beyond that point in the manga. Even the anime shows Juubito in the new opening

    • Mathew Gibbons

      Unmasked Obito is inevitable but the way characters are revealed for games like this you save a big reveal like that until the game is about to come out. Same applies to Jinchuriki Obito who will either be his own character or CC2 will make him Obito’s awakening and add a full Jubito in Storm 4 (like how Tailed Beast Naruto was handled in Storm 3).

      As for the Edo Hokages that’s hard to say, this game won’t be getting a regular story mode but one more like Generations (but with better cutscenes) and I can see them choosing not to focus on any of the Edo Hokage fights. Either way they’ll be in Storm 4.

  • Thank you X)

  • 油女シノ

    Omae wa, sekaidesu…..

  • 油女シノ


  • 油女シノ

    I can’t wait for Otsutsuki vs Juubito.

  • 油女シノ

    I’d also suspect we’ll get Rin.

  • 油女シノ

    There’s always no reason not to include spoilers…..

  • Oscar Yeung

    Haha thanks for the translations.

  • I saw “meh”. That was funny.

  • Alexanderlovin Her Smith

    wow this cool